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Doug Kelley has proven to be an inspiration for the Minnesota Orchestra blogosphere.

I wrote this - (warning for language) -

and Scott Chamberlain wrote this -


The park police said 7000 people attended the Lake Harriet concert. (The Strib, for some reason, reported 4000.) This was an event Michael Henson nixed during his tenure, so it's great to see the musicians bringing it back!

I think it's worth noting that Mr. Henson doesn't address the concerns of large donors who disagree with him...? (Judy Dayton, for instance, always shows up at the musicians' concerts... You can't really get to be a bigger donor than her...) A volunteer group I'm a...

It is obvious to careful observers that the board leadership was not going to renew Osmo Vanska's contract once it expired at the end of the 2014-15 season. Michael Henson let this slip when he talked of how he hoped Osmo would stay "and fulfill his contract"...not stay, period. Jon Campbell and Richard Davis were both appallingly disrespectful toward Osmo in the press. You'd never catch the CEO of the San Francisco Symphony saying such things about Tilson Thomas, or the CEO of the NY Phil...

This piece raises some pertinent questions ahead of Maestro Vanska's departure. Maybe the board can contemplate them as they try to figure out where they're getting their next music director from.

"For example, Greeno said she doesn’t understand why there hasn’t been more talk of some reduction in pay for the musicians in exchange for musicians having greater say in the governance of the orchestra."

Because the management doesn't want to give that power up, and they don't want to compromise. The musicians aren't stupid; I'm sure they've floated the idea. But look at the proposed contract. The management wants MORE say in the governance of the orchestra. Why would management...

Posted on 08/24/13 at 11:55 am in response to Board's obligation is to protect and nurture the Minnesota Orchestra

We can't address the financial problem because we don't trust the people in charge to tell us the whole truth about the financial problem.

Either they need to step aside, or answer questions and change tactics.

Posted on 07/25/13 at 11:20 am in response to A current snapshot of the Minnesota Orchestra, by the numbers

"We’re sitting a little bit above that average now"

Hmm. In the Real World, being nearly 3x over your average is not considered to be "a little bit" above said average...

In the Real World, this would be considered to be a catastrophe of the first rank. Listen to what the Pittsburgh Symphony CEO recently said: "We lost [violinist Sylvia Kim] to Chicago last year and are losing [violinist Shaun Shaun Yo] to New York. We don't want to lose any more," He's incredibly concerned...

Posted on 07/14/13 at 01:28 pm in response to As MN Orchestra cancels more concerts, much talk about bleak situation

Musicians would acknowledge the problem's legitimacy if management was trustworthy. They would acknowledge the problem is binding arbitration was allowed, or even if an outside expert to come in and discuss the feasibility of management's business plans. (Did you know the full business plan hasn't been shared with musicians? Much less released to the public? Despite the fact it exists? What are they hiding?) If you read the following editorial and still trust every number management throws...

Posted on 06/11/13 at 04:16 pm in response to Some in MNO 'exodus' took leaves or left before lockout

Hi, Ms. Saarela! I appreciate the opportunity to set the record straight, too!

The Chicago Symphony has 111 players. Right now, Minnesota has something in the mid-70s (sorry I can't give an exact number; departures are occurring so quickly I can't keep track of them). It is not "common" in your industry for an orchestra to be without an Associate Concertmaster, three section 1st violins, Principal Second Violin, Assistant Principal Second Violin, four section 2nd violins, four violas...

What I find interesting about the - let's call it Coppock theory, for lack of a better term - is that it requires loyalty to the institution and extraordinary trust in the board of directors to have any chance of working. I and my friends may buy tickets to either the SPCO or MO, depending on how these lockouts shake out. But I can guarantee you, we are literally years away from ever donating a cent to either orchestra, and until significant changes are made at the top of both organizations...