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Howard Miller

Edina, MN
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When I moved to Minnesota in the 1980's, Mr. Davidov was a regular visible fixture in progressive political advocacy. I dodn't know him personally, but it seemed he was one of those guys who was a lunch pail advocate, showing up for work every day while knowing that it was to be a long struggle. And he did. What ever you think of his policy preferences, he represented himself and his views with dignity and class to my understanding. That's to be admired. RIP.

Posted on 12/31/11 at 01:22 pm in response to Bachmann campaign says Vander Plaats did not ask her to drop out

"Michele Bachmann is a biblically qualified, capable, no-compromise leader who is the only truly consistent conservative in the race" the article notes.

Which is odd. Pretty sure that the US Constitution forbids any religious test for public office, so being "biblically qualified" is irrelevant at best, though no one binds a voter's heart in a secret ballot. And as a practical matter, our religious freedom is what allows so many faiths to flourish within the US, so these...

Posted on 12/24/11 at 02:11 pm in response to How much could a Vikings stadium cut Minneapolis property taxes?

I trust the reporting, but I don't believe the numbers that political and Viking leaders are dishing up to the public through reporters. I don't believe for a second that putting the Vikings in Minneapolis in a brand new stadium will some how fatten the public purse. If there was such a fine rate of return building stadiums for pro sports teams, the private sector types wouldn't offer the public the "opportunity" to kick in more money. If football team owners had to pay for their own...

Posted on 11/15/11 at 04:21 pm in response to Will Vikings be a washout for the next two months?

Our db's are too slow and too short to cover most of the fine receivers in the NFL. I don't know how they get taller or faster in the near term.

It would be fun if they'd look back for the ball once in a while, see if they can interfere or intercept it. They're just not very good when they just watch it fall into the receiver's hands from behind the play

Posted on 11/10/11 at 06:06 pm in response to GOP debate: Did we witness Perry's Dean Scream moment?

It wasn't the unionized part of Detroit's old big three automakers who designed inferior cars relative to their competitors, causing the industry to lose so much market share. It wasn't union bosses insisting that parts cost mattered more than parts quality. GM was managed into the ground, with the union as enablers, but not the leading problem. Unions vary, some good some bad, just like management.

Posted on 11/09/11 at 04:44 pm in response to Bachmann says Obama should apologize to Netanyahu

Could have sworn that Republicans like Michele Bachmann were hugely critical of President Obama early in his presidency, accusing him of going on an "apology" tour, when he traveled abroad to repair US relations with former friends and allies that were bruised or broken during the Bush/Cheney mistake.

Yet, here is a Republican who thinks the president should double-down on apologies because the president noted - in remarks not offered for public reporting - how difficult the...

Posted on 09/27/11 at 12:33 pm in response to A question for constitutional conservatives

feel like a minnow trying to swim in a lake full of walleye and bass, trying to post in this topic. but here goes ...

I have always wondered why people have been dismissive of the 9th Amendment on the enumerated powers question. It reads, "The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people."

We, the people, decided that we have rights to social security, federal emergency disaster relief, etc...

Posted on 08/31/11 at 03:45 pm in response to Vin Weber: Flawed Iowa strategy doomed Pawlenty campaign

Vin Weber's a smart guy, but i speculate that Mr. Pawlenty's problem was really quite simple.

Any time there is someone else in the room, Tim's the less interesting person.

Posted on 07/27/11 at 10:35 am in response to Public favors compromise, Repubs less so, Tea Partiers still less so

Our most pressing short term problem is that the debt ceiling needs to be raised. After that, we need to double-down on efforts to create more living wage jobs. If we get a jobs recovery, housing will stabilize and the federal deficit problem will be a lot more manageable. Fixing the federal deficit is a third priority, not our first.

If, on the other hand, we don't get some job growth, housing can't stabilize, and we'll find ourselves in recession again, as Republican-required...

Posted on 07/05/11 at 05:03 pm in response to Tough political slog predicted for state 'wisemen's council'

GOP Chairman Tony Sutton: “[Mark Dayton] is a dilettante lecturing businesspeople in this state on how to live their lives and run their businesses. As a small business owner, I know what it is like to sweat out making a payroll. Sometimes you even hold your own check to ensure that people get paid because they depend on it. He has never had to experience these things.”

Apparently Mr. Sutton cares not at all about the 23,000 people who have no check because the "bosses" - legislature...