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James Hamilton

St. Paul, MN
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Seems to me that any man, woman or child who's left home and risked life and limb to enter this country illegally has shown far more initiative than most "intelligent, skilled people" favored by our immigration laws.

Your comments reflect an (unwitting?) preference for the privileged of other nations and for our continued harvesting of the best and brightest of those nations, often those needed in their home countries to bring the change needed to lessen the demands on our own...

Posted on 07/09/14 at 10:08 am in response to Hillary Clinton to sign books in St. Paul; François Rabbath in concert

"A legally required area for protesters will be set up across the street."

What if I come not to scorn Hilary but to praise her, do I get to stand at the doorway?

Held: The Massachusetts Act violates the First Amendment. Pp. 8–30.
(a) By its very terms, the Act restricts access to “public way[s]” and “sidewalk[s],” places that have traditionally been open for speech ac­tivities and that the Court has accordingly labeled “traditional public fora,” Pleasant Grove City v....

Posted on 07/07/14 at 11:21 am in response to Twin Cities are short 460 bus shelters

but Jesse's proof of malice rests in convincing the jury the event in question never happened. Once they've found that, they have to conclude that Kyle knew this when he wrote it had.

Posted on 07/07/14 at 11:12 am in response to How does the Supreme Court nullify thee? Let us count the ways

are frightening things to behold. Ms. Ahlin's piece ignores the legal reasoning of both sides in Hobby Lobby in order to score cheap points in a poltical debate.

I have practiced law in Minnesota for almost 30 years. My experience includes one hard fought contest over municipal zoning and its application to churches, a fight my client won at the district court level. The SCOTUS decision in Oregon v. Smith was central to that case. The plaintiff's claims were revived by the 8th...

Posted on 07/02/14 at 09:37 am in response to Minnesotans need to think differently about saving for retirement

1. Does this proposal anticipate the use of pre-tax or after-tax dollars?

2. Does it anticipate tax-free growth?

3. Why defined benefit?

4. How will it avoid the problems encountered by so many other defined benefit programs?

5. Can't the same thing be accomplished using an existing program (e.g., IRA)?

6. How do you intend to increase worker participation when so many fail to make us of existing options?

Posted on 07/01/14 at 12:28 pm in response to Post-Hobby Lobby, how will affected women get contraception coverage?

when I have to agree with Mr. Swift.

The decision permits employers who claim religious reasons for declining to provide birth control the right not to pay for that coverage. The employer may be an individual, a partnership,a closely-held corporation, or possibly a limited partnership or other closely-held business entity. Whether it can be extended to publicly traded corporations remains to be seen.

The majority rationale opens the door to many of the scenarios described...

you are the first person I've encountered today who has actually read the opinion. (I have as well.)

The court may not render an advisory opinion. It may only decide the issues squarely before it and contested by the parties or necessary to resolve a contested issue. Thus, while the court may point to existing alternative approaches, it cannot wander off into exploring whether those alternatives are safe from some as yet unasserted constitutional claim.

On a more general...

Which idiots got on board with the idea of a 150 mile, high speed rail line to close-to-nowhere? Kill this sucker before it consumes any more public funds.

A few facts:

Duluth, population: 84,380; within 30-mile radius, 184,134.

Current bus fare, St. Paul -Duluth: $25-52, most commonly $30.

Time from St. Paul to Duluth by bus: 2:15 and up.

Drive time, St. Paul - Duluth: 2:19.

Cost of fuel at 20 mpg, $3.75 per gallon: $28.12

We'd be better...

Posted on 06/28/14 at 11:31 am in response to Solid steps advance women, but more needed

It is not only women who benefit from these laws. In particular, I'd like to challenge the assumption that only women will use sick leave to care for extended family members or the extended parenting leave.

Posted on 06/27/14 at 02:48 pm in response to Watchdog: Bremer trustees paying themselves 'far too much'

If we last long enough, we too will have every street and building named after some long forgotten politician, general or beaureaucrat.