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Gerald Abrahamson

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'Mills references his position as the company’s health plan administrator when he talks about the Affordable Care Act, a law he opposes and would support repealing if he defeats Rep. Rick Nolan this fall.

“That’s what got me off the bench on Obamacare,” he said in an August interview. “A long time before I even thought about running for Congress, I was pretty active in opposing that.”'

The "per unit" cost of goods and services generally goes down as volume goes up (Mills *...

McFadden's job was to buy/sell businesses--not run them.

More importantly, he doesn't have a clue about what to do if something goes wrong and needs to be fixed. That is NOT part of his work experience. He is a middleman--he does NOT "add value" to anything. But he does add a cost--his fees.

McFadden is *worse* than a car salesman--because once the sale is completed, he walks away and leaves the consequences of the transaction to others. Any problems are the buyer's. When...

the brains God gave them.

They accept their own birth certificates as valid, as well as those of their parents, siblings, and children--but they refuse to accept a birth certificate from someone born in the US state of Hawaii. Imagine the fun and games if the govt (at all levels) refused to recognize THEIR birth certificate and said THEY were not US citizens, etc. So where were they born again? Good question--and they are stuck on their own hook.

They raise the cost of products sold below cost to a more reasonable level--thus permitting other companies (that are NOT being subsidized) to remain in business.

The tax code does provide incentives for business. But those SAME incentives are available for ALL businesses--so it applies to EVERY business.

The point, which you carefully avoided discussing, was selling BELOW COST. This means selling the produced product at a price lower than its production cost. Business does NOT sell below cost because they can choose to NOT make that sale (and thus increase their profits by not producing an item intended for sale below cost)--but govt does...

Employment rose at a virtually continuous rate of about 2-million ADDITIONAL workers per year from 1971-2000. It "flatlined" in 2001 and never recovered to that level again until Obama.

1971 = 71-million workers
2001 = 131-million workers
Start of 2009 should have been about 147-million workers but was actually about 130-million. That is about 17-million MISSING jobs from the US economy. There is the problem.

Posted on 08/08/14 at 09:13 am in response to Transportation for the aging poses mounting challenge in Twin Cities

So it is mostly a matter of waiting for the technology (hardware and software) to become "good enough" for public use. The need for some specialized vehicles (i.e. wheelchair capable) will remain, but the ability to use a standard vehicle will work for most people. The desired objective (rides for most people) is in sight. It is just a matter of waiting for it to be fully developed.

Posted on 08/06/14 at 10:13 pm in response to Parent involvement is a critical part of students' success

Parents are the main force behind children learning.

The school is merely the place where that learning occurs. Teachers respond to interested children.

Posted on 08/03/14 at 09:42 am in response to Bachmann saw 'coyotes smuggling an illegal alien' on her border trip

The question is: Why does Bachmann oppose the US Constitution so much?

Posted on 07/30/14 at 09:10 pm in response to David Cobb on how corporations are stealing our self-governing rights

return. Of course, it is a single, head of household return. No marriage and no dependents.

98+% of all tax law suddenly "disappears".

ALL corporate income is taxable EARNED income--just like every other "person". So they have to pay FICA. No deductions for business expenses because there is no such deduction any more (people do not have deductions for their 'business costs'--food, clothing, shelter, transportation, etc).