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Johan Baumeister

Minneapolis, Minnesota
Commenter for
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Posted on 03/14/13 at 08:42 pm in response to Gay-marriage supporters tout freedom to persuade Republican legislators

Mr. Krasnoff, please spare us your endless repetition of your personal beliefs on marriage.

Neither the law nor most churches mandate that marriage be procreative in nature. And should you have doubts about that last part, let me point out that the most commonly used set of vows in the religious ceremony mention procreation and offspring exactly ZERO times. The law does not require it either. Procreation outside of marriage is just as legal as a marriage devoid of it.


Posted on 03/14/13 at 05:08 am in response to Marriage bill advances after emotional day of hearings

I get tired of that subsection of conservatives that assumes everyone else is as vengeful and manipulative as them.

Unlike you, we do not view the law as a tool to persecute those who believe differently. Unlike you, sir, we have no desire to impose our beliefs on anyone. You support the status quo, which imposes one religious view of marriage upon anyone who wishes to participate in the CIVIL contract of marriage. If imposition of beliefs were our goal, this bill would not suffice...

Posted on 03/14/13 at 05:24 am in response to Marriage bill advances after emotional day of hearings

Free exercise of religion is hardly free if one is hindered from a course of action, like choosing to live without religion. That's like saying you have the freedom to speak your mind, and then penalizing those who remain silent.

Free exercise of religion is not a command to be religious, nor is it license to steamroll those who choose not to be.

Posted on 02/20/13 at 12:26 am in response to Minnesota gay-marriage opponents weighing new 'counter' strategy

...unless you don't happen to think gay people are real people.

We've been waiting our whole lives for equality. Now that we can have it, you want us to wait for the Legislature to shuffle pennies around? Since we all know they're gonna do that anyways...

Posted on 02/20/13 at 12:56 am in response to Minnesota gay-marriage opponents weighing new 'counter' strategy

...I'm glad to hear you say that.

This amendment battle exposed both the bullying of the anti-gays and the craven political calculation of the former Republican leadership. (At least, if Mr. Broadkorp is to be believed.) And for the first time in eight years, the "proven" get-out-the-vote strategy first pioneered by Karl Rove to re-elect President Bush has failed.

I just feel bad that otherwise well-meaning people have been duped by those that make their living off demeaning...

Posted on 02/20/13 at 01:21 am in response to The culture war is real

Matt, I'm fairly certain that you didn't realize our esteemed commentator is a paid shill for conservative interests. The "Center of the American Experiment" is an organization founded by a former Reagan appointee, and "They have campaigned for school vouchers.[6] They also expressed concern about the raunchiness of television for children.[12] They are opposed to affirmative action, especially in academia.[13] They have been credited for playing a major role in empowering conservatives in...

Posted on 02/20/13 at 01:24 am in response to The culture war is real

I'm a pragmatic progressive interested in fact-based policy and legislation that delivers its intended result. The writer and his employer, however? They're interested in providing cover for the disastrous position the NRA has dug itself into with regards to public opinion. Believe it or not, this discussion is not populated entirely by groups of fact-free team cheerleaders like the NRA. Most of ordinary citizens, myself included, genuinely wish to reduce the number of lives lost to gun...

Posted on 10/26/12 at 11:48 am in response to Marriage ad unfairly links amendment to school curriculum issue

The link that the other side has fabricated out of whole cloth might indeed be called "unfair," but that misses the point: they're lying.

Better to say "inaccurately" or "falsely" if that's what you really mean.