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Ginny Martin

St. Paul, MN
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Posted on 03/25/14 at 01:00 pm in response to Minneapolis and the siren song of economic impact

I am very skeptical about the benefits of having the superbowl in the TC and in renovating Nicollet Avenue in Minneapolis. I think the whole NFL business exists to make a very few people wealthy and the rest of us will never share in the largesse. These are very powerful people; the NFL is already given the status of a "nonprofit" and is therefore not taxed. Let's quit giving them so much money.
I live in St. Paul, but occasionally get to Minneapolis and I think the mall should be...

I think, Tim, you missed it.

Posted on 12/20/13 at 09:41 pm in response to One estimate: Cost of Target data breach could hit $680 million

Happily, there are a whole lot of things I can avoid very easily--and this sounds like one of them. But I can't figure out the religious connection. Nor the "political correctness" connection. Political correctness is nothing more than restraining oneself from saying any abuse, mean, vicious thing that comes to mind. That seems to be the problem with people who denigrate "political correctness." They can't be--or are called to account--when they are vicious and libelous. A lot of our very...

Posted on 11/22/13 at 01:49 pm in response to More nonsense from opponents of filibuster reform

Eric, thank you. I think most of us--and probably most who follow governmental news and politics--are relieved that a major step toward relieving gridlock has been taken now. When the conservatives--teapartiers--are bent on doing everything possible to stop any Democratic measures from going forward, to defeating Obama's programs in any way possible, measures must be taken to untangle our system to get something done.
Since 2008, the only consistent "program" of the republicans has...

Posted on 10/29/13 at 12:11 pm in response to Despite population growth, car use declining in Twin Cities

I live in St. Paul in the Summit-U neighborhood and one big reason I love it here and plan to stay is that I am within walking distance of most of my basic needs: a block from my co-op where I do almost all my grocery shopping, and about 4 blocks to Grand Ave, where I can go to my hardware store, dry cleaners, drugstore, and several eating places. I am about 3 blocks from my church, which is really handy since I do go there usually a couple of times a week. This is a great area to walk in...

Posted on 10/29/13 at 12:17 pm in response to Archdiocese to control task force's access to information

They are still at it. Still not being serious about reform in the Catholic church abuse scandals.If I were a Catholic, I'd have been fed up a long time ago with this scandal and the hierarchy's response. It is criminal, and I don't know why their members are allowing them to get away with it. Or maybe they're not. Perhaps they are leaving in droves. I don't know.
I have very little respect for this. In any other organization, this sort of laxity and coverup is horrific; in a spiritual...

I think it is very much worth pursuing. It will take a long time to get anywhere near implementing it, but it looks to me as if it would be much fairer and prevent an extreme node of voters controlling certain seats. The division suggested by this plan would make it hard for politicians to appeal to a narrow group. This is the source of the problem now.
I would like to hear more about this and would like to see a great deal more and more widespread discussion. Sometimes things that...

Posted on 10/24/13 at 12:00 pm in response to Archbishop Nienstedt apologizes to victims of clergy sex abuse

Nienstedt's comments make no sense in light of what we know, including revelations of how much the church has paid out in the last decade or so. I doubt that he did not know about these payouts. Nor do I think he did not know about the abuses, the various transfers, and the coverups.
I would be more charitable but he has been vicious, in my opinion, in opposing gays (he told one mother that she had to disown her gay son or she would go to hell--anyway, who believes in hell these days?...

Posted on 10/05/13 at 01:40 pm in response to Shutdown pain in Minnesota: What awaits you and your neighbors

The rest of us will feel the pain as the economy slows and declines. More people out of work, more demands on services that are no longer there--the list goes on and on. Thanks to this ideological temper tantrum of the teapotters.

Dennis--NO the government is not at fault for the decline of taconite mining. The taconite ore ran out. As for government ruining it, it was the government, scientists at the U. of MN, who found ways to make this low-grade ore profitable. Years of experimentation with taconite by Dr. E.W. Davis, a professor in the University School of Mines, led to a process of extracting and upgrading the ore by "pelletizing" the iron into briquette-like pellets. The Reserve Mining Company built a taconite...