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Posted on 06/04/14 at 09:49 am in response to What is Matt Entenza thinking? also ain't an employment act for people who can't find real work. Explain to me exactly what gay marriage, Voter ID and PolyMet have to do with the Auditor's job? Or, for that matter, any of the progressive "issues" Entenza's mentioned. Clearly, he has no concept of what the Auditor's job entails. I prefer that my candidates actually have an understanding of the job and the ability to perform it. I don't prefer someone who got bored playing with their wife's money and now need some...

Posted on 06/03/14 at 07:48 am in response to And now ... a bid for the Final Four

Because people and jobs will continue to flock to Alabama and Mississippi. Given the likely future rates of COPD and respiratory illnesses, I'd expect the "skyrocket" will actually be some combination of short walks + rest, or an "exodus of Lil' Rascals".

Posted on 06/03/14 at 07:40 am in response to McFadden wins Minnesota GOP U.S. Senate endorsement on 10th ballot

Coming from an M&A guy? Priceless. The Dems should have an ad field day with that quote.

It prevents annoying gadflies like Knoblach from acting like self-appointed Kings.

Posted on 05/22/14 at 12:07 pm in response to Interpreting the hidden messages in Franken’s new TV ad

...why several sources confirm a shortage of skilled/trained manufacturing workers in this State? That would tend to show MnSCU is not adequately meeting needs. To claim otherwise seems rather partisan. Plus, when someone with "insider knowledge" badly mangles the spelling of the very institution that is supposedly the source of these good works, it makes me a skeptic.

Posted on 05/22/14 at 11:52 am in response to Public tab for Minnesota's Super Bowl will be kept secret

"those of us not interested in a Super Bowl shouldn't have to be paying part of the price" is the Standard, I'm not interested in nothin'. I'm gonna notify HR to discontinue my withholding.

"Their programs are intellectually rigorous'. And, with 5 carelessly written words, Eric Black squanders years of building credibility through his writing. Well, at least America loves giving people a chance to start over.

Posted on 05/15/14 at 08:00 am in response to A hundred lawyers, 140 lawsuits: Let the Target data-breach case begin

...this story wouldn't be a "story" but for Nelson's local athlete/celebrity status. So I'm not put upon by the larger picture. Now equating him as another victim is an entirely different story.

1.My guess is Target DID have a direct conversation with the guy. And when they were done, Target took those comments to the Committee, who then decided to wait to see how other companies responded to the same issue.

2. I support the logic of the Janesville Scool system. Just because something's a law doesn't mean you shouldn't present both sides. For instance, in Driver's Ed they can discuss the pros of driving drunk, not just the cons.

..they could have told people simply not to buy tickets. I'd rather not have the Arts limited by hurt feelings.