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Diane Nelson

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Posted on 11/11/14 at 04:02 pm in response to House Republicans to the Twin Cities: It's not about you

Metro area is about 60% of MN population. Add in St Louis, Olmsted and Stearns as well as some closer southern MSP counties for about 70%.

Are we getting dangerously close to the 80/20 rule?

Posted on 04/10/14 at 01:22 pm in response to Women's bill: the DFL social agenda even Republicans voted for

many likely recall Romney being asked whether he'd support the Ledbetter Act, and how well that worked out for him.

Posted on 03/05/14 at 04:40 pm in response to Michele Bachmann endorses tolerance

Should a restaurant be able to refuse service to the other Old Testament "sins," along with the LGBTs?

Menstruating women? Those who work on the Sabbath (Saturday)? Those who use the name of God in vain? Those with unclean hands having touched pork or shrimp? If they refuse gays, should they be able to still serve pork or shrimp and be open on the Sabbath? Can my employees be slaves, as approved in the O.T., if they are from neighboring states? And may I be able to start stoning...

Posted on 12/14/13 at 02:37 pm in response to PolitiFact makes 'you can keep your health plan' the 'Lie of the Year'

you can keep him was also part of Obama's effort to explain how the ACA is not going to force folks from what they currently have, obviously only where it continues to be in the marketplace, legal, and therefore available to them.

Surely physicians have since retired, moved, lost their license, or died, and their patients can no longer keep their doctor.

Where's the outrage to this *lie?*

Posted on 12/03/13 at 03:59 pm in response to The case for Scott Walker

death panels in the ACA, didn't she?

Would it be *suspect* if a Catholic criticizes some of its traditional teachings, and then throws a tenspot in the plate one Sunday while attending Lutheran services with a friend? Would that require they then publicly identify as a Lutheran?

Would you suspect my intentions if I criticized an extreme feminist’s attempt to suppress a publication, and deem my opinions on feminist issues as questionable thereafter?

There’s a possibility one might be in transition from one dogma...

applaud executions. And look what happened to those guys.

Posted on 10/10/13 at 08:25 pm in response to Chalk up ACLU victory in free-speech case

The fact that the 2.3% tax is only applied to U.S. sales, and this is despite where they're manufactured.

The smaller device companies and startups typically have only sales outside of the U.S., so the tax will have little or no impact on them.

Larger medical device companies, such as the one I work for, have some 40% of their sales in the U.S., so it has a net effect of closer to 1% tax on top line revenue.

Also, most device sales growth is OUS, so the percentage of...

Posted on 08/20/13 at 06:49 pm in response to Romney in denial over infamous '47 percent' video

as we are that he didn't get elected president, cause we've since learned didn't want the job anyway.

Or did his son not say that either?

I think in this case, race played a role at least to the extent that Martin fit the description of an alleged recent burglary in the area, apparently by a black male.

In order to declare whether Zimmerman did or didn't racially profile Martin, we'd have to have a similar situation where, say, a brunette man was alleged to have burglarized a home or car in the area, and then Zimmerman called the police and followed on foot a brown-haired man in the neighborhood whom he didn't...