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when you decide to deal.

“It’s just pitiful, it’s disgusting,” Butler says. “They pretty much put kids in a spot until they have no choice but to snitch.”

"Really, college is a great time to try cannabis. Ideally college is an opportunity to widen your world and explore the big picture. The rest of life one must be concerened with mortgage payments, bosses, and long commutes. But college is a time to get stoned and debate philosophy, religion, and politics with your fellow classmates. College is a time to question assumptions, challenge authority, develop theories, and explore ideas.

For whatever reason, smoking marijauna can be a key...

is a journal of questionable repute among many.

why it is that a faith-based group receives state funding. Clearl, this program has a Christian focus deeply embedded in what appears to be its 12 step approach.

Posted on 09/11/14 at 01:23 pm in response to Why workers are coming together

I believe unions have done much for our society and have a place going forward, even though I may not agree with some specific goals and arguments put forth in support of those goals.

I questioned the broad assertion, above, that "employee compensation is at the lowest level in 65 years." Clicking through to NYT piece on which it is based, I found that the claim relates to employee compensation as a percentage of the economy:

"The Commerce Department also said total wages and...

Posted on 09/10/14 at 03:52 pm in response to St. Paul Police release two surveillance videos of skyway incident

appears to me to have ignored two other people seated in the same area while he was interacting with Lollie. As best I can tell, one was a woman, one was a white man in business attire. All three were in a public space.

When combined with Lollie's own video, the three clips make a pretty damning case for the city and FNB.

Now all we need is the recording of the security person's call to the police.

"By that, we live in a world where we generally expect people to tell the truth and we conform actions, make judgments, and act as if others were truthful."

Posted on 09/09/14 at 10:44 am in response to Transit planning ‘debacles’ and the subway option

but when and how various areas will be served.

We have limited funds for mass transit. Granted, that funding could be increased if there were the political will to do so. Absent that, every decision must be made in light of the avialable funds and the political realities. Suburban counties won't participate if there is no direct and immediate benefit to them. The core counties (Hennepin and Ramsay) can't afford to go it alone. So, rather than making the best long term decisions...

"In any event, the big picture here is clear. Households earning more than $200,000 a year account for less than 10% of the returns, but get 30% of all the benefits. And households earning more than $100,000 a year get 69% of all the benefit. The mortgage-interest deduction might be a middle-class tax break, but realistically it’s an upper-middle-class tax break."



I suspect you're referring to monthly savings. Correct?