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Without even a shred of objectivity, this article espouses a reactionary response to zoning regulations. Ms. Harris suggests that the rules should be flexible, and disparages ratios and setbacks without the slightest research into why they were adopted in the first place.

Yes, there is little difference between a 23 foot setback or a 25 foot one. But the City needed to adopt a number that provided the setback to preserve the characteristics of the neighborhood, and it adopted 25 ft...

Posted on 06/03/11 at 12:14 pm in response to Welcoming a new assistant web editor to our team

I am not sure where to suggest this, so I will welcome the new assistant editor with this request - where is the mobile version? Where is the iPhone app?

It seems to me that a web based news source without the ability to optimize for a mobile platform is so 2004.

Once you take care of that, can you clean up the code as well? I don't understand this stuff, but is one of the slowest sites I know of. Especially through links from facebook.

Thanks, and...

Posted on 04/18/11 at 09:39 am in response to We have built too many roads for our own good

Mr. Berg,

In your research for this story, did you learn anything about the amount of pavement we use per lane-mile? Not only do we have more roads than most, I have always suspected that our roads are wider per lane-mile than others. We have for a long time encouraged roads, especially in suburbs and new rural developments that are wider than necessary to get two lanes through. Some of these are good because they provide safe bike paths, but some are just extra pavement that...

Posted on 02/11/11 at 08:58 am in response to LRT or BRT? It depends on the potential of the corridor

Excellent article. Of course, the devil is in te details, but the article clearly lays out the logical reasons (as opposed to ideological ones) for LRT v. BRT. Thanks!

Posted on 03/10/10 at 01:01 pm in response to Teacher, coach and activist talks about politics and the classroom

Just so people that know Roy contribute here. Roy is being deferential when he calls himself "everyone's old guy". There are few that have the big picture view like Roy, and nobody conveys his opinion in as reserved and thoughtful manner. He honors everybody's viewpoint, and is willing to admit when he is wrong (it doesn't happen often).

One thing this article misses is Roy's work building a poltical strength in the Hmong community. He has, almost single-handedly, taught a...

Posted on 07/15/09 at 03:57 pm in response to Who will abide by the DFL endorsement process for guv?

Sorry Eric for this comment string getting off of track of your story, but I think people are misunderstanding the difference between the endorsement and the primary. The primary is a state-sanctioned plebiscite used to narrow the number of candidates that are on the general election ballot.

It is not really a "party nomination." While access to the general election ballot is limited by party, the voters in the primary are not required to declare any "party affiliation", nor is...

Posted on 04/14/09 at 11:30 am in response to Daily Glean: Norm loses again

The action "dismissed with prejudice," by itself, does not imply any judgment as to the value of a claim. Instead, the difference between "with" and "without" prejudice is simply as a statement, in the case of "with prejudice," that the issues have been adequately reviewed and the plaintiff is not allowed to bring the same claim forward on the same facts. If it were "without prejudice" the court would not be making a decision that the case "does not stink." Instead, "without prejudice"...

Posted on 03/31/09 at 01:29 pm in response to Daily Glean: Norm's fundraiser sues Norm's landlord

How about this for nitpicking? I am not sure what you mean when you explain that "smaller towns up river are still very much in danger." I am assuming the problem is areas "down" the river from Fargo. Since the Red River runs north, if these towns are north of Fargo, aren't they "down river?"

Posted on 03/16/09 at 04:15 pm in response to Obama approval rating slips

I agree with Mr. Swift that it should be no surprise that the poll numbers did not stay at the unsustainable heights that Pres. Obama came into office. There are too many tough challenges to keep everybody happy.

However, the real message is that the Republicans and conservatives (apparently, many conservatives are unwilling to call themselves Republicans) have had mild success in their negative campaigning. While they offer no alternative, they attack every option, and are happy...

Posted on 12/15/08 at 12:43 pm in response to No Vikings QB controversy: It's T-Jack

St. Louis? Was that an interesting reference to the alleged comparisons to Warner's earlier "Greatest Show on Turf", a baseball/football switch or simply mistake?