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Posted on 01/27/15 at 09:39 pm in response to Dayton goes big with transportation plan

We seem to forget that billions are being spent at MSP to support as many or more connecting passengers as local passengers.

Local travelers and visitors (tourists, conventioneers, sports fans, and business persons) pay most of the parking and baggae fees and more than half of the revenue MAC receives fron the airlines comes fron higher local fares.

And on top of that economonic drag, FAA, TSA, Immigration, Customs, EPA spwnd big tax money -- to help the hub and the airlines...

Whatever Rebecca Otto voted for as a legislator a decade ago is as irrelevant to the State Auditor Primary Election as Matt Entenza's successes or lack thereof as a caucus leader in the legislature.

And it is probably shooting one's self in the foot to rant about party loyalty, Chair Martin. The Party should of course roll out legions of volunteers for the endorsed candidate. But general election chances for the DFL winner are diminished by name-calling.

And animosity lasts...

The future prospects for "driver-less cars" are as unclear as the transportation goals. The technical terms used apply to multiple design/system concepts.

The foremost issue, I believe, is "on what roadways".

Years ago, I noted that the urban infrastructure, a nearly complete grid of streets and avenues for relative compact areas and used year-around in the snow-belt drive automobile functionality. I suggested land-ferries. Drive your car onto a rail car in Lakeville and off...

Ms. Perry does well to report this study and its conclusions.

She also reported the studies that link cardiovascular disease statistically to overflight noise.

But she did not report on two key political aspects:

The airline industry lobby has successfully attained exemptions of overflight pollution or associations of noise and emissions with health risks from EPA review.

The Federal Inter-Agency Committee on Airport Noise has know of the epidemiological studies...

Posted on 01/06/14 at 11:50 am in response to In planning for highways of 2033, MnDOT should consider driverless cars

It seems to me that a "driverless car" or robotic vehicle is technically feasible, but a small piece of the transportation puzzle.

1. The roadway navigation issue. Presently dirvers choose route and destination. Even if a GPS route is used as a guide or to issue instructions, there is a "map" of the streets, roads, and highways that isn't updated often enough for a robotic trip.
2. Vision systems might be used to detect roadway edges, lanes, obstacles but this technology also...

There are unfortunate errors of fact in this article. The article reports accurately that there were changes and are plans that increase noise exposure from MSP operations. Indeed, there are many complaints, as there should be. Indeed the federal "metric" needs to be changed.

Any article about MSP noise and safety is welcome, but the over-simplification of the issues misrepresents the hard work of activists like Kevin and Steve and the difficulty of making the changes needed in...

The reason Justices are appointed to long terms is to bridge over partisan Governors. The Governors in turn want to center the Court majority. In my opinion Justice Lillehaug will be great as a jurist and as a moderating force against Pawlenty's appointees.

Doug Grow has the ability to suggest the upcoming cases that might be decided based on partisan philosophies, and why a Justice might wander from facts and law for a politician or a political cause.

If this wandering was...

FAA re-authorizations and budgets have been screwed up of 14 of the last 15 years. Further FAA staff reductions would be after an accumulation of 1] acknowledged ATC and key inspector retirements; 2) big changes in traffic patterns as airlines "consolidate" flights at fewer hubs; 3) the irregular and several times delayed deployment of ATC systems and equipment; and 4) the lack of visible progress in training and work-rule compliance as airlines merge work-forces with the trend toward...

The American way isn't ever having citizens prove they haven't been convicted of a felony.

The election laws allow candidates to have poll-watchers (challengers) who can ask the election judges to rule on eligibility if the challenge reasonable --NOT suspecting that the person's vote would be against the candidate they represent -- and then the ballot become provisional.

The transparent purpose is to slow the voting process way more in precincts with more renters or recent...

Posted on 08/28/11 at 08:49 am in response to Al Franken's relationship with unions gets chilly

Senator Franken is right to be skeptical about job numbers, and it is not necessarily true that former T-Mobile workers will keep their jobs and join the Communications Workers union.

Monopolization, however, is bad for the consumer and the money AT&T might rake in from higher rates will not necessarily increase workers or worker compensation. With less competition in the industry generally, AT&T can control services and rates in the largest markets and abandon others to...