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David LaPorte

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Posted on 01/20/15 at 01:13 pm in response to Why the U.S. is rarely at peace and often seeking monsters to destroy

although it often is.

There are, however, exceptions. In my opinion, Bosnia was a war where intervention was the right thing to do. We could have stood by (and we did for too long) as the Serbs slaughtered the Muslims. When we finally intervened, it was far less of a quagmire than anyone had expected. And we save thousands of innocent lives.

Obviously, Iraq and Afghanistan are entirely different. But, rather than dismissing all interventions as mistakes, we should learn...

I'd guess that Citizens United vs the FEC, one of the rulings that made corporations "people" with First Amendment rights, is exactly the issue that the DON'T want anyone talking about. By getting people to rally around preventing a (possibly nonexistent) takeover of our political process by foreign powers, they can claim that they're pursuing election funding reform while not risking any of the influence of the 1%ers.

"Also, isn't it obvious that the results showed the majority of users wanted long-lasting birth control?"

That's an opinion. Research needs to be done to make it into a fact. And, even then, the results need to be carefully reviewed to determine their true meaning.

Policies and legislation should be based on facts, not on opinions.

Posted on 09/26/14 at 11:50 am in response to Democrats target Mills' wealth — will it work?

The Republicans' agenda serves the interests of the wealthy much more than the middle class and the poor. When a candidate is a member of that special interest group, (s)he has both political and personal motives to advance that agenda.

The Democratic agenda primarily serves the middle class and the poor. Dayton, for example, wanted to tax the wealthy, a group of which he is a member. The Democratic agenda actually conflicts with their personal interests, making it seem more like...

Posted on 09/28/14 at 08:33 am in response to Democrats target Mills' wealth — will it work?

John: Do you really think that China is the model to which we should aspire?

Posted on 09/24/14 at 11:27 am in response to Dayton holds big cash advantage in governor's race

I'm so tired of hearing about waste, fraud and abuse from the Republicans with no specifics. If it's a significant part of the budget, it would have to be endemic to the system. TPaw was governor from 2003 - 2011. If it's there, why didn't HE root it out? I'm sure that there's some, but not nearly enough to make a big difference in the state budget.

I also think that this ad positions Johnson as a micro manager, when the governor is supposed to be a leader. Is anybody really...

Posted on 09/17/14 at 12:52 pm in response to Will the Adrian Peterson case actually cost the Vikings?

In my opinion, Adrian Peterson's behavior and management's response to it reflect much more strongly on Minnesota than Ray Rice's does on Baltimore.

The Vikings were founded in 1960 as an expansion team. They never played anywhere else. For NFL fans around the country, they think of the Vikings when they think of Minnesota.

The Ravens used to be the Cleveland Browns until they were moved to Baltimore in 1996. I'm sure that the new Cleveland Browns (established as an...

Posted on 09/10/14 at 12:18 pm in response to When is an endorsement not an 'endorsement'?

The extreme right wing, to be sure, but a wing nevertheless. They have so much influence that a Republican who doesn't follow their dictates will find themselves facing a Tea Party-approved candidate in the next primary. This forces Republicans to take right wing positions before the primary and then try to move to the center for the general election, since extremists (from either wing) are unelectable.

I can certainly understand why the Tea Party and the Republican Party would like...

Posted on 07/16/14 at 01:53 pm in response to Hearing reveals flaws in Minnesota's treatment of certain sex offenders

The MSOP keeps offenders in prison after their legal sentence has expired. There are some 700 people in the program and only 1 has been released in the past 20 years. The rest have received de facto life sentences.

If we really believe that these offenses are so heinous that offenders deserve life sentences without the possibility of parole, then the laws should be changed to reflect that belief and we should drop the pretense that they're in "treatment". We won't make that change...

There's not much that consumers can do about Medtronic moving their HQ overseas. However, I'd expect a strong consumer backlash if Walgreens does the same. I've been a loyal customer for years, but if they move out of the USA, there are plenty of other pharmacies which are HQ'ed here. Target comes to mind. They all sell the same pharmaceuticals.