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Eric Ferguson

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Posted on 08/10/08 at 08:13 pm in response to Should Pawlenty's political symbol be a four-leaf clover?

What's bizzare about that phrase "Sam's Club Republicans" is Pawlenty is counting on people not thinking it through and realizing that Sam's Club belongs to Earth's biggest corporation Walmart. The snooty rich bastards sneering at you from the country OWN Sam's Club.

Posted on 07/20/08 at 08:44 pm in response to Electoral College snapshot II

I won't go into details here about why I hate the Electoral College. If anyone really wants to know, I explain why at and

For now, I just want to refute John...

Posted on 07/14/08 at 04:05 pm in response to Barkley to Jesse: Senate job is easier than being governor

Gregory, it's a shame you can't be as gracious as your candidate.

Posted on 07/14/08 at 04:04 pm in response to Barkley to Jesse: Senate job is easier than being governor

Doug, you missed one question: is Ventura concerned that he would be splitting the anti-war vote and guaranteeing a Coleman win? As a follow-up, does Barkley know which champagne the Coleman campaign will be popping the corks on to celebrate Ventura getting into the race?

Posted on 07/11/08 at 04:00 pm in response to Strib's offshore-drilling editorial boosts owner's interests

I notice the Strib didn't address the glaring factual errors in the editorial. They've printed a couple opposing letters, but not letters that addressed the errors. They didn't print mine, so I posted it on my own blog:

Posted on 05/28/08 at 03:58 pm in response to Statement issued by Mike Hatch

I'm disappointed that a staunch DFLer like Hatch, and I hope that description fits Swanson, is so hostile to the union organizing effort. Assuming They're right that it's illegal for the union to organize, they could and should advocate for changing the law. If staff act anonymously, that indicates they think they need union protection. What having a union has to do with having the state speak with one legal voice goes past me. I'd still prefer Hatch over Pawlenty, but I'm less likely to...

Posted on 03/12/08 at 10:11 am in response to Obama's dilemma: whether, and how, to strike back

Rep. Steve King a soft target he can use to beat down the Muslim smear, and show an ability to hit back. On the stump, he needs to say that assuming anyone named "Hussein" is like Saddam Hussein is like assuming anyone named Joseph must be a communist, because he shares part of his name with Joseph Stalin. Right in King's district, Obama should run a commercial on behalf of King's Democratic opponent using King's comments as a source of ridicule.

Bernice, I worked on a forum in Minneapolis which was put on entirely by volunteers active with a local senate district DFL ,which is 100% volunteer run. The other forums have likewise been put on by local volunteers. If you want a forum in St. Paul, you should contact your senate district party or maybe your city party, and not only ask for a forum, but offer to do a lot of the work, because the people you'll be asking to put it on are also doing this on weekends and after work. And they'll...

Posted on 03/11/08 at 03:19 pm in response to Lawyer who spoke out about AG's office put on leave

This isn't an issue of partisanship, because Swanson is alienating her own party. If her election were this year, she would have a tough time winning either union endorsements or the DFL endorsement. When the DFL decided to make a late pre-primary endorsement in 2006, it endorsed Steve Kelley. Looks like it was right.