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Hiram Foster

Crystal, MN
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Posted on 06/09/14 at 09:50 am in response to Minnesota's GOP Senate caucus already targeting 2016 races

"Senate Republicans are targeting a dozen districts, many in the Twin Cities suburbs, which they consider winnable in 2016."

Which districts are they?

The Timberwolves are a badly managed team for a very specific reason. They are owned by someone who does not know how to run a basketball team. This has to be enormously frustrating to the fans, because while it's always possible to release a player and fire a coach, there simply is no way to get rid of a poorly performing owner.

The problem with the NBA is that failure on court isn't financially ruinous for the owners. I am a big fan of soccer and one of the cool things about the...

The point of the Timber Wolves isn't to win games. It's to provide the opposition in games won by others. When I was growing up, TV showed professional wrestling every Saturday afternoon. The top wrestlers, The Crusher, Mad Dog Vauchon, Vern Gagne, would be paired against "opponents" who I think of as the ever popular Kenny Jay. Kenny's role was to lose in matches that were really promotions for the for the arena events where people bought tickets to see the real wrestlers wrestle each other...

This is what opponents do. They hire a coach because there is a chair at the end of the bench that needs to be filled. They aren't drifting, they are postponing the drift until next year.

The Timber wolves have an ownership problem. Glen Taylor, for whatever reason, is no longer capable of running an NBA franchise. The T Wolves now are just a collection of individuals who spend time on a basketball court because the LeBron James' of the world don't want to play alone. I don't know...

If Glen Taylor can't run a basketball team properly, what can we expect from his ownership of the Star Tribune?

The Star Tribune wins Pulitzers. How many championships have the T Wolves won? For that matter, how many times have they even appeared in the playoffs, in a league where everyone makes the playoffs?

Well, as they say, no one ever packs heat at

When that happens to you, would you rather have a phone or a gun?

It's the posing of questions like that that makes me a customer of I do understand the condiment aisles of America super stores do need defending, but why not shop instead at home?

Posted on 06/04/14 at 10:24 am in response to New GOP finance chair Pete Hegseth comes out swinging on VA management

A curious thing is the way the Republican mind equates firing people with accountability. Whatever the merits of the action, once you fire someone, he or she is no longer accountable. From what I gather, part of the problem with the VA is the failing of existing accountability procedures, not that they weren't there.

Posted on 06/04/14 at 02:53 pm in response to New GOP finance chair Pete Hegseth comes out swinging on VA management

"The DOD healthcare system is also a single payer system but I haven't heard the GOP complain about it."

This is a problem when your policy positions are dictated by partisanship rather than things like common sense. The GOP position which was largely adapted in Obamacare serves many different political, financial and economic interests. If we started fresh, no on would dream of creating the health care system today, which is the result of arcane economic and historical forces as...