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Posted on 12/18/14 at 12:43 pm in response to The disappointment of Thaddeus Young

But I remember how Pat Riley threw away the 07-08 season that had several vets on it. It'd surprise me if Philly ends up with a lottery pick for Thad; the Heat probably won't allow that to happen. Anything outside of the lottery is within the bounds of the gamble they made, even if it doesn't pay off.

There were probably too high of expectations for Thad as a leader. 26 is still young no matter how many years of experience, and it doesn't help when most of the returning vets are...

His teams always used to be prepared for regular-season games, and while it seemed at times like he was playing checkers while the other coach was playing chess, the team could still take advantage by showing more focused effort than their opponent. On some nights, a team can shoot their way into a win or their opponent can shoot their way into a loss. After looking at each of the Blazers' 30-plus 3 point attempts, it was clear they were taking shots that worked in their plan of attack but...

The rules changes after the '03-'04 season season led most smart teams to place a premium on quick guards who could score at the rim and defend those same guards. Now, most teams have that and/or a free-flowing system where ball movement is prominent.

Here's who has started games at PG since game 1 of the '04-'05 season: Sam Cassell, Troy Hudson, Anthony Carter, Marko Jaric, Marcus Banks, Mike James, Randy Foye, Sebastian Telfair, Kevin Ollie, Bobby Brown, Jonny Flynn, Ramon Sessions...

It's more about organizational philosophies that (besides Adelman) have been unable to notice what makes the best offenses as good as they are. They could do similar things as the top 10 offenses with Rubio still playing a prominent role, and they've generally relied on him too much to get teammates a good look when a good secondary ballhandler and the right scheme would make his job easier and not torpedo the team's season.

Posted on 12/06/14 at 10:23 am in response to Shabazz Muhammad goes for the grind

That's the main reason I'm okay with the number of minutes he's been getting. With the concerns everyone had, they probably assumed they had less margin for error with his development.

I'm sure the coaches keep track of how often each guy is in the wrong spot on either end; it's just hard to differentiate because the offense has been so stagnant and the defense has been so passive that his positive traits jump out and his weaknesses seem emblematic of the whole team. There's a lot of...

Posted on 12/02/14 at 01:31 pm in response to How bad is the Wolves' defense? Historically bad.

Sunday night, I noticed this scene several times: opponent PG is picked up by both guys at the top of the zone, opponent PG gets past both with little resistance, guys at top of the zone fail to effectively contest wing 3. The zone only works when an opponent misses shots; it's not forcing turnovers or shutting down the paint.

Beyond that, these guys just don't seem to understand a) the opponent's sets or b) when and where to help. These are the fundamental aspects of a good NBA...

Posted on 12/04/14 at 12:40 pm in response to How bad is the Wolves' defense? Historically bad.

The main concern with Pek is being able to contest shots, but Dieng has such problems holding post position that contesting shots almost becomes irrelevant. In some cases, that can be the difference between being stonewalled into a 5-foot hook shot or getting backed under the rim and dunked on. Turiaf can do both, but he's also not healthy and wasn't effective offensively last season unless Rubio and/or Love were also on the floor.

As for the Clippers strategy, the only justification...

Posted on 11/25/14 at 12:47 pm in response to The passion of Andrew Wiggins

He basically said that Wiggins often shoots because he thinks he's supposed to shoot, instead of shooting to make the shot. He also mentioned how some shooters worry too much about how pretty a shot looks and not whether it goes in, mentioning that he helped Martell Webster before he went to Washington by forcing him to bank in 3s. I can see how both of these fit.

He also mentioned that some guys just shouldn't bulk up too much and that Wiggins might be one of those guys. I'm...

Posted on 11/21/14 at 11:56 am in response to Is the Wolves' playing style out of step with the modern NBA?

I'm actually more concerned about how poorly they're shooting close to the hoop; they're in the bottom half of the league in shooting % at every distance except 10-16 feet (the acceptable 2-point jumper, I'd argue) and 3 pt %. The psychological effect of running laps on 3 point attempts seems counterproductive, and when guys are taking deep 2s instead of shots from the elbow extended, it weakens the philosophy of getting a good look. And I don't know that this group of guys needs that lesson...

Anyone who has played sports, no matter what level, probably doesn't have an unlimited threshold for losing, no matter how it affects lottery position. It's good to see that the increased focus and effort paid off for them.

I worry that people will interpret Muhammad's success in what seems the wrong way. Most tweets I see about him jab Adelman for not playing him last season (and often Dieng). He's ready now, but he wasn't then; playing him instead of getting Mbah a Moute or Budinger...