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Henk Tobias

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Posted on 04/17/14 at 06:52 pm in response to New owner Glen Taylor: less liberal Star Tribune ahead

The Strib hasn't been a Liberal paper for quite some time, but it began its lurch to the right in earnest when D. J. Tice became the political editor in 2003.

As for Mr. Taylor, I wish him well, but taking the paper further to the right is not a good business model. Conservatives tend to lean more toward (for them) easily accessible media: AM Radio, reading comprehension requires a little more intellectual horse power than the average right winger can muster. I suspect that making...

I suspect that wasn't because we over invested in our infrastructure. So now we've got a few extra buck and the first thing we think about is tax cuts? Short sighted is putting it kindly.

Posted on 02/27/14 at 09:25 pm in response to Rep. Dave Camp's tax plan is smart, brave — and going nowhere

This is a clip that covers it pretty well:"Camp wants to cut the top marginal rate to 35%. If you tax capital gains at 35%, but exempt 40% (Camp's plan exempts 40% of capital gains (and investment dividends) from any taxation at all.") of them from any tax, your effective rate on all capital gains works out to (... wait for i t...) 21%. In other words, Camp is raising the standard cap gains rate by a single percentage point. But since he's also cutting the top rate on all income by nearly...

Posted on 01/18/14 at 08:26 am in response to Minnesota Munchkin passes away at 95

To air their views on the proposed Polymet mine in Northern MN. 500 of which were bussed in by the US Chamber of Commerce. All those in favor of this mine need to take a good hard look at what's happening with the W. Virginia chemical spill. 300,000 were left without water. 7500 gallons of toxic chemicals polluting their water supply is minor compared to the dangers that this mine presents. And now, before the dust has even settled, the company responsible for the spill has filed for...

....I spent most of my high school year searching out stimulants like dexedrine and benzedrine and hiding it from my parents, now parents/doctors are handing their modern equivalents like candy. We live in interesting times. viewed from the right, always have detrimental impact, but in the case of the Clinton tax increases you are saying yes they had a positive impact but quibble on how much. I guess that means we're making progress.

On another note, Scotty Walker cut the heck out of everything in WI. How do our two economies compare?

While Pawlenty was Governor didn't we?

..currently the vast majority of gun purchasers are men, gun industry shills, like Mills, are forever looking to expand their markets. That's why they push conceal carry laws, (Walmart, the largest gun seller in the country funds a lot of those campaigns) to promote sales. The billboards you see and the female "experts" that work there are there to tap into the female market. Plain and simple marketing.

..Mills serve in? What other jobs has he held? What are his accomplishments outside his families sphere of influence? What causes for the public good has he supported? Maybe I'm wrong about him, but that picture looks to me like a guy who never had to worry about one damn thing his entire life.

Posted on 10/01/13 at 10:37 pm in response to Is the wreck of the elite Minnesota Orchestra now complete?

and knowing what I know about the board I can say with 100% certainty, that Conservatives know the cost of everything and the value of nothing.