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Jeremy Powers

Fridley, MN
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In far less time than 50 years, former enemies Germany and Japan, and communist countries such as China and Vietnam, have joined the modern world while our relationship with Cuba was just an excuse to build a military based every 40 miles of the Gulf of Mexico coast as some sort of federal welfare system for southern states.

Yes, there is no freedom of the press and elections aren't free and democratic, but neither are they in Saudi Arabia. This is long overdue - and I don't even...

"the paper has a long-standing tradition of not discussing how the editorial board arrives at its decisions"

Too bad. Trying to explain some of their choices would be hilarious to hear about.

Ii can't believe we have a candidate who admits he doesn't want everyone to vote. This whole "voter fraud" red herring has gone on long enough. There are protections in place that work. Any effort to ID is just an effort to keep people from voting.

I grew up thinking that the two major parties agreed on some basic beliefs, such as democracy is good, one person - one vote.

Posted on 10/08/14 at 03:22 pm in response to Down in polls, McFadden offers 'Contract with Minnesota'

This means so much coming from a member of a party that faced a balanced budget requirement in Minnesota so they forced the school districts to borrow money because they couldn't.

Posted on 09/16/14 at 03:06 pm in response to Minnesota's tax system rated 7th 'fairest' among the states

I think this is important because I think a lot of mistrust and frustration regarding government stems from the idea that people find the world unfair and think it relates to government. They feel they are paying too much and getting too little.

I've frequently asked people: "Are you willing to pay your fair share?" Some will quibble over what their fair share is, but eventually people will honestly admit they are willing to pay their fair share and almost immediately start talking...

I find people who say they want "Christian" values confusing when they start quoting Old Testament chapters and verse. Try the New Testament.

Truth is Christ was a flaming liberal, hated organized religion, favored the poor and the outcast, tried to help people, didn't like the rich and warned people about judging others. How did his words become shallow, myopic, hateful, fearful and judgmental when faced with anyone who is a little bit different than themselves.

And then...

They'll probably be replaced with another quasi-news-service wire.

Got to keep that "largest Minnesota news source" clicking.

The people who oppose this will just freeload off the union members who stay. The union will negotiate a decent fee and everyone will get it and the people who opt out will still get all of the benefits..

More of the "I don't have to pay if I don't want to attitude." Except that never works for us who oppose huge corporate giveaways. In other words, more of society based on the lowest common denominator.

Posted on 06/10/14 at 09:16 am in response to Minnesota's treatment of vets — above average

Last time around, Super Bowl promoters in the Twin Cities relied on a ton of volunteers. Right now, I am tempted to leave town rather than volunteer. If they want to go this alone, treat all the locals like dirt and promote it as an economic package for only the wealthy, they're going to be blamed if the Super Bowl in Minneapolis is less than super.

Posted on 05/22/14 at 03:31 pm in response to Interpreting the hidden messages in Franken’s new TV ad

More and more people are realizing the right has been lying constantly and that the ACA, despite a stupid website, is working fine.