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Greg Kapphahn

Glenwood, MN
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Bravo for Minnesota poultry! In these challenging economic times, it's good to hear that someone in the state is getting good news (however temporary it might be).

Posted on 06/01/10 at 02:31 pm in response to Challenge to Minnesota ban on same-sex marriage: good law, bad politics

It's amazing how some of the conservatives among us, obviously lacking the ability to live an "examined life," i.e. lacking the ability to look in the mirror, insist on projecting the things they would see if they did examine their own hearts and minds and souls or looked into the proverbial mirror,...

projecting those things onto the rest of society, and attacking those with whom they disagree for being exactly what they themselves, are and being guilty of exactly what they,...

The only failure to "lead" in this session was Governor Pawlenty's failure to lead himself out of his own self-imposed exile in the wilderness of "no new taxes."

Since King Timmy insisted on maintaining his lonely position out there in that alternate reality, seeking after his own version of the Holy Grail (nomination by the national Republican Party as presidential candidate in 2012), and refused to turn aside from that goal even though his pursuit of it was destroying his own state...

Posted on 05/27/10 at 10:07 pm in response to Don't ask, don't tell: How do other countries treat gay soldiers?

Some of our commentators here, never site ANY source that's not a heavily conservative think tank or a publication designed to "sell" the conservative point of view (using pseudo science and bogus "facts" if not outright lies), then have the audacity to complain about "bias" in other sources with whom they disagree, without bothering to provide a factual basis for that disagreement.

Of course among my conservative friends and acquaintances the real issue with the repeal of DADT...

Dear Rep Seifert,

Considering where you call home, I'd suggest that if you were to give that same speech at your local precinct caucus or county convention, it's likely you'd get booed off the stage.

Perhaps you'll want to research why that is and what might be done to help bring your beloved Republican party back from the wilderness into which it has so stubbornly and willfully wandered.

Possible bumper sticker:

A complete duplication of the Republican "Honk if you love freedom" bumper sticker with the "freedom" crossed out and the word "Poverty" written above it.

Perhaps a tag line underneath: "The Republican Party - working hard to increase poverty since 1981"

I'm forced to assume that the statement, "Perhaps the party has simply abandoned the idea of appealing to moderates." to be along the lines of a rhetorical question.

Our right wing friends had ample warning in the study showing that people on the far right tend to assume that far more people agree with them than actually do.

They seem to believe that the average Minnesotan is breathlessly waiting for a new Republican Governor to bring us even more and even deeper King Timmy-...

Posted on 05/24/10 at 09:01 am in response to Rand Paul and the limits of the 'tea party' revolution

The fact that these "Tea Partiers" refuse to acknowledge that we have a functioning, representative democracy, and that the Civil Rights Act, itself, represents our society's evolution away from racism and its effects, reveals who it is that favors tyranny.

They don't agree with what government "of the people, by the people and for the people" has done, consequently, they want to take control of government in order to remake society and business both to suit their own, very...

Posted on 05/24/10 at 09:20 am in response to Is anyone protecting Minnesota's waters?

Ah, yes, the Republican King Timmy philosophy of government extends to all departments of the State of Minnesota to whom he has appointed commissioners and other leaders:

If there are short term profits to be made by your buddies (and kicked back to you later on through political contributions and/or cushy jobs where you get paid for not doing any work) and the disastrous effects of your actions won't be made clear until later (whether in pollution or budgets), go for the profits for...

Posted on 05/21/10 at 08:24 am in response to Kline headed to W.Va. for mine safety hearing

Rep. Kline is nothing if not predictable. It's too bad the opinions he will express will bear no resemblance to facts or reality.

Rep. Kline's previous pronouncement have clearly revealed the shifting color of the filters on the glasses he wears. When he looks at Blankenship and the mining companies that filtering color will be the most amazing shade of rose.

When he looks at the miners (even those who were killed) and any and all actions the government may have taken to...