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Jeremy Powers

Fridley, MN
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Calling the Center of the American Experiment "a nonpartisan, tax-exempt, public policy and educational institution" essentially misses on everything but tax exempt.

They are almost as partisan as the Republican Party. Their policy initiatives are AGAINST the public. And their primary purpose seems to be to spread a bunch of misinformation, which is the exact opposite of an education institution.

It's time to start a foundation and support organization to restore Minnesota's orchestra (lower case) to one that actually plays music. It's obvious that management has utterly and absolutely failed at what we wanted them to do - produce a world class orchestra.

Posted on 10/07/13 at 03:32 pm in response to Ex-Minnesotan Randy Schekman is a Nobel Prize winner

For its first year in Minnesota, we had a lot of interest. But here, in the winter, we would have even more interest for a purple burger, flaming cocktail made with lighter fluid and a fishing lure that sang the Minnesota Rowser.

People are going to realize that hunting a canine for the thrill and the pelt isn't as much fun as hunting for 10 pounds of venison sausage, steaks and chops.

There will always be a few people who will do it, but sitting over a deer gut pile in minus...

Posted on 09/30/13 at 11:25 am in response to Twins' Decision Day update: Manager Ron Gardenhire reportedly to stay

What I don't understand about the Twins organization is: how can we have so many great former Twins. Cuddyer is the latest greatest ex-Twin. He won the National League batting championship on a losing team. He wasn't even a full-time starter for the Twins. If you look at the All Star game, the Twins had more ex players than any team.

This to me says: it's either Ryan, who won't keep talent and trades them off to get out of paying the contracts, or it's Gardenhire, who expectations...

Posted on 09/03/13 at 01:05 pm in response to Former state GOP Chair Tony Sutton files for bankruptcy

Mr. Personal Responsibility and Mr. Family Values all rolled into one

Posted on 08/20/13 at 12:59 pm in response to Romney in denial over infamous '47 percent' video

The worst part of that quote, as far as I'm concerned, is a lot of people - and I don't think it's 47 percent - who rely on government vote Republican because they don't see themselves as reliant on government.

I have an ex-girlfriend who married a guy from Louisiana and lives there. Her husband is on government disability because of obesity-caused diabetes, she's on extended unemployment, gets some minor work as a post office contract delivery person and constantly whines about "all...

Posted on 08/14/13 at 09:50 am in response to Resume claims like Julianne Ortman’s can trip up a campaign

This is like claiming I helped pass the Affordable Care Act by having voted for people who voted for it.

In that case, because I bought Coca Cola products during the last Olympics, I helped send athletes to London for the Olympics.

And I rode my bike tot he store yesterday, so obviously I'm helping save the world from greenhouse gases.

Posted on 07/22/13 at 10:20 am in response to Phil Krinkie joins 6th District race

He would carry on Michele Bachmann's tradition of not living in the district.

He failed us once. He can do it again.

Posted on 06/24/13 at 02:28 pm in response to Local TV news facing same basic problem as newspapers

The thing that drives me nuts with local newscasts is the constant teasing. "Will it rain this weekend? Stay tuned for 20 more minutes and we'll tell you yes or no."

Half the time it takes less time for them to tell us what happened or is happening than they spend teasing us about it.

They're competing for my time. And losing.