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Posted on 07/25/14 at 08:55 am in response to Affordable Care Act: Another story behind the numbers

Supposedly, about 10 million of the 40 million people who were said to be without health insurance now have it as a result of Obamacare. Everyone on the Left, including yourself, seems to be happy with that result. There are articles all over this week about how "successful" Obamacare is.

Ten million people is about 3% of the population.

Most thinking people, and people who aren't interested in government being in total control of their lives, if I'm not being redundant, don'...

Posted on 07/25/14 at 08:59 am in response to Gun deaths top motor-vehicle deaths in a rising number of states

Of the ways that "health and safety regulations could be used to reduce deaths and injuries associated with guns," which of those listed are not now in force?

Posted on 07/25/14 at 08:20 am in response to E-pulltab distributor throws in the towel

with today's dumbed-down citizenry who believe in an omnipotent government.

Posted on 07/25/14 at 08:29 am in response to E-pulltab distributor throws in the towel

It's interesting that the Strib has the comment feature turned off for this story. That in itself is an admission of likely citizen reaction and the blockage of which is its own editorial comment.

Posted on 07/25/14 at 09:45 am in response to Improved jobs numbers are only part of the story

Although the 3,900 government-hired employees are grateful for a paycheck, we should all be in agreement that the growth of government employment is not a sustainable solution for any economy and that the success and subsequent growth of private employers should be the goal of any local or state government.

The taxpayers cannot be seen as an ever-increasing source of revenue to fund an ever-increasing cost of government. The proverbial perpetual motion machine doesn't exist.

Posted on 07/25/14 at 08:46 pm in response to Improved jobs numbers are only part of the story

The government doesn't produce anything. Its employees are paid by taxing the labor of those who do.

Without the wealth produced by the private economy, there would be nothing to tax to pay for the government employees who would otherwise end up self-funding their paychecks through their taxation on their earnings. The perpetual motion machine would grind to a halt.

Posted on 07/28/14 at 11:02 am in response to Improved jobs numbers are only part of the story

The money used to pay for all those government functions comes from taxing the income and wealth of people who actually produce something. If the private economy didn't exist, where would the public economy get its funds to operate? It wouldn't, because it doesn't have the ability to create wealth. It only spends the wealth of others.

Wait until this Fall when the premiums shoot up by 15-40% and those who were subsidized by the taxpayers are told they're losing their freebees.

It'll all be gone in 2017 when the republicans repeal it anyway.

that I receive no government benefits. And the way I figure it, after risking my life for 8 years for this nation, you still owe me even if I decline the offer.

Posted on 07/24/14 at 08:47 am in response to Larry Sabato upgrades his rating of McFadden's chances

McFadden should wait until this fall when skyrocketing insurance premiums put Obamacare and MNsure back in the news again and then hit the airwaves with the ad with Franken saying on the floor of the senate "People who are happy with their current plan wouldn't need to change it" which we now know was a blatant lie to get Obama elected.