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Jeremy Bryan

Minneapolis, MN
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Posted on 12/18/12 at 04:28 pm in response to Growing pains for Kevin Love, the Wolves and their fan base

Am I in the minority that I would welcome the move if LA agreed to send Gasol for Pek, Williams, and Barea? Here are the reasons:

Starters: Gasol, Love, AK47, Shved, Rubio - I get two years of that team then Gasol/AK47 come off the books just in time to pay Rubio and extend Love.

Pek: He is a good deal now, but what about next year? Do you sign him for 4 years at $10M+ per year (just look at Hibbert / Lopez max and Asik at 3/25)?

D. Will - how many guys like him...