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Posted on 08/02/11 at 10:53 am in response to Rush Limbaugh, global warming and our weather

Jim Halonen says:
"I just did a driving trip out west. Everybody should do that at least once. It occurs to you how small and insignificant mankind is to the globe."

That's not very scientific. If you hang out in LA, during rush hour, you might have a different opinion. Carbon emissions integrate over time, but your impressions do not.

Posted on 05/27/11 at 08:45 am in response to On truth tour, Pawlenty won't commit on Ryan budget

The comments here haven't been very generous. You have to admit that the Medicare issue is tough. The Democrat's position - to tax the rich to pay for the shortfall - is an easier position to take politically.

But, give him the credit he is due. Ethanol subsidies are probably not a bad thing. If you're not willing to subsidize the oil companies, I don't see how you could justify subsidizing the ethanol industry. And telling the Iowans that ethanol subsidies should be phased out...

Posted on 05/23/11 at 09:48 am in response to DNC's anti-Pawlenty video: On Day One, first quotes taken out of context

But the comment here is totally off base. I think the criticism is that the DFL decided to start mud slinging right off the bat. With something that's taken completely out of context.

There's lots of independents out there not because they're undecided, or because they're apathetic about politics. They are independents because the leaders of both parties make a mess of democracy. I don't see how a reasonable person could see this ad and say they're proud to be a Democrat.

I totally agree with some of the more moderate comments. Political ideology aside, this is no way to behave. It's scary that people running our state would behave this way. Totally shameful.

Posted on 05/19/11 at 12:25 pm in response to Dramatic images of gay marriage ban

"The folly of this constitutional issue aside..."

Actually, we can't side step that part...that's kind of the point.

Posted on 05/13/11 at 11:51 am in response to Politics may be more important than personality or looks in marriage

That's a really interesting study. I wonder if there's another study to quantify the effect of political ideology on the success of a marriage. Does our tendency to pick politically similar partners contribute to successful marriages? Is there a cause/effect, or just a correlation?

It's difficult to articulate how one's political views affect marriage. I can see how spending habits and cleanliness would; these are habits in the sense that you act on them daily and they have direct...

Posted on 05/12/11 at 12:08 pm in response to Bachmann views Bin Laden photos: 'We got our man'

Just wanted to make two points:

1) Those congressmen who were agitating for the release of the photos (Inhofe being one of them) - once they've seen them, I think they're obligated to express their view on whether the photos convinced them of Bin Laden's death. I don't think Inhofe has made that statement yet, and that's annoying. His position on the Armed Services Committee isn't to simply satisfy his own curiosity. You can't view the photos and simply say "hummm, disgusting,...

Posted on 04/21/11 at 10:38 am in response to Tax and Medicare poll results that may have Repubs squirming today

The election horse race is a separate issue from the deficit problem. The polls might help you decide who will win the elections, but polls won't solve the problem of the deficit. Maybe our democracy isn't good at being fiscally responsible. If we vote to raise taxes on the rich, will that close the deficit? We've voted to spend more than we've been willing to pay for.

Just a note about the tone of the article - I don't think you need to talk about politicians peeing in their...

Posted on 04/07/11 at 12:03 pm in response to Repubs stand for something

I think this article and the comments are looking at the problem only from a taxing perspective.

When I look at a graph of the pounds of CO2 emissions, it just seems unsustainable. It's increasing too much.

I kind of get the same feeling when I look at a graph of federal spending. It's increasing too much.

Are we saying that federal spending can increase at a similar rate to GDP, and thus taxes could increase as GDP increases? I don't know the answer to those...

Posted on 03/16/11 at 12:55 pm in response to GOP targets trains, solar lab, planetarium and trails

I second David Greene's criticism on the Bachmann bit. There are plenty of things about Bachmann to be critical of, but it's a reach to use her staff. Who cares if Breitbarth isn't from the 6th district? You can't really criticize Breitbarth for being the daughter of a GOP activist, because I'm assuming that DFL activists also have children, some of whom are also female?

She also seems to use the label "GOP" for why someone's views are wrong or ignorant. That's narrow minded. If...