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Jackson Cage

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Posted on 05/22/14 at 11:52 am in response to Public tab for Minnesota's Super Bowl will be kept secret

"those of us not interested in a Super Bowl shouldn't have to be paying part of the price" is the Standard, I'm not interested in nothin'. I'm gonna notify HR to discontinue my withholding.

"Their programs are intellectually rigorous'. And, with 5 carelessly written words, Eric Black squanders years of building credibility through his writing. Well, at least America loves giving people a chance to start over.

Posted on 05/15/14 at 08:00 am in response to A hundred lawyers, 140 lawsuits: Let the Target data-breach case begin

...this story wouldn't be a "story" but for Nelson's local athlete/celebrity status. So I'm not put upon by the larger picture. Now equating him as another victim is an entirely different story.

1.My guess is Target DID have a direct conversation with the guy. And when they were done, Target took those comments to the Committee, who then decided to wait to see how other companies responded to the same issue.

2. I support the logic of the Janesville Scool system. Just because something's a law doesn't mean you shouldn't present both sides. For instance, in Driver's Ed they can discuss the pros of driving drunk, not just the cons.

..they could have told people simply not to buy tickets. I'd rather not have the Arts limited by hurt feelings.

Posted on 05/12/14 at 09:10 am in response to Missed opportunity on bipartisan insurance-fraud legislation?

Does passage of your bill then mandate each insurer cut a check to every insured for $1,400? Because that's the only way the families you're so concerned about are going to see that money. Only a mouthpiece for the insurance industry would just blindly assume the companies would pass-through all those savings. And I'm absolutely sure you're not a mouth piece for the insurance industry.....right?

Posted on 05/08/14 at 07:05 am in response to Forest Lake man arrested in Bosnian war crimes case

Those 2 guys may be the only ones who even care about the Twins.

Posted on 05/07/14 at 02:30 pm in response to You bought the stadium, corporations will pay Super Bowl bid

I could have sworn Lambert trademarked that a few years ago.

Posted on 05/05/14 at 02:41 pm in response to Coach Reeve challenges media to include Lynx among 'big' local teams

They are the "Big 4" because they represent the best athletes in the world in a particular sport. All the other teams are "best" with an asterisk. Lynx? Best females. Gophers? Best collegiate. If you're the best of a limited sub-set, the interest you generate is going to be limited as well.

Posted on 04/30/14 at 07:42 am in response to Burglar-killer Byron Smith 'guilty' verdict: the reaction

The product is the NBA, not one of it's franchises. You think it's OK for one racist part-owner of the NBA to destroy the value for the other part-owners? So if I own a McDonalds in St. Paul and another McDonalds owner in MInneapolis goes on a racist-infused marketing campaign of his own....oh well, "that's just what he thinks"? I'm continually amazed by people who just don't get the concept of free speech.