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Grace Kelly

St Paul, MN
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Posted on 08/13/14 at 01:00 pm in response to Otto trounces Entenza in auditor race

Dayton’s percentage between state wide and CD 8 drops by 3%. Simon’s percentage between state wide and CD 8 drops by 10%. So Otto’s drop of 6% is between those two numbers. I conclude that there was no effect based on sulfide mining.

Posted on 04/14/14 at 10:54 am in response to How a Hennepin County DFL endorsing convention collapsed

There are good DFL conventions happening all over. A very contentious 64B race in the Highland part of St Paul was well run. A Ramsey County contentious commissioner race was also well run. Ramsey County has fewer volunteers so we developed better practices with more work and less discussion. Perhaps the smallness is a factor.

It is rare to such a good account of a complex process.

Posted on 05/14/12 at 10:03 am in response to Occupy skepticism: Journalism and the fallacy of authority

Even if the officers are not charged, it does not mean an action didn't happen. We have only to look at the Metro Gang Strike Force for example of well documented issues that were not prosecuted. The problem remains, who calls and prosecutes police when the police are the ones committing crime? The answer frequently is no one. Only intense public outcry causes some action.

Posted on 04/17/12 at 02:18 pm in response to Vikes stadium gets rough reception at Capitol hearing

How can you ask the question "Why does this Urdahl person hate the quality of life football brings?" in a news story? Do you ask "Why does this Urdahl person hate the poor?" or "Why does this Urdahl person hate education?" when those funds are cut? Why does one have to "hate the quality of life football brings?" to think that a billionaire owner ought to pay for it? Why don't you ask "Why doesn't a billionaire owner care enough to pay for all of it himself?" Does the billionaire owner give...

"Clear" is not correct in the title. Just because prosecution is not proceeding at this time hardly means the same as having been found clear of all wrongdoing. Clear would be more like the judge threw out the case on frivolous grounds.

Save money by taking the profit and "earnings" out of health care.

Posted on 10/26/10 at 10:54 am in response to Race for Ramsey County sheriff: Bob Fletcher's style focus of attention

Great article!

The challenges to Bob Fletchers style of management also come from retired, current and reserve deputies. The public testimonies describe an internal system of management NOT based on seniority or merit. Assignment of jobs, promotions, favors are all handed out based on Bob Fletcher's favor, frequently gained from campaign related activities. Four deputies have come forward to speak out publicly. Many other deputies privately confirm what is being said. Rather than true...

Posted on 09/09/10 at 07:43 am in response to Jim the Election Guy: Who is he?

Hmm, in the last line "the chattering classes" is a very derogatory term for democracy, is that what this author thinks about democracy?

Quoting "Even in this relatively informal session, Kelliher had refused to show her own personality."

Gosh could this story drip with more bias? Well, actually, no,

MAK could have very accurately been described as business-like, serious and intense while Emmer could have been described as flippant, cavalier, and callous of hardship that his party's hard line on budget caused people. The "listening" at this point in the campaign shows a lack of preparation, a lack of...