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Dennis Wagner

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Posted on 01/28/15 at 06:59 pm in response to Do Republicans really care about 'people like you'?

is, who has their foot on the gas pedal and their hand on the steering wheel! Problem is we can't agree on where we are going, how fast we are going or what the speed limit is, what kind of vehicle we should be driving, or the condition of the road way beneath us! And by the way we change our mind more often than the weather, and run our neighbors off the road when the opportunity presents itself because they are wearing what we consider (at least at this moment in time) the wrong color hat...

Posted on 01/28/15 at 07:15 pm in response to Do Republicans really care about 'people like you'?

Would social distribution programs be considered "Charitable" in nature, if not why not? Specifically the ones our taxes cover.
Do progressives tend to willfully pay more taxes and expect more social programs form our governments?

Bonus: The Koch brothers are planning on spending ~ $889 Million in the 2016 election, those funds are "Tax Exempt" also called "Charitable contributions" perhaps your source should insure they separate the wheat form the chafe, or do we consider...

And agreed W/O additional comment!!!

Seems that many of the super wealthy however do believe!
And by more or less any means they can come up with.
And that was the point that was made "Unfair playing field"

All the Police Chief is doing is reporting the end result, not how we got there. The numbers are the numbers, don't like them create a different set of measurement criteria: Example:
How many or what % came from:
1. Single family households?
2. Households that rent?
3. Households with multiple children?
4, How long have those folks lived at the same address?
5. How long have they lived in Mpls.?
6. Are they repeat offenders?
7. If we take out...

Posted on 01/18/15 at 07:23 pm in response to In study on tax fairness, Minnesota looks … fair

Given the UN-moveable work reward tax scenario that apparently is a mantra of Mr. Tester. It appears if someone where business savvy enough to control virtually the entire US economy, the other 330M or so folks would be principle bound to extend them additional courtesy to get richer as they got poorer, and to further more or less be in their servitude! The flat tax is not principle based, feel free to cite the principle. Example: If you have $10Bil to lose through social instability in...

Posted on 01/09/15 at 09:23 pm in response to Medical device tax opponents’ $29 billion question

Rep. Paulsen seems Medtronic had no problem picking up a $63 million Tax bill for the Executives! So what is all the crying about! You expect us to shed crocodile tears for guys making gazillions and their company paying ga-Millions in Tax coverage. Give us a break dude! more dough than most of us would make in a 120 life times.

Question: If as a taxpayer I spend an extra $10/month in city state or federal taxes, but receive in return $13.50 in services, quality of life "Better Streets, more reliable police service, faster and improved city response for livability issues, plowed snow, waste pick up recycling, parks, recreation areas, Brew Pub legislation, less government intrusion on my life, better services for the financially challenged-reducing the potential for social unrest, better air water, etc. etc. Surely...

Surely you jest, the innuendo proposed is that progressive thinker's are paying 10 and stealing $3.50! Nice try but the facts don't pan out. Looking at Tax taking states vs. takes paying states "Redder States" tend to top the list, on a Federal Tax Level (Link below), South Carolina tops th elist $8 back 1 given. As per earlier, for some reason, un-beknownest to many of us, there is this opinion that "all government expenditures are evil" unless of course they are spent on the individual...

why do we require representatives, councilmen, commissioners, senators etc. to have a residency requirement? The logic in "The Answer is No" suggests or implies that what ever the job, residency has "no bearing" on commitment or performance!