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I seem to remember that Republican activists didn't believe the polls in 2012 either. They may be caught off guard again this year.

Has anyone done an actual study on whether people have left (or will leave) Minnesota if they think their taxes are too high? By "leaving," I don't mean simply moving assets. I mean uprooting your family, selling your house, abandoning your friends, moving your children to different schools in a different state, etc., etc. Doing all this to "stick it to the man."

And how many people are really affected by these taxes that we are seeking to eliminate?

Someone should come...

I think the Republicans will ultimately have a tricky time with this. They warned that businesses and rich people would flee. That obviously hasn't happened as evidenced by the unemployment and revenue numbers. Their doom and gloom, as you put it, rings hollow.

Dayton will be in a fairly strong position, I think, especially if he takes a page from the GOP and pushes middle-class tax cuts. The only dark cloud on the Dayton horizon I see is the stadium. But it remains to be seen...

In agreement with many intelligent political observers, I highly doubt that the shutdown itself will have any effect on 2014, and definitely not 2016. Voters can barely remember what happened last week, let alone last year.

But that doesn't mean the GOP won't shoot itself in the foot again sometime down the road. The 2012 presidential primary was a sight to behold. They trotted out every loon they could find, each of them upholding their kamikaze mission to out-crazy the last guy (...

Posted on 10/18/13 at 08:54 am in response to Why you can eat Oreo cookies without worrying about becoming addicted

Excellent article. I knew as soon as I saw the headline that the mainstream media would run with it, and people would just eat it up (so to speak). Thanks for this good, critical look at the issue.

Posted on 10/15/13 at 12:09 pm in response to Even scientists who study bugs have an irrational fear of spiders

This is an interesting article, and I'm not at all surprised to learn that many of the people who study these things also fear them.

Of all the things in my house, I probably mind spiders the least. We don't have any real nasty ones. Most of them are those nearly transparent ghost spiders that appear mainly in the winter. Summer brings more of the black ones with a narrow silvery-blue diamond-shaped pattern. Can't find which species that is. They're bigger and faster but still...

Posted on 10/11/13 at 09:49 am in response to Why driving Twin Cities’ freeways can be harrowing

The worst interchange (weaving lane) that I regularly encounter is northbound I-35E to westbound MN-36. Traffic on 35E is moving at 60mph. There is only a very short weave lane and all of it is on a bridge; you must decelerate to about 25mph while weaving with traffic accelerating to freeway speed entering 35E. It's treacherous and extremely dangerous. But being that it's not in a well-to-do area, I doubt it will ever be improved.

Posted on 10/11/13 at 03:11 pm in response to Why driving Twin Cities’ freeways can be harrowing

That is a really bad area in general. The whole intersection of Excelsior Blvd, Park Center Blvd, and MN-100 is one of the worst, most poorly designed in the entire Twin Cities. I'm guessing it was built at a time of less traffic, and it just can't handle what we throw at it.

Posted on 08/02/13 at 10:35 am in response to Online behavior: You are what you tweet

Since you failed to link to any of these so-called offensive tweets, I had to look them up myself. Now, I'm not a KDWB fan. Never have been. I'd almost rather be deaf than listen to that.

However, his tweets were not at all offensive. Everything he was saying was completely made up, not connected to any actual event. It was all just improvised one-liners.

I don't see the big deal.

Posted on 07/25/13 at 09:34 am in response to Challenges threaten Minneapolis-St. Paul's image as a livable place

Add smugness to the list of challenges. Lifelong MN residents acquire a smugness you have to experience to believe. Essentially it's this: "You think Minnesota isn't a slice of heaven? Then leave. We don't want you here anyway."