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Gerald Abrahamson

Minneapolis, MN
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"You can't take it with you" needs to be the motto.

So, a $500k exemption (indexed to inflation) and then 100% tax rate on ALL estates. This is a completely *conservative* concept, not liberal in any way.

Conservatives believe you gotta "EARN" what you get. Therefore, by definition, there can be no SUBSTANTIVE inheritance by anyone if we are to follow that concept--because a person can not 'earn' an inheritance. The resources to create that wealth were taken from the economy,...

Posted on 04/15/14 at 09:18 am in response to Wisconsin Republicans put the S-word on the table

I'd recommend putting the two of them on an island--and then walling in the island. Two problems solved in two countries with one decisive action.

Posted on 04/11/14 at 11:35 am in response to Republicans claim near-total power to cancel minimum-wage raises

If they claim the economy is heading down, then either it does--or it does NOT. If it does go down, then they were right. But if it does NOT go down, then citing the fact they were WRONG is proof the minimum wage needs to be indexed up TWICE (for two years) because the past year was wrong AND the next year also needs to be indexed up because of documented failed GOP economic predictions.

Posted on 04/11/14 at 11:50 am in response to A plan to stitch Minneapolis together again: Cover a stretch of I-35W

Costco offers better pay to its workers and lower prices.

Target should be "all over" such a desirable site in a fraction of a heartbeat. Within walking distance of massive number of repeat customers (particularly U of M students)--many of whom might not have cars.

Posted on 03/26/14 at 10:56 am in response to Minimum-wage stalemate: Will Senate accept House indexing offer?

Index to the increases in congressional pay. After all, they do NOT overpay themselves--do they?

Posted on 03/04/14 at 11:36 am in response to McFadden video on fixing health care fails to mention the fix

Then shouldn't he be looking at all the available options and choosing the one that is most effective/efficient and lowest cost?

That would be SP/UHC, which saves over $1T per year. Perhaps McFadden does NOT want to save the US consumer over $1T per year? If not, why not?

Funny how a "businessman" doesn't want to adopt a "business" oriented solution. SP/UHC is both the "lowest cost" AND "most effective/efficient" healthcare delivery system as documented by OECD (US costs are...

Posted on 03/04/14 at 11:19 am in response to Franken, Klobuchar have questions for Comcast-Time Warner

"Because it was the government that insisted on those monopolies, Mr. Franken."


The govt did not insist on monopolies. On the other hand, the cable companies required monopolies (an "exclusive franchise", usually for 20-30 years) so they did NOT have to compete for customers. Once established, another cable company would not enter that market because the cost would be too high and the potential to make a profit far too low.

Posted on 02/08/14 at 03:54 pm in response to Approve the Keystone pipeline

'In any case, denying the pipeline won’t change the economic forces that are bringing the heavy Canadian crude onto the market. But denial of the project will cost U.S. workers 2,000 construction jobs during the two-year building period and the U.S. economy $3.4 billion.'

KXL would create a total of 50 permanent jobs in the US--at a cost of about $70-million per job (= $3.4B divided by 50). Plus, the oil is NOT for use in the US. Per TransCanada, the cost of oil in the Midwest US (the...

Posted on 01/22/14 at 10:18 am in response to Franken marks Citizens United anniversary with email campaign

First, require them to file personal income tax returns--with all the personal limitations all other "people" have to face. Which means no corporate deductions--and that cuts out 95% of the tax code. Suddenly, there is massive unemployment of corporate tax accountants and lawyers. They will have to go out and find "real" jobs all of a sudden.

Second, corporations will be required to buy health insurance for themselves or else pay a fine. That should prove to be a fun game to watch....

Posted on 01/06/14 at 02:19 pm in response to Majority of Republicans now reject theory of evolution

"Did Noah travel to the poles to collect two polar bears and two penguins?"

Yes. He took two flying unicorns and brought back two penguins. Then he took them and got the polar bears. The polar bears ate the unicorns after arrival (afraid, hungry, hot in the Middle Eastern desert)--so no unicorns today.