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Dayna, I'm really sorry that you just don't get it.

The Republican's believe that the poorer school districts are the smarter the students will become. Liberal democrats just want to add luxuries to the system, such as, adequate numbers of ESL teachers. Besides, who needs all day kindergarten or pre-K options? Mothers should stay home with their children. If they can't afford childcare, they should get another job so they can.

Republicans believe that refugees, children...

Thank you for your coverage of this important community effort.

The meeting on May 5 filled the Wilder Foundation large meeting space with residents of the community and community leaders. After the data was presented there was very energetic discussion around the many tables on the most important issues and what should be the next steps.

I look forward to hearing what the community wisdom on these issues is and seeing how well the Initiative is able to move forward, building...

Thank you for your story about this excellent program. The main reason this program succeeds is it's dedicated staff that is 90% African American males with an average of seven years of service in the program. And the program wouldn't have that kind of staff without great leadership given by Dr. Hill. I hope people will come and see this program in action that is changing the future for hundreds of students.

Posted on 10/22/10 at 02:52 pm in response to Introducing the MinnPost Intelligencer

Congratulations, Jeff! I'll keep my eyes and ears open.

Congratulations on a great article in the Post! But don't consultants get paid big bucks to hand out such advice? You just gave this out for free, for the whole nation of aspiring candidates, political operatives, election officials, and lawyers to see. Think of your sons' educations! Such generosity is magnanimous.

See you Thursday afternoon at the U of MN. Maybe if I read your book really carefully and listen even harder to your presentations I can move on to a new career as a vote...

I believe it was F.D.R. who told a group of labor leaders with whom he agreed they needed to go out and organize to make him do what they want him to do. Without teammates blocking in front of him Adrien Peterson will be tackled before he begins to run.

I think it was Jerry Brown during his first term as California governor that said to his followers, "I only have as much room to accomplish goals as the public gives me." Open a big hole in the defensive line and block out the...

Any chance space will be found near Mall of America for stadium for the Vikings by 2014? Couldn't Bloomington clear some space by using eminent domain, claiming the Vikings are a "public utility"? What will the Minneapolis City Mothers and Fathers think then?

Posted on 08/27/10 at 01:18 pm in response to Report highlights gap between graduation rates of black, white males

Thank you for reporting on this important study. Minnesotans need to know their demographics. Our future workforce is becoming much more racially and ethnically diverse. As one of the sidebar reports says next to your article, Minnesota must have a highly educated workforce by 2018 if we expect to compete in the global economy.
The schools, the communities around the schools, governments, families, and the students must all get on board to reverse this achievement gap. All Minnesota...

Posted on 08/27/10 at 02:44 pm in response to Four Minnesota community colleges rank in Washington Monthly's top 10

Great news! When will students see the financial and academic benefit of spending one or two years at community college before transferring to a four-year institution for their B.A. or B.S. degree?

Posted on 06/24/10 at 10:27 am in response to Arthur C. Brooks' strategic word choices on conservatism

Thank you for your report on the presentation by Albert Brooks, sponsored by the Center for the American Experiment. I had a conflict that kept me from attending.
I had a question I wanted to raise about these either/or, bifurcated choices. Does it really have to be a "battle"? What would happen if one or the other side won?
There is another option: polarity management. I believe "free enterprise" and "government" each have a role to play in America's ability to "flourish...