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David Greene

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Posted on 04/03/14 at 10:25 am in response to Why is Southwest LRT in trouble? Blame county-led planning

The #12 and #17 do not serve Northsiders.

Bottineau does not go to where the jobs area.

Lyndale and Hennepin routes were considered and rejected. It's not like anyone is coming up with new ideas no one has thought of before.

Again, Northsiders have say they want this and will use it. They want the access it provides and the development it will bring to their communities. What is so darn hard to understand about that?

Not everyone in Eden Prairie goes downtown...

Posted on 04/03/14 at 08:10 pm in response to Why is Southwest LRT in trouble? Blame county-led planning

This isn't about Minneapolis vs. St. Louis Park. This is about an important transportation investment that benefits the whole region. EVERYONE wins with this line.

Posted on 04/03/14 at 08:16 pm in response to Why is Southwest LRT in trouble? Blame county-led planning

There are plans for improved bus service on Hennepin and Lyndale. There are plans for a streetcar on Nicollet. There are plans tor LRT in the Midtown Greenway.

It's not like Uptown and the denser parts of South Minneapolis aren't going to be connected to SWLRT. Minneapolis is going to get an LRT line entirely within its borders!

We have to look beyond one line. We're building a system.

Posted on 04/03/14 at 08:23 pm in response to Why is Southwest LRT in trouble? Blame county-led planning

See below for an explanation of what is coming to improve your commute.

I have been to many meetings along Broadway. People I've talked to are looking forward to SWLRT. I have no doubt that it doesn't matter to others. It doesn't matter to a lot of people in the sense of individual benefit. It matters to all of us in terms of regional benefit.

The route is *not* designed just to move people from the suburbs into Minneapolis. Many of the communities around the suburban...

Yes and no. Cost was one factor.

The bigger factor is that Kenilworth is a better route for Minneapolis.

Why don't you ask the people that actually live there?

I'm sick and tired of all kinds of people purporting to speak for Northside residents. Why don't you go and *ask* them if they'll use it? Because I can assure you, they will say "yes!"

I don't know your background Rich but it is beyond infuriating that relatively wealthy white southwest Minneapolis residents assume they know what is best for Northsiders.

Paul, the stations serving North Minneapolis are not in the Kenilworth corridor. There are no tunnels there.

By law, ridership projections cannot include proposed development for an area. The areas around Penn, Van White and Royalston are ripe for redevelopment, which is one of the reason Near North residents want the line. They know the economic boost it could bring all along Glenwood and elsewhere. Google the Basset Creek Valley Master Plan to see what the neighborhoods have envisioned. We have an incredible opportunity to transform an area of poverty and lift up residents to become an area...

SWLRT will interline with the Green Line. That's why it's called the "Green Line Extension." It will go to exactly the same downtown stops as the Green Line. It will also go to the U of M and St. Paul.

There are lots of good jobs in walking distance from SWLRT stations. Beltline, Wooddale, Blake, Downtown Hopkins, Opus, Golden Triangle, Town Center and Southwest Station all have walkable jobs in the area. It's easier some places than others but all have jobs in walking distance...