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given the DUI's of it's candidates shouldn't it be pink?

I don't know that if they did or did not do hypothesis testing but I certainly wouldn't have reported in an article for general consumption. But given the descriptive data not much on fire here.

But we have already seen the overconfidence problem identified in the book "The Best and the Brightest" and I believe in the film which I haven't seen on the Enron scandal.

Based on the games I had to learn when I became an manager and supervisor I would say that this is a pretty good...

it was to hear Rostropovich in the late 70's which I enjoyed very much.

I would go to other concerts (truly not more than one in 5 years or so) if I didn't have to go downtown Minneapolis. So I would like to see a longer touring season.

Posted on 08/28/14 at 11:42 am in response to Minnesota Orchestra pulls in $13.2 million in donations

I would like to see maintenance of infrastructure addresses for all public infrastructure,.

With parks and forests it would be nice if campground which are really private goods (you have exclusive use of the site when you are there) really were priced to recover maintenance costs for the campground. At least that would give them a fair playing field with some of the private campgrounds if any are left.

Funny how they don't count the economic impact of closed businesses...

Posted on 08/26/14 at 11:14 am in response to It's one sorry campaign season in Minnesota

At least he hasn't pretended to be hit in the "groin" something that resembles middle school humor, or been so cheap as to take out his sons stitches. I mean come on who hasn't taken out their own limb stitches.

McFadden's other ad about fixing the roads was not made by anyone from Minnesota. It is hard to get anywhere because of road construction. And backing up a boat - notice McFadden isn't backing around a corner. Good thing someone parked it for him.

Apologies are...

at work. I think it is government regardless of philosophy. I do think some one of your sources are a bit off. The first three sources are are rent seeking - "if I cry wolf long enough someone will give us some money" or "isn't a contingency fee great".

All organizations that have publicly funded infrastructure like to show a backlog, the U of M does it, the DNR does it and so does DOT. I worked for two organizations that did infrastructure for over 25 years. While it...

to the flat tax, e.g. company paid health and life insurance, dividends, stock sales, and there would no tax deductions for anything - mortgage interest, college costs etc.

I think some charitable deductions should be allowed but I would have to ponder how that would be done to eliminate the faux 501c 3's.

does not come from wages or active investment.

I have got to tell you I have been in both and I wouldn't necessarily paint the private sector as more efficient although it has fewer forms. The inefficiency just occurs at the "yes men" level. Has the government screwed up as badly as the S&L scandal, or the housing derivatives, or even the big three auto makers?

I drive my car and truck until they have 300,000+ miles on them and that's a lot of miles and they seem to do fine on Minnesota Roads.

There have been...

I had a company contact me about moving their company to the reservation. This company had moved 3 times in 6 years. It looks to me like they were mining the system