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Ed Stych

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Waiting for Eric Black to chime in. He hates it when the GOP filibusters in Congress. I wonder how he feels when Wisconsin Dems flee to Illinois and hole themselves up in hotel rooms just so they don't have to vote on something they don't like.

Posted on 01/22/11 at 05:46 pm in response to Journalists: please catch Bachmann's false statements on the trail

I don't think she's as far off as you would wish. Based on the chart on the link you provided, I think it would be fair to say that Obama has "accumulated more debt in two years than the nation had in it's first 200 years."

Anyway you cut it, Bush Jr. spent a lot of money that we didn't have ... and Obama and the Dem Congress spent a LOT MORE money that we didn't have.

And where is the benefit? The unemployment rate is higher than the Obama Administration predicted would be if...

Posted on 11/01/10 at 03:25 pm in response to Half century of election reporting

I worked a few elections with Gene at the AP. He was fantastic to work with and unmatched in his Minnesota election knowledge. He understands the precinct demographics so well, that he knows when it's time to call races and when it's time to be patient. Glad to hear he gets another opportunity to work this November!

Posted on 10/29/10 at 02:55 pm in response to Blaming the message, the messagers and the messagees

One of my favorites: Something like 55 percent of people who voted for Obama thought that the GOP controlled Congress in 2008.

Ralf Wyman writes:
"I would respectfully request that Cyndy Brucato take two weeks of unpaid leave from MinnPost and just go ahead and volunteer at GOP HQ. Every politics story of hers I've read since she joined the staff has tilted dramatically right. Not what I come to MinnPost for. Independent media that digs in and looks for facts, please!"

And most of the other articles on MinnPost lean dramatically to the left. Nice to see an effort at balance on occasion.

I'm not...

Posted on 10/12/10 at 02:08 pm in response to The new Rasmussen poll and the Horner factor

Rasmussen tied with Pew for being the most accurate pollster in the 2008 national elections:

I don't know about Minnesota elections. But historically the Strib has been fairly inaccurate. Dems tend to poll stronger than actual...

Posted on 10/05/10 at 02:27 pm in response to Bachmann statements on Social Security: false, contradictory and bizarre

Wow. Bait and switch with that headline.

By the way, Eric, when are you going to write about the Oberstar race? You guys are missing a good story as you remain hellbent on bringing down Bachmann. Oberstar just might be in trouble. And if Oberstar is in trouble, then what Dem isn't in trouble?

Wow, the first time I read a non-Brauer story on MinnPost in many weeks. Finally a locally written political story that's not leftist.

Walker is so typical of the Left: Call your opponents racist to try to shut them up. It would have been nice if author Grow had asked Tea Partier Hudson about the racism charge, which apparently is the only weapon available to the Left.

Posted on 09/21/10 at 07:54 pm in response to Meffert files ethics complaint against Paulsen

Paulsen's graph sure doesn't seem right, but Derek's contention that the correct graph shows that the debt begins to "flatten" in 2009 is a huge stretch, too. Rising at a slightly slower rate than in the past isn't "flattening" out.

Posted on 08/12/10 at 08:38 am in response to Opening salvo sets the tone for brutal gubernatorial campaign ahead

The opening salvo that "set the tone for a brutal gubernatorial campaign" was done by the DFLers with their constant anti-Emmer ads over the last two months.