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Gary Thaden

Minneapolis, MN
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Posted on 12/08/14 at 10:59 am in response to Minneapolis to see fee hike for citywide organic-waste recycling program

So am I going to get a $100 credit for the composing system i have set and been using? Can i opt-out by composting my organic waste? Or, should I just throw my composing system into the waste stream since the city is mandating i use their system, even though the city is the one who wanted me to set up the composting system to begin with. Bait and switch.

Posted on 09/18/14 at 02:39 pm in response to Scotland (in a Minnesota perspective)

UK population without Scotland: 57.9 million

I have lived in the Uptown area for over 30 years. The excitement, the amenities, and the density are some of the reasons I moved here and continue to live here. But, so far in Minneapolis, most of the density has been Downtown, West Downtown, and Uptown, with Dinkytown and other areas around the University of Minnesota catching up. What about the rest of the City? Why aren't we developing that wide swath of land west of 59th and Lyndale behind Bachmans? How about more density along...

Posted on 04/30/14 at 09:05 am in response to Greene, Mavity advance in Hennepin commissioner race to succeed Dorfman

Good analysis. Thanks.

Posted on 03/21/14 at 11:45 am in response to Floor-to-ceiling Air Jordans display makes an aesthetic leap

Interesting article, but Lowry Hill East is East (right) of Hennepin Ave. It is Lowry Hill on the west (left) side of Hennepin Ave.

Posted on 03/07/14 at 04:35 pm in response to Lyndale & Franklin: New hope for a neglected intersection

"It looks like everybody is in the loop." Not. The neighbors behind the development are not on board. Their apartments and house would not see the sun again, due to the height of the proposal. With the large mass of the proposed building and the party deck (with a liquor sales) on the roof, the people behind the building, which would be 3 feet away, are concerned about noise. And, anybody who drives down Franklin or Lyndale should wonder how it is going to absorb all the cars generated...

Posted on 06/22/12 at 11:05 am in response to Conflicted over Trader Joe's in Minneapolis

As a resident of the neighborhood where TJ would be located I resent your lack of knowledge about the project and the neighborhood. Contrary to your article, the neighborhood association did not vote to support the project. Of the people who signed the petitions you mentioned, how many lived within a couple of miles of the project and would be either impacted by the project of likely to go the store? We don’t know.

It is obvious you do not live in the area, since you did not know...

Love the historic perspective as that is often missing in journalistic pieces. Thanks.

Posted on 11/04/11 at 09:41 am in response to A constitutional fix to the campaign finance cesspool?

Individual states create corporations and classify them as a person. Why don't states reclassify corporations as "corporate citizens" with limited speech rights? State governments created this problem by classifying a non-individual as a person, thus they can take it away.

Posted on 09/01/11 at 10:00 am in response to KARE 11's prostate-cancer screening at State Fair revives debate

Great piece!