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Dennis Wagner

Mpls, MN
Commenter for
3 years 28 weeks

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Posted on 09/16/14 at 06:44 pm in response to PreferredOne says it's pulling out of MNsure for business reasons

Republicans complaining about a free market failure and wanting the government to step in and fix it!

Posted on 09/17/14 at 06:17 pm in response to PreferredOne says it's pulling out of MNsure for business reasons

"State Republicans wasted no time in weighing in on the matter:

“Earlier this year, Gov. Dayton promised Minnesotans ‘we’re going to make this better.’ My question to Governor Dayton is: when? How long do Minnesotans have to wait?” said a statement from House Republican Minority Leader Kurt Daudt."

Is Republican Minority Leader Kurt Daudt not looking to "Governor Dayton" a government official for the "government" solution?
Didn't see where he said, Let the Free Market...

All those that never kicked the dog, slapped the cat or whacked their kid or another human being out of frustration take a step back! Looks like there are just a couple of us that aren't pure to the core! Instead of "Corrective action" we have hyperbole, excessive, holier than though, self-aggrandizement accusations and "Lynch mob" mentality. Correct, the media has Lynched Mr. Peterson as though this was a 1950's Mississippi KKK gathering, this entire show is a "disgusting" window into...

Posted on 08/19/14 at 06:48 pm in response to Minneapolis' newest tool to fight inequality: racial equity assessments

Enough of the jaw-boning, nothing is perfect "City Hall" get off the dime! Perfect is the excuse to do nothing! Or is the objective to spend all the $ on admin and consultants and not on getting anything done?

You would think the Testers and Swifts would be out here pounding on efficiency! They are very noticeably silent?

Posted on 08/18/14 at 08:37 pm in response to Defending Minnesota's election process

Gov. Arne Carlson: Elected with ~ 67% of the vote, not even endorsed by his own party. Probably the best Governor in the last 20years!

Posted on 08/16/14 at 09:48 am in response to In first budget, Mayor Hodges proposes tax levy increase for Minneapolis

Lets see, say your property taxes are $3600/year 2.4% increase = $86.40 /52 we are talking ~$1.66 per week. Gas has been ranging $3.59-3.29 last 4 months or so ~ .30 per Gallon swing, typical driver ~ 1250 miles per month say 25 mpg average =50 Gallons/month = $15/month $15/4=$3.75/week more than 2X the potential tax increase, with no additional benefit.
Seems to be a lot of misplaced whining here!

It isn't the increase its how its spent and what we get for it, typical blind...

Posted on 08/04/14 at 05:35 pm in response to U.S. Chamber of Commerce endorses McFadden in GOP U.S. Senate race

Given the radical, non-compromising & partisan stance of the COC over the last dozen+ years or so, sorry Mike, their endorsement is like the kiss of death! Don't even think they endorsed Arnie 20 years ago?

Posted on 07/23/14 at 05:57 pm in response to Zellers reiterates his 'No Tax Increase' pledge in GOP governor's race

Well, sounds like a politician that has already taken potential solutions and compromises off the table. Sorry this voter and "high tax payer" doesn't want to vote for someone that can't look at problems and solutions with an open mind. Goods and services cost money, I have high expectations of our government, I am not afraid to pay for them to meet those expectations.
Seems we have one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country and one of the best business environments, "How is...

The first thing taught in statistics is probability (Green balls and white balls)
5 Green balls in a bowel with 95 white balls gives you a 5/100 chance that you will draw a green ball, add more green balls while removing an equivalent number of white balls increases that probability.
Using the same statistical logic, (keeping all else the same) adding more guns to society increases the probability that one of those guns will be (chosen). The same statistical logic follows, that...

Posted on 03/29/14 at 08:46 am in response to Dayton further explains his stand on medical marijuana

Come on Governor, what is there to study? The thousands of lives we have destroyed because of these 1500 inquisition type laws? The police/military state we have created, and support with billions of $ needlessly wasted every year on incarceration? The gangs we finance, the neighborhoods and families we destroy? The wars and deaths we fuel south of the boarder, the gang violence we fuel here at home?
Governor, it is long past time to end these ignorance based drug wars and move out...