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Dimitri Drekonja

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Well, appears that after a weekend of deliberating, the vikings found the option that most cynics suspected: back on the squad.

Reading between the lines of their statement, this is what I take form it:
1) He's really good
2) We only scored 1 touchdown without him
3) We're pretty sure there's no video, and without that we can probably ride out the negative publicity
4) You're already building us our stadium
5) So, screw you

Posted on 09/03/14 at 04:12 pm in response to The nice guy's guide to becoming the Republican nominee for governor

"and added lavish touches, like free oysters for delegates and personalized room keys and lanyards"

Sadly, I assume this happens in both parties, but really? You decide on who to run for governor on some oysters and a key chain? Jesus...

Posted on 07/23/14 at 10:49 am in response to Mike McFadden open to raising the age for Medicare benefits

Raising medicare eligibility is just a game of 3-card monty. Yes, the budget for medicare is going up, because even people like McFadden recognize that there are more older people living longer. Having more people in a program does drive up the cost.

But what he doesn't say (or know?) is that medicare delivers care far more efficiently than the private insurance sector, with administrative overhead running in the 3-4%, vs. the 25%+ seen with private insurers. So by keeping people in...

Posted on 07/22/14 at 03:53 pm in response to A new, potentially very serious blow to Obamacare law

Republicans began this silly idea of expanding the use of private insurance by use of subsidies and a mandate to buy insurance; somehow when it was their guy in one state it was OK, but once the Romney model was made national, it was tyranny incarnate.

The democrats made the mistake of assuming that by moving forward a plan with Republican roots, it would naturally receive the support of those who supported it back when it was just in Massachusetts. If they had known that the...

Posted on 07/18/14 at 03:53 pm in response to National GOP promising 'significant' spending in Minnesota

Someone should inform the Johnson campaign that you don't get to ask for a waiver based on nothing-- you actually have to have a detailed plan that will provide at least the same level of coverage as afforded by the ACA. And just saying "market based solutions" does NOT count as a plan...

Posted on 07/17/14 at 09:12 am in response to Dismissing the cost of doing business in Minnesota will be at our peril

"True to our heritage, our most capable public policy experts have been developing and circulating public service “redesign” proposals for years – only to be ignored, especially so in 2013 and 2014"

Pretty broad statement, with no specifcs. Who is being ignored? What are their proposals? And if they are being ignored now, what were they doing during the Pawlenty years-- back when we racked up deficits and cut investing in education and infrastructure?

If the author wants to...

Posted on 07/16/14 at 09:07 pm in response to Minnesota resorting to 'nickel and dime' gimmicks to fund road work

People tend to not be as upset when the system seems to be working (I.e., he's facing charges). A lot of outrage will dissipate when one of the archbishops at the heart of this face criminal prosecution.

Posted on 07/09/14 at 11:32 am in response to Minnesota House candidate makes AIDS, 'Gay Agenda' campaign issues

So the whole "This year Republicans are talking economy, not social issues" from Tom Scheck's MPR story is really holding true, isn't it? I think a comment on Brian Lambert's Daily Glean from a few days ago predicted that the Republicans wouldn't be able to stick to that goal.

And as multiple others have pointed out: Ms. Brucato, you owe it to your readers to point out that this idea on AIDS (yes, incorrectly named in this genius's quote), is completely wrong. This isn't a "I have my...

Posted on 07/07/14 at 09:22 am in response to Why don’t more Minneapolitans bike, walk, or take transit?

We certainly have a ways to go, but on the plus side-- things are getting much much better. Some very simple things that can get people out of their cars are starting to be talked about (and expected) by more employees, such as safe/secure bike storage, good locker room facilities, etc. Three of the 5 people in my immediate area run or bike to work, with the shortest of us having a 4 mile run. In 5 years at my job, I've seen the locker-room traffic steadily grow, such that we're now deciding...

Posted on 06/26/14 at 04:47 pm in response to Finally, Mike McFadden offers details on his health-care views

This idea that you can shop for the best price and empower consumers is a pipe dream. Mr. Tester brings up one of the few places where it is feasible-- elective, non-emergent, very routine surgery. Lasix is another such example. But most health care can't be priced like that, because in much of healthcare you don't know what you need to buy. I work as an infectious disease specialist, and I couldn't give anyone a quote beforehand because most people seeing me don't know what they have-- and...