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Dennis Litfin

Akeley, Minnesota
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Posted on 04/17/14 at 07:47 pm in response to New York gun owners shrug off tough new rules: What happens now?

Conscience and NRA

Posted on 04/20/14 at 09:25 am in response to New owner Glen Taylor: less liberal Star Tribune ahead

"Fair and Accurate..." would be mentioning Bachmann in the same paragraph as Moe.

Posted on 04/20/14 at 09:43 am in response to Stop me before I amend again: DFLers' constitutional paradox

would make our representatives more accountable. Now they can hide and absorb the 'blame' within their little groupings.

Posted on 04/10/14 at 12:48 pm in response to We can't blame Rice for all the Bush team's failings

The only way that the Rice/Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld cabal could have 'seriously believed the nonsense they were promoting' was if they purposely had disregarded the many advance warnings of 911. Are those 4 people that ignorant ? I rather doubt it, and with that they willfully disrupted this Nation's economy and livelihood to an extent that has not been seen for decades. With that fact, this woman should not be paid with taxpayer money so that she can continue to to spew her '...

Posted on 03/19/14 at 11:58 am in response to The dirty truth behind Park & Rides

Subsidizing is commonplace, has been for a long time. Business Tax Increment Financing, Fire Protection, Business Tax 'Forgiveness', Police Protection, Parks....the list goes on and one.
I live in rural Mn. and do not use the above-mentioned service, but with that said, I would willingly pay to park if I could ride.

Posted on 03/19/14 at 12:01 pm in response to Wolves' expectations and realities: Ricky Rubio as scapegoat?

Pluses overshadow his Minuses, I'll keep him.

Posted on 03/14/14 at 11:30 am in response to Should the U.S. go to war with Russia over Ukraine?

We have our own problems with our 700+ military 'bases' in foreign countries......many of whom do not want us there. Stop catering to the Military/Industrial types.

That way the extremists will have something to gather their anti- forces for again being that they were shut out on their gay marriage and voter discrimination issues of the last election.

Posted on 03/03/14 at 01:49 pm in response to A minimum-wage increase is unnecessary

Your 'justifications' do not cut it. If the minimum wage was a 'living wage' there would be little need for the free health insurance, free lunch at school, food stamps, earned income credit, and "multiple other benefits" you state.

Posted on 02/27/14 at 12:12 pm in response to Minnesotans at Obama's speech speak of hope and dreams

I have also heard that 'hope and dreams' spiel before. I also remember very well the 'jobs', jobs, jobs' promises of Republican wanna-be legislators several years back which turned out to be nothing more than more republican fluff talk.

Lets see some action before we go ga ga again.