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Doug Gray

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The U.S. already has diplomats in Cuba and vice versa, formally as Interests Sections of the Swiss Embassies in each country. So for that aspect of relations, the new opening is mostly symbolic.

Meet the new big money with vested interests, same as the old big money with vested interests. Jenna Bush and/or Chelsea Clinton 2040!

Steven E. Rhoads, Cambridge University Press, 1985. A great micro "fake book" that gave me enough background to be mistaken for an economist at least twice.

They just don't make 'em like Rags any more. A true journalist in an era when anyone with a cell phone camera, a Twitter account and a grudge can fancy themselves the next Dan Rather. He, and his kind, will be missed.

Posted on 11/17/14 at 10:09 am in response to Breaking down Minnesota's judiciary

...aren't Minnesota judges supposed to be elected? I wonder what the effect would be on the makeup of the state bench if we barred judges appointed to vacancies from running for their seats as "incumbents?" I personally avoid voting for former prosecutors; this column makes me glad I chose Judge Sullivan.

Posted on 11/17/14 at 01:21 pm in response to Breaking down Minnesota's judiciary

Which ones exactly would be unqualified? All those (s)elected by Democrats or Independents I suppose?

Posted on 11/18/14 at 11:47 am in response to Breaking down Minnesota's judiciary

I would submit that if less attention were paid to color, gender, and/or membership in good standing with the legal establishment than to actual qualifications, the Minnesota bench would look more like Minnesota than it does today. I would further submit that effective elections, rather than the current system of (s)elections, would be a good first step toward that end.

Posted on 11/12/14 at 02:41 pm in response to Why 99% of companies should completely forget about brand journalism

I'd guess that at least somewhere along the way someone at these F500s had to make a business case to someone else higher up the corporate food chain to free up the marketing dollars for the newly-minted brand journo sites. So you're correct that they need to have the metrics in place to calculate their ROI, and if they don't then plugs will probably be pulled (q.v. Men of the Square Table, an arguably very creative "multiplatform" campaign that sadly never sold much Miller beer).


Posted on 10/23/14 at 07:54 pm in response to Superhighways and light rail: antagonists or evil twins?

If the Blue Line hippie infestation is not dealt with, in a few months a music festival will break out...

Posted on 10/13/14 at 08:57 am in response to Our odd primary system — and its odd results

The crossover issue was why, during my time in the Old Dominion, parties used to use the "unconstructed caucus" (native Virginians cringed when I called it the "unreconstructed caucus") system for nominations. Basically it's a primary run by the party organizations at the local level, so they can keep out mischief-makers. One signs a pledge to support the party's endorsed candidates and then proceeds to cast a ballot. No idea what they were thinking when they went with a statewide primary...