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Jeff Klein

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Posted on 06/20/14 at 08:46 am in response to Major flooding of the Mississippi feared

If you want to use light rail to help people on the North side, you run the Bottineau line through the North side instead of around it. The idea that any alignment of the SWLRT would help the North side makes absolutely no sense and I'm glad Rep. Sabo is calling that like it is.

Posted on 05/23/14 at 08:31 am in response to 'Trickle-down transit' doesn't work; reboot Southwest LRT design

"Bottineau extension will actually run through North Minneapolis proper"

Not at all. It has the same through-the-woods, to-the-suburbs as fast as possible routing of this one.

You're right, there is history at play here. The line was designed when we thought the most important thing about a light rail line was convincing people to ride it in from Eden Prarie. But we'll keep building them extra freeway lanes indefinitely so nobody will ever be motivated to ride it anyway. We...

Posted on 05/16/14 at 05:07 pm in response to Mapping residential parcel values in the Twin Cities metro

It would make way more sense this way, at least if you're asking the question what does the municipality get in return for its infrastructure investment.

Gosh, it almost sounds like way may have overbuilt our roads and we maybe shouldn't keep building more.

Posted on 05/12/14 at 12:15 pm in response to How Buffalo Wild Wings is rethinking the sports bar

Perhaps they should consider how many people go by each day and not limit their audience to those in cars.

Posted on 05/01/14 at 06:18 pm in response to What Southwest Light Rail conversations get wrong

This is a good point. There absolutely were bike activists rabbling about the trail. It seems the decisions that get made are the sum of a bunch of petty, sort-sighted, single-issue activists with no sense of a bigger picture. Any biker -- and I only bike, and never drive or take public transit -- who is willing to put a $1.5 B train on hold over two miles of bike trail -- is looking out for nobody but themselves.

Posted on 04/23/14 at 09:44 am in response to U 'redlining' report: banks still hurting non-white homebuyers

Wells Fargo: "the study does not address many key factors besides income that go into a credit decision, such as borrowers’ credit scores and how much debt they have."

It seems unlikely they have anyone sitting there saying, "well, these people are not white so in the sub-prime bin they go". However, you can imagine tweaking that formula -- how you balance income, savings, credit, etc -- to get any number of different results. If you base it on savings and credit, how can you expect...

Posted on 04/22/14 at 09:25 am in response to Citizen participation: blessing turned curse?

Well, the evidence speaks for itself Dennis. Nobody in their right mind thinks of Staten Island as a success compared to its urban borough neighbors.

In any case, you could free-market the problem if you wish, but then those Staten Islanders would be responsible for paying for the inefficient land use that drives up utility costs, the excessive road maintenance fees, and the numerous shenanigans the federal government gets into to keep gas artificially cheap. So the irony is that...

Posted on 04/22/14 at 10:03 am in response to Citizen participation: blessing turned curse?

Well, the plan in Marlys' NY example did involve a developer making money, but in the context of a plan that was worked out with planners in hopes of doing the best thing for the city long term in terms of infrastructure efficiency. The land owners, she points out, ended up cashing in, so I don't think the characterization of the local citizens vs. monied interests is necessarily fair.

Peoples' input clearly has value, but I do think the moral of this story -- that the mean opinion...

Posted on 04/22/14 at 10:45 am in response to Citizen participation: blessing turned curse?

How is an urban-style apartment building urban? And the only thing that's there now would be incorporated into the new space. That corner is a surface parking lot. I don't think we need more Chipotles either but there's no way that the corner as it sits now epitomizes some kind of urban living ideal.