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George Hayduke

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Posted on 01/10/11 at 08:31 pm in response to Emmer's next gig: radio host?

Huh. Would've thought the Strib's editorial board would have snapped Emmer up by now.

Posted on 12/20/10 at 10:43 am in response to Pawlenty gets 'Pants on Fire' award for public worker claims

B.L. says "Please remind me who in the local media did some homework on this."

If anybody, it would be an unpaid blogger. It damn sure wouldn't be any of the stenographers posing as reporters at either of the dailies.

Posted on 12/02/10 at 09:46 am in response to A Taste-less Fourth: Annual Minnesota festival bites the dust

Writing on Pawlenty's poor pardon judgement, you say "Pat Doyle of the Strib continues to file on this:"

Uh, no, Bluestem Prairie, which broke this story that the Strib's Doyle stole without giving credit to them, continues to file on this story. Doyle and the Strib couldn't find a story like this on their own if their lives depended on it.

For real original reporting, go here:


Posted on 12/02/10 at 09:36 am in response to More Star Tribune buyouts -- but this time, it’s not about cutting

Keep in mind this is a newspaper that just hired an out-of-state religion writer/web designer for a six-figure editorial writer position.

Posted on 09/10/10 at 03:52 pm in response to Rare unity on Florida pastor's threat to burn Quran

Let this self-portrait be the epitaph for the late commenter Swiftee:

Posted on 09/06/10 at 05:43 pm in response to Why AP spiked the 'Emmer son drinking' story that City Pages ran

A couple more points, if I may:

David, I like your lede on this piece:

"Let’s just call it “Personal Attack Week” in the governor’s race."

But let's make sure we're referring to the correct personal attack--the personal attack on the passed-out girl with the penises and semen drawn on her face and arm that was depicted on Tripp Emmer's Facebook page.

Also, since Tom Emmer has taken $511,834 in state subsidies to run his campaign, we can now draw a direct line from...

Posted on 09/06/10 at 04:13 pm in response to Why AP spiked the 'Emmer son drinking' story that City Pages ran

It's a sad commentary on the state of "professional" journalism today when photographic evidence of a possible assault involving a gubernatorial candidate's paid staffer is reduced to "photos of partying" or a "sideshow." Let's reiterate a few facts here for you "professionals" who seem to want to "bury the lede," as they say in the business--or in this case, ignore it altogether:

1) The issue isn't about whether a candidate's kids are on- or off-limits. The issue is whether a paid...

Posted on 08/03/10 at 10:30 am in response to Bachmann hospitalized, released, recuperating

Dennis, you may be right for once. Bachmann's words are poison, and she's had to eat them so many times lately, she may have been poisoned by them.

Plausible, very plausible.

Posted on 07/23/10 at 09:59 am in response to How did Blake Mastin fool two Twin Cities newsrooms?

Is an entire column really needed to explain how KSTP and KARE "news" rooms were fooled by this guy? These "reporters" are lucky if they know how to Google someone's name, let alone go out and actually confirm sources.

Posted on 07/23/10 at 07:33 am in response to Viewing DFL ads: Is Tim Pawlenty running for a third term?

How does one get to be a highly paid blogger on the taxpayers' dime at the U of M to churn out drivel like Ostermeier? Nice work if you can get it.