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Posted on 08/12/14 at 09:16 am in response to Less than a year of jail time for man who raped two girls

1. "Tell the truth ..."

2. "I heard someone accused the Hubbards of being behind that decision. We had nothing to do with it,"

Sometimes, the jokes just write themselves.

I guess I'd declare the declaration of "kicking butt" as accurate. I guess you can declare it a "half-truth" if anything short of a shut-out is your standard. I'd classify the newspaper's verdict of "half-truth" as an untruth.

Posted on 08/07/14 at 08:05 am in response to Minneapolis Park Board dumps 'The Yard'

OK, based on voting patterns, lets assume 50% of your potential customer base is offended by your tactics. Now let's assume some portion of the Sam's Club GOP also sides with the wait staff. I just hope the 1% eats out a lot or this could be a really stupisdecision on the part of the Oasis owners. Of course, that couldn't be because small business owners are a half rung higher than God to the GOP.

Someone actually thinks Ziggy's going to think twice about a slight case of indigection vs. a $600 million dollar gift. Yeah, I'm sure he's really bothered.

....the Question is whether you would follow or violate existing law.

Posted on 08/05/14 at 12:25 pm in response to Vikings Stadium: It’s a question of priorities

So Arne, what social problems must be completely solved before we can build a stadium, or install a bike trail, or subsidize a concert hall? I get sooo tired of this false set of choices...that we have to choose between a stadium or homelessness. It's actually possible we could do both.

I understand the Bachmann-Kahn comparison and I find them both "wacky".

Of course, I also get a kick out an old white conservative lecturing the Left on diversity, but I digress.

Posted on 08/04/14 at 02:53 pm in response to Fixing Vikings stadium's bird-killing glass would be 'relatively cheap'

I guess I'm not going to take the opinions of the Audubon Society, an advocacy group. I've seen some of the numbers they've thrown around and,frankly, they're just not believable. There are tons of glass buildings downtown and it's not exactly strewn with bird carcasses. I need to know there really is a problem before I get hopped up to fix it.

Posted on 07/31/14 at 08:06 am in response to Suspect in cop killing in custody after shootout with police

....simply don't collect $$ from the widow. You have the verdict and the deletion from the book to support your position. That should prove whether Jesse was in it for the Truth or a new bank account.

Posted on 07/31/14 at 08:39 am in response to David Cobb on how corporations are stealing our self-governing rights

Dennis, I couldn't disagree more. Corporations are "reflections of persons"? Nonsense. If that's true, what's Exxon's view on gay marriage? What's Walmarts view on defense spending? Heck, what's Best Buy's favorite color?

And you seriously believe corporations are scared to pour money into controversy? I can give you a hundred examples off the top of my head, but let me give you just a couple of examples. Ever heard of a corporation called Hobby Lobby? Or, better yet, how about...