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Jeanne Harris

Mpls, MN
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Posted on 08/07/12 at 08:12 am in response to On West Broadway, MPS lets the sunshine in

I find it curious- no mention that in the move westward MPS also "lost" the receptionist kiosk , only to replace it with a Security Guard(s) station!

Kudos!!! I agree with you totally- it is always best and preferable to see a person for what they are; she has shown us who she is: Believe It!!!

Posted on 11/21/11 at 01:35 pm in response to Two Dem pollsters suggest Obama drop out in favor of Hillary Clinton

What a couple of dim wits. If Hillary was so phenomenal she would have won the nomination to begin with. I suspect these two empty hats are shilling for the GOP- they need to "git somewhere and be quiet" as my Grandmother used to say!

Posted on 11/14/11 at 04:29 pm in response to Gloria Cain says Herman Cain 'totally respects' women

What a sad and lonely little club Gloria Cain has now joined. The sorority of wives who are forced to endure the pity of others while they stand-up and defend a man that they know , at the very least is a liar and a cheat. To add 'insult to injury'/ not only have their husbands been accused of unethical and immoral behavior involving women not their wives- BUT now they ( wives) are compelled to stand -up and defend these cretins! The wives must lie with a sad little smile and say what they...

Posted on 11/12/11 at 08:37 am in response to Carol Johnson's three big lessons on school reform

I regret that I was not in the audience to hear firsthand , Carol Johnson's 'tough' words,because words on paper lose their rigor.

It was interesting that Ms Johnson feels confident enough to tell MPS what they must do to improve/ eliminate gap in achievement while not quite achieving same in previous or current situation.

And its so easy to receive a quick spanking ( tough words) and go on with business as usual / nothing changes, but all feel better.