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Hiram Foster

Crystal, MN
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Posted on 10/24/14 at 08:35 am in response to Why the DFL will lose the Minnesota House

In dealing with the legislature, even a legislature controlled by the governor's own party, the governor's power comes from the leverage the threat to veto gives him. The governor, powerful though he may be, must always work within the scope of what the legislature chooses to do. He cannot sign bills which, for whatever reason, don't reach his desk. Now it is possible, in theory at least, for the governor to have a great deal of influence over legislators or the legislative majority. The...

Posted on 10/13/14 at 03:21 pm in response to A geek's guide to political polling

I am known in my little circle at least as a poll skeptic. My most fundamental problem with most polls is that they can't be checked against anything, and therefore, it can't be determined whether they are accurate. How do you know a July poll is accurate when there won't be an election until November? The professor makes an issue of "confidence level" but the fact is, a bad result or an unknowable result isn't made better because you have confidence in it. How do we even know what the...

Posted on 10/14/14 at 05:39 am in response to A geek's guide to political polling

Given that the polls were inaccurate in 2010, why are we paying attention to them in 2014? No matter how much self interested confidence the pollsters had in them?

Posted on 10/14/14 at 10:46 am in response to Our odd primary system — and its odd results

The founding fathers, I have been told, had a distaste for parties. The result was a constitution that while it didn't rule out the existence of parties, did make it more difficult for them to operate effectively.

'An observer from another democracy would likely find it strange that a politician holding such a high-ranking position of the majority party in the House and a likely future speaker could be removed from politics by so few people of no special public or party rank."


Posted on 10/08/14 at 10:33 am in response to One intriguing argument why potential voters aren’t going to the polls

I do a lot of doorknocking and when people tell me they aren't voting, that's usually the end of the discussion. I literally don't have time to waste on people who are throwing away their right to vote. And for the most part, people don't tell me whether they plan to vote. But I would suggest that if you want to know why people don't vote it might make sense to go door to door and ask them.

Posted on 10/08/14 at 01:32 pm in response to One intriguing argument why potential voters aren’t going to the polls

I have read that one of the reason the senate was created was to provide a place in which the passions of the electorate would be cooled. That sort of prompts me, at least, what sense does it make for me to participate in a political system deliberately designed to thwart the will of voters?

Posted on 10/03/14 at 06:16 am in response to With 4.5% average increase, MNsure rates to remain lowest in nation

I am all for that Single Payer who is going to pay my health insurance.

The same entity who is paying for it now.

Maybe the reason is that in a consensus based system such as ours, there is very little reason to vote. Your vote just doesn't make a difference.

Posted on 10/02/14 at 03:22 pm in response to Why do so few citizens participate in our democracy?

It's as simple as this. If the candidates I vote for win their elections, will the policies they favor be implemented? If not, what's the point of voting?

Posted on 09/29/14 at 10:23 am in response to After another awful season, expect Twins to make big changes

I have always thought that stadium deals should include performance incentives of some sort. If, for example, the Twins fail to reach a certain winning percentage, they should have been required to cut ticket prices the following year.