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Particularly the tie to productivity.

Posted on 09/26/14 at 10:14 am in response to Democrats target Mills' wealth — will it work?

taxes someone should start asking about tax subsidies and see what he has to say.

His wealth isn't offensive his arrogance and ignorance of economics (stimulus package) and the purpose of government is.

Posted on 09/27/14 at 05:05 pm in response to Democrats target Mills' wealth — will it work?

John if you think that is going to reduce the other tax brackets.

Here's a modest proposal just have the top 10% of the gross income earners be responsible for getting the bottom 10 percent out of poverty in say 5 years or they pay a 25% gross income surcharge?

Posted on 09/27/14 at 05:16 pm in response to Democrats target Mills' wealth — will it work?

Were you really named after the book character from the 1910's?

The republican ads are equally out of touch with Minnesota, one implies property taxes are related to changes in the income tax rate, but neglects to mention it was the Republican's who cut aid to local government which did result in communities that weren't using their full levying capability increasing their rate.

And I believe it is the same ad they are talking about "fix our roads". Clearly not people who had...

Posted on 09/22/14 at 11:34 am in response to What's next for the Pioneer Press?

they might have more readers.

Their editorials are a joke. They have articles on the opinion page citing "facts" that are elsewhere contradicted in news articles with citations. Really the would be smarter if they read their own paper before they wrote them.

And don't get me started on the comics.

Posted on 09/22/14 at 11:50 am in response to Democrats making big push in 8th Congressional District

that's just because the folks who moved here from out of state are so rude.

You can always tell a non native they honk their horn. We only honk when we see friends and as a warning to alert people to danger. NOT BECAUSE YOU HAVE NOT JUMPED OFF THE MARK WHEN A LIGHT TURNS GREEN.

it is time to review state spending programs and see if they are effective and where they are effective.

Every program helps someone, at least I hope it does beyond funding the salaries of the administrators. But while a program maybe one of many in the metro serving a category of needs of it may be the only program in Roseau County.

Bias alert here: I am an economist and this is what we do but I think there is some value in getting beyond the drama of a program and...

Posted on 09/17/14 at 12:59 pm in response to Chris Farrell wants baby boomers to unretire

MPR, and I am lucky enough to be able to listen to WPR.

I thought all politics all the time is a bit much (especially with their soft ball questions - except for Kathy Wurser) and I know a whole lot more about the middle east than I want to and really the BBC rather than Science Friday.

Mr. Udstrand is right this is the white collar perspective. I would go further and say that this is the executive perspective. It is a lot easier to enjoy the job when you are the boss...

Posted on 09/17/14 at 04:08 pm in response to Young athletes' privileges mark the beginning of a lack of balance

it should have been featured more prominently.

As I drove past a park in Stillwater where fully suited football players who weren't even as high as my husband's belt line were practicing I was wondering what on earth their parents were thinking.

And we wonder why more boys are ADHD and are now less likely to earn post secondary degrees then women...

Posted on 09/16/14 at 11:06 am in response to Yes, ditching the car for your commute to work improves well-being

or even a long bike. Not everyone lives within walking or biking distance.