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Greg Kerkvliet

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Posted on 01/30/15 at 12:07 pm in response to When Love comes to town

My position about Love once a trade became inevitable was that his contributions should be appreciated, but the way he forced his way out left a bad taste that was muffled a bit by not being like Dwight Howard and keeping his options open enough to lead to a decent return for the Wolves. The video was funny, satirical, and not at all malicious, and mostly riled up the section of the Wolves community who turn into stage moms when the subject of Love comes up. There are reasons to boo him (...

Like Kahn, Flip has a way of saying things that can be aggravating, just for different reasons (mostly vagueness and a seemingly tenuous grasp of proper English). Sometimes, it requires reading the information a second time. For the most part, Flip has always been somewhat of a politician in his media interviews, trying to get along with everyone and offering some info but usually not much that reveals his hand. And I think the fans who really get into it want to hear the in-depth details;...

Flip knows that's false, considering how far he got in Detroit with a team whose biggest stars were the Wallaces and had gotten to the finals twice before he was hired. And that was in the era before the LeBron-led Heat lost twice to teams with less high-end talent than them. Too often, Flip sounds like a guy who, rather than figuring out ways to overcome obstacles, complains about them existing. In that way, he's very Minnesotan.

Posted on 01/23/15 at 08:18 pm in response to Q&A: Flip Saunders on the T-Wolves season so far

It's good that he's willing to talk for 45 minutes, and he's obviously not going to give away strategy, but it makes me wonder a couple of things. First, is he trying to speak in layman's terms or does he truly disagree with a majority of the analytics? Second, is he more condescending or stubborn?

Since Rubio's injury, I've thought he is okay with losing because even if they don't end up in the top 5, they can manage some really rough patches, finish strong, and still have a top 10...

Posted on 01/21/15 at 10:39 pm in response to Should the T-Wolves tank the season?

He's been coaching to win when the opportunity presents itself, as last week's games showed, but giving undeserved minutes to LaVine and Bennett, along with the Brewer trade, show the shift in focus. For what it's worth, it seems like the lingering absences of Pekovic and Rubio were explained by Flip in the last few days, and I didn't expect Martin to return until right around now. I assume only Mo is getting moved; everyone else staying is fine with me, for their presence forces guys to...

Posted on 01/22/15 at 11:47 am in response to Should the T-Wolves tank the season?

So many adults can trip over themselves to make the same "I thought they already were tanking!" quip when Britt's question centers around what they do from here on out.

Posted on 01/16/15 at 01:31 pm in response to The indomitable Gorgui Dieng

It's difficult to measure a guy who turns 25 in two days, older than Rubio and 9 months younger than Hummel (who no one considers a young player with potential). On one hand, it's clear he's developed several interesting post moves and has figured out ways to clear space for open shots; also, while watching him warm up before games and at halftime last year, it was clear he could also develop into a 3 point threat the way guys like Ibaka and Bosh have. He's a good facilitator, more at the...

Posted on 01/19/15 at 11:15 am in response to The indomitable Gorgui Dieng

Dieng is a second-year guy who the team has for at least 3 seasons after this if it wants to, as well as the right to match any offer for him in restricted free agency. Brewer was going to opt out of his contract after this season and leave, with the team getting nothing in return, and asked to be traded to a contender. No one thought they'd get a guy for Brewer who'd be better than Brewer this season because the point was to get something for him while they still could and open up playing...

Posted on 01/14/15 at 04:21 pm in response to One Mo night

First of all, making free throws is just as much part of making shots as other field goals. Also, the Wolves had a higher effective field goal % than the Pacers. Winning the regular FG% battle 49% to 47% means little when the opponent hits 10/20 from 3 and you hit 5/18. You're placing a meaningless technicality that's true by letter of the law but false by every other objective and subjective assessment.

Posted on 01/14/15 at 04:47 pm in response to One Mo night

What they were referring to was that Duncan started taking discounts in 2012 as a 36-year-old with years in a first-class organization where he has won multiple titles. He had made over $200 million in his career when he started taking discounts. You can't compare him to KG, who was 21, in an organization that had made the playoffs once in 8 years and hadn't finished above .500 yet, had made $3.25 million total in his first 2 seasons, and was in a league with no max contracts and...