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Hiram Foster

Crystal, MN
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Posted on 07/25/14 at 10:35 am in response to Are mega events in the Twin Cities worth it?

I do believe the Indianapolis Super Bowl study claimed to take into account the three factors mentioned by Mr. Johnson. For myself, I don't really doubt that bringing events to the Twin Cities, whether they are high visibility like Super Bowls or low visibility events like Shriners conventions maybe are good for local businesses. The real problem is the one Mr. Johnson goes on to address, the fact that high visibility events like Super Bowls are also high cost events. As with any business...

Posted on 07/25/14 at 01:04 pm in response to Are mega events in the Twin Cities worth it?

It certainly makes sense that those who benefit directly from having these events here should bear the cost. Millions of Minnesotans will not be attending the Super Bowl in 2018. Millions of Minnesotans will not benefit in any tangible or intangible way from the game being held here. Those folks shouldn't have to pay for it. But that goes to the specifics of how the deal is made, and what we need to do is make sure those who make the deal don't make promises that others have to pay to keep....

Posted on 07/26/14 at 08:59 am in response to Are mega events in the Twin Cities worth it?

Promotional opportunities are one thing we got in exchange for the 477 million dollars we invested in the Vikings. For a week or so, there will be attention focused on Minneapolis from the sports media four years from now. Lots of local logos will be visible. Sanford's name will probably appear on a visible nearby building. Of course, we will be promoting Minnesota in the depths of winter, something of a mixed blessing, I suppose.

There was some promotion of Minnesota during the All...

Posted on 07/27/14 at 09:49 am in response to Are mega events in the Twin Cities worth it?

It never seems to occur to us to apply the arguments we make about large scale deals to small scale promotions, despite the fact that they are just as applicable. We have campaigns that encourage tourism in Minnesota. We make efforts to attract new businesses to our communities. Lately, I have been involved with some suburban city council races. It's pretty much a given across the board that our town should open ourselves up for development. It's just the exact nature of that development...

Posted on 07/28/14 at 06:22 am in response to Are mega events in the Twin Cities worth it?

think we'd realize an extremely high value in such a development - and that value would be spread throughout the populace - which would pay and pay and pay not just for years, but for decades. It would be unique in America, I believe.

The problem is that such a development would be hugely expensive, and in strictly economic terms, it would be hard to see any that there would be any positive return.

I don't think we will make money from the Vikings Stadium. It's just too...

Posted on 07/28/14 at 09:35 am in response to Are mega events in the Twin Cities worth it?

It's always a question one can ask, but rarely one that is answered usefully. There is always a better investment out there, a better expenditure of funds. ThereT is just about always a worse investment of funds too. Comparison shopping is fine, but at some point you have to make a decision to buy or not to buy.

I couldn't disagree more that the resources are the government's to spend. The government has no resources at all. It's our money that's being spent, and the government is...

Posted on 07/30/14 at 06:39 am in response to Are mega events in the Twin Cities worth it?

"Hiram tries to pretend that stadium deals are community choices rather than deals amongst and between the economic and political elite."

We choose the way we choose. The fact is, I think just one elected official across the country has lost reelection because of a pro stadium vote. Polls that say we don't like stadiums, are really indications that we don't like to pay for stadiums. We seem to like the buildings and the teams that play in them, just fine. In any event, the deal is...

Posted on 07/30/14 at 06:42 am in response to Are mega events in the Twin Cities worth it?

I'll tell you exactly where the economic benefit from me will go for the Super Bowl.

It's been noted elsewhere that only totalitarian governments will be able to big ticket events in the future. I think that may apply to Super Bowls as well. I think that there is a substantial possibility that the next Super bowl to be awarded will be given to Russia.

Posted on 07/24/14 at 11:57 am in response to Examining McFadden’s charge that Franken uses scare tactics

Nothing wrong with using scare tactics if we are right to be scared. I remember how folks like me were accused of using scare tactics when we criticized the far right judicial nominations during the Bush Administration. Turns out, we should have been far more scared than we were at the time.

Posted on 07/23/14 at 09:31 am in response to Mike McFadden open to raising the age for Medicare benefits

Good thing he didn't run his football team that way.