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Jeff Strate

Eden Prairie, MN
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Posted on 01/23/15 at 03:43 pm in response to The visionary challenges of rethinking the strip mall

Informed discussions of strip malls and transit oriented development on this page and in the numbers of community, municipal, SW Light Rail and guide plan meetings and presentations that I’ve attended in Eden Prairie and neighboring cities do not appreciate or even acknowledge a service that older strip malls and properties DO provide. Commercial zones that in the vocabulary of Met Council and municipal planners label as “blighted” can serve as nesting zones for start-up businesses,...

Ms. Stanik continues to be at MinnPost. She can concurrently make a valid, often touchy point and prompt a laugh. "Spinster"? I think not. I hang out with younger folks for juice. The Southwest, Florida and any MN condo complex with Bridge playing seniors seem like purgatory on earth. I'm not ruling out some mud-hut village on a tropical beach with coconut palms and a bar with ice and good scotch as a venue for me to slip away into the long sleep.

Posted on 12/25/14 at 09:56 pm in response to The Twin Cities’ most beloved tourist attractions of 2115

Very dark and very sharp. I will read it once more, this time lubricated with a good cognac, before returning to my Christopher Hitchens collection. Who could have imagined? MinnPost prompting me to smile. It must be Festivus.

Posted on 10/01/14 at 01:21 pm in response to McFadden goes at Franken's record in first debate

the first MN Senatorial debate heard via Minnesota Public Radio's audio feed, Senator Franken (who I strongly support) sounded less animated and sometimes slow on the uptake compared to Mr. McFadden.

Posted on 09/22/14 at 05:07 pm in response to Memories flow as Brave New Workshop veterans celebrate a move (or two)

My parents bought Mort Sahl records and I took dates to Cafe Expresso as a clumsy high school lad for the BNW shows. Dudley's comments on the news, the liquid tar in small cups and the satire fit in with my affection for Rocky & Bull Winkle, Ernie Kovaks, Steve Allen and MAD Magazine.

SInce then, through the 26th and Hennepin years, because of a few television projects, scores of shows, lots of 1970's mayhem, and adventures with a few BNW alums in New York and Twin Town, I have...

New Handbill needed - "Dump Nimbys." The anti-SWLRT platoon along the Kenilworth corridor have hired legal counsel that seems to be offering false hopes for its environmental law suite. My perspective from Eden Prairie.

Twin Cities and Western RR, which has run freight trains through Eden Prairie has yet to experience a derailment or accicent for as long as I've lived here (19 years). Claims that Kenilworth's bike trial will be ruined by co-location of SWLRT and freight are...

Posted on 08/13/14 at 12:51 pm in response to House District 48B: Loon triumphs over Kihne

Sheila Kihne’s right wing flavored activism in Eden Prairie also probably contributed to her poor showing against incumbent Jenifer Loon. Mrs. Kihne is on record in her blogs and/or the Eden Prairie News and Sun Current for having marshaled fear rather than fact and sound perspective in attempting to fight the reconfiguration of Eden Prairie’s primary schools and more recently Southwest Light Rail. She has branded as “pork” the State portion of the funding of Eden Prairie’s Veterans...

It is satisfying to read that former Mayor Ryback was door knocking with Mr. Noor. Ms. Kahn and many of her constituents feel that only she can deliver the goods for here district. That's not so. RT understands that. There are other ways to serve Minneapolis and Minnesota and I am hoping primary election voters select Mr. Noor and open the door to provide Ms. Kahn the opportunity to explore those other options.

Posted on 08/01/14 at 11:03 pm in response to Life's disturbances arrive whether you're ready or not

Mary Stanik has crafted another poignant, savvy and humorous take on life; this time quite personal. Condo communities, for me, seem like purgatories where the sparks of life grow dim -- even the ones for the youngish generation Xers and Millenia or what ever they're called. I look forward to updates on what Miss Stanik learns and how she survives. Why am I thinking of the Tom Hanks film Cast Away? Her mom's gotta be a million times better to live with than Wilson.

Posted on 01/20/14 at 09:22 am in response to Presidential mentoring: Hoover and Truman first got it right

Mr. Slocum's account of the relationship between Presidents Hoover and Truman is most informative and interesting. The advisory roles of former presidents has had a minor status in the high school and college history courses I've taken. Thank you.