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Jackson Cage

Chanhassen, MN
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Posted on 07/23/14 at 06:32 am in response to Bachmann considering 2016 presidential run

Even Denny Hecker has his limits!!

Posted on 07/22/14 at 10:04 am in response to Is the Tea Party changing its tune on Mike McFadden?

....unless it's convenient not to.

Posted on 07/23/14 at 03:20 pm in response to Is the Tea Party changing its tune on Mike McFadden?

is whether it will take Google over or under 5 seconds to disprove his assertion. In this case it was easily "under".

Go to the Tea Party in Wikipedia (their citations hold up). Virtually every story on the etymology of the Party refers to the 2008 meltdown.

That's what ya gotta love about Swifty, the facts never get in the way of his ideology.

Using phrases like "burned up credibility", "not taken seriously" and "public evisceration", then going on to cite Forbes. Did Forbes comment on Krugman before or after their hard-hitting piece on the "10 Best Places in America To Buy Ice Cream"?

Posted on 07/17/14 at 08:39 am in response to Why you haven't seen more political ads on TV this summer buying Fox News time, isn't Honour purchasing ad time advertising to people he already has in his pocket?

Posted on 07/17/14 at 08:32 am in response to Dismissing the cost of doing business in Minnesota will be at our peril

so we didn't waste a tree on this nonsense. As Rolf noted, there are zero specifics, which tells me there's really not a "problem", just the same whining that's gone on for years. Maybe Ms. Kadoun can answer this question....if employers value "a strong work force" and "educational attainment", does she realize that's paid for by taxes, not a magic wand?

Posted on 07/17/14 at 07:05 am in response to Minnesota resorting to 'nickel and dime' gimmicks to fund road work

then get back to me.

Posted on 07/16/14 at 10:34 am in response to Hearing reveals flaws in Minnesota's treatment of certain sex offenders

should reside and receive treatment in the homes of the court appointed experts and their families. Then we'll see how "outrageous" this is.

Posted on 07/14/14 at 08:08 am in response to Walk away, Scruff Face: An open letter to Jesse Ventura

First, you write at length about how much the SEALS mean to Jesse. If that's accurate, then how can he walk away from a claim that he wishes them dead? Sorry, there are some things worth standing up for. And it would be just as easy for Mrs. Kyle to acknowledge that fact. While his death was tragic for his wife, it doesn't change the fact that her husband was also a blowhard and maybe a liar.

Look, I thought Jesse completely blew his opportunity as Guv and I think he's been a...

Posted on 07/14/14 at 08:46 am in response to Whatever happened to the gay-marriage backlash?

I'm more worried that corporations will be given the right to marry. What a perfect way to avoid the usual anti-trust kerfuffle.