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Posted on 12/15/14 at 02:55 pm in response to Not even close: Franken vastly outraised/outspent McFadden

"One of the two would like to disembowel Citizens United"

Yeah, sure he would.

is that she can articulate a problem that you agree with? What has she prescribed as a solution? Until she does that, she's done nothing to warrent giving her any power.

Anyone can identify problems. But as we've seen with Obama, that doesn't translate into workable solutions ... especially (like Obama) if she has no track record of actually implementing any solutions.

The GOP will nominate a governor (several will be running) who has actually solved problems.

because he will be 75 years old in 2016. Jus sayin.

Of course, Warren will be 67, a relative youngster.

that some people would rather be outraged at the treatment of terrorists than to be outraged at the murder of innocent Americans.

When I was trained in the provisions of the Geneva Conventions as part of survival training, I was told that it only applied to those nations who had signed on to the treaty (they had to be soldiers fighting for a soverign nation, wear uniforms, etc.) al-Qaida doesn't meet the criteria.

"Affords some minimal protection," is understood by most to...

I've had the equivalency of water boarding done to me when I went through the initiation for crossing the arctic circle. One guy supposedly was water boarded 80 times. If it was torture he'd be dead.

So having ice water poured onto my face while I laid on my back in a trough of ice water wasn't the equivalency to water boarding, I would have also had to have been chained down too? So it was the *chaining* that was actually the torture part and not the pouring of water? mmkay.

Posted on 12/15/14 at 10:42 am in response to Klobuchar and Franken speak out against spending bill

vote to shut down the government!

Posted on 12/13/14 at 09:08 pm in response to Borowitz satire: Citigroup to move HQ to floor of U.S. House

Obama’s former budget director, Peter Orzag, currently works there as a vice chairman of corporate and investment banking. Obama’s current Treasury Secretary, Jack Lew, is a former Citigroup executive.

Citigroup is also one of the largest donors to Hillary Clinton over the course of her political career. The financial firm was Clinton’s top donor during her time as Senator, contributing more than $780,000. During her 2008 presidential run, Citigroup PACs and employees contributed more...

Posted on 12/12/14 at 11:59 am in response to Minnesota Democrats vote against government funding bill

that gave us the $18 trillion debt. Going along to get along has been one expensive exercise for the American taxpayer.

People and communities who complain about the police and believe that the police are "hunting them down" should be accommodated. The city should simply withdraw police presence from those neighborhoods and elimninate any concern that they are being overly aggressive. I'm sure the police would be relieved.