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Posted on 06/27/14 at 07:46 am in response to Finally, Mike McFadden offers details on his health-care views

It's important to understand that Obamacare is a response to America's health care problems, it didn't create them. We did that when we decided to have fewer children and not die at a young age. We still have a chance to at least partially reverse those decisions and lessen the need for Obamacare in case anyone is up for it.

Posted on 06/27/14 at 12:26 pm in response to Finally, Mike McFadden offers details on his health-care views

I do kind of wonder what's up with McFadden. He exhibits a sort of intellectual listlessness. He repeats the usual buzz words and catch phrases but he doesn't seem to have thought about them in any serious way. His passion seems to be for education, but the creation of education policy isn't a very big part of a senator's job. He would seem better suited, based on his interests, to a run for the school board.

Transparency doesn't control costs as such. What a lot of these market type...

Posted on 06/27/14 at 03:36 pm in response to Finally, Mike McFadden offers details on his health-care views

When I talk about "efficient" markets, I am being very literal minded. Efficient markets are ones that buyers and sellers meet easily and cheaply, and where there is transparency in pricing. They can exist in the real world or in cyberspace, just as stocks are traded both at the physical NYSE, or in the cyber world of the NASDAQ.

The MnSure market is efficient in that pricing is transparent. The Republican idea is that the existence of markets drive down prices because of competition...

I get a kick out of these religious people who, the moment they get in trouble, argue that the Bible is just a "symbol". How little it takes for them to sell out their faith.

"In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God."

And it's not just the Bible. When prayer is at issue, they are so quick to argue that it's a meaningless public ritual which unifies. When did it become ok with the faithful to say their faith wasn't deep and profoundly controversial?

I thought I would provide some possible answers to questions asked.

"If said deficits were SO TERRIBLE, then why didn’t you tell legislators about them when you begged taxpayers for $14 million for a lobby renovation?"

Presumably because he wanted the legislature to allocate money to the building program.

Would you trust any numbers Doug Kelley gave you?

Generally, no.

Why [not]?

Because they were provided in the context of a negotiation and...

Posted on 06/20/14 at 09:38 am in response to Have voters hit the mute button on Obama?

One of the ironies of Barack Obama is that while he is extraordinarily eloquent, he isn't terribly effective at messaging. It's as if he were James Joyce, when what he needs to be is Don Draper. The obvious contrast is with Bill Clinton. Has that man ever said anything eloquent, anything that soared at any time in his life? But his talent, his gift really, is the ability to break down complicated concepts into simple phrases and ideas, that people can understand and at times, even relate to...

Posted on 06/21/14 at 08:16 am in response to Have voters hit the mute button on Obama?

It's an ancient distinction; Obama is a man of intellect a man of the mind and of reason. Clinton is a man of the heart and other body organs. To allude to Dylan, Obama knows what people need, Clinton knows what people want.

Posted on 06/17/14 at 08:21 am in response to Rain and havoc to continue

I really have no idea what the point of Ember's piece was except as an opportunity to deliver "I told you so." from somebody who has been politically irrelevant for a long time.

Posted on 06/16/14 at 08:40 am in response to Medtronic buys Irish company, gets much lower tax bill

It's probably pretty bad policy to base corporate tax liability on where the CEO claims to live or get his mail. When tax reformers sift through the internal revenue code for really stupid ideas, they should probably take a look at that one.