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Hiram Foster

Crystal, MN
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Posted on 01/22/15 at 08:15 am in response to Support schools, end LIFO policies

You know, I have spent a little bit of time in schools, both high and low performing. What struck me about the low performing schools I attended was how exciting they were, how there was a real commitment to the kids from what struck me as quite the idealistic set of administrators and teachers. In terms of advocacy, that school has quite the committed group of parents who quite frankly hit quite a bit above their weight class, to the irritation I can tell you of some of my better heeled...

The trick for Suburban Republicans isn't to take positions it's to avoid them. Transportation, by and large, is pretty safe. Potholes have lousy lobbyists. Social issues are minefields. Suburban Republicans simply don't represent their constituents on those issues. Taxes on a theoretical plane are things suburban republicans are willing to talk about, but not in the context of any meaningful cuts in spending. They get in trouble when your talk about specific cuts, and you can only cut money...

I would like to see some numbers here. A number of serious problems with Orchestra management were identified during the lockout and issues of trust were raised. Among other things we were told orchestra management lied to us about financing of Orchestra Hall. If that is the case, can we take their word for things now?

Posted on 01/12/15 at 06:01 am in response to Why Minnesota’s judicial selection system needs a fix

Professor Schultz seems to have forgotten to make a case here. Is the status quo a problem? Are we suffering from a plague of lousy judges here in Minnesota? I don't actually know myself, and the professors isn't particularly enlightening on this issue. He does inform us without much support that our bench suffers from a lack of diversity in all sorts of different ways. That maybe is true but so does the pool of lawyers from which we choose judges. Their perspective tends to be from the law...

Posted on 01/14/15 at 12:06 pm in response to Why Minnesota’s judicial selection system needs a fix

I am a very political person with some legal background. In talking with a lot of people in a political context, I don't hear a lot of complaints about judges in Minnesota. Judicial selection is more of an issue with Republicans, but I think that reflects more of a concern with what happens in the federal system and at the Supreme Court. That's very remote from what happens on a day to day basis at the state court trial level.

Are there a lot of specific complaints out there? Horror...

Posted on 01/15/15 at 07:50 am in response to Why Minnesota’s judicial selection system needs a fix

One of the things I like to say is before engaging in an extensive and time consuming search for a solution, at least some consideration should be given to determining what the problem is.Is there a problem with our judicial selection system, and if so what is it? Professor Schultz identifies two problems. First, that our existing system, in effect, is conflict with the spirit of constitution provisions for the election of judges. His second problem is that he doesn't like the election of...

Broadly speaking, in South Carolina the Democratic Party is largely the black party, and the Republican Party is largely the white party. This holds true even when it's candidates are of a race that differs from the orientation of their party.

"Approximately 90% of prison inmates are male while they represent only about 50% of population – how come I do not see headlines that the system is skewed against men?"

Isn't that a question for headline writers?

This election result shows that racism (even the hidden one) does not play any role in how people vote.

Well, no, it doesn't really. It shows that whites are willing to vote for a black candidate. That certainly doesn't contradict the possibility that they are racists. As it happens, the candidate they chose rejected many of the political positions historically held in the black community. Maybe they voted for Senator Scott, because they were rejecting those black political positions...

how come you are not concerned?
I don't get paid to write headlines. The reasons why men and and particularly black men go to prison at the high rates they do has a lot to do with race, and maybe headline writers should give more attention to those issues than they do.

"If you state that white voters’ voting for a black candidate doesn’t disprove their racism, what will, in your mind?"

Negative attitude towards race, I suppose, some of which have to do with...