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jody rooney

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Posted on 11/20/14 at 03:07 pm in response to Minnesota to New York Times: We do not eat grape salad for Thanksgiving

hadn't ever been to the former Minnesota Museum Modern Arts Scandinavian restaurant in St. Paul.

One of their staples was a grape dish that was basically a platter with a thin coating of sour cream a layer of grapes and sprinkled with brown sugar. It was along side other...

Posted on 11/19/14 at 03:20 pm in response to Macalester students kick MPIRG off campus

The grapes on a thin bed of sour cream with brown sugar sprinkled over the top is a nice easy dessert and very tasty.

I was introduced to it at the Scandinavian restaurant across from the St. Paul City Hall.

Posted on 11/19/14 at 11:04 am in response to MN GOP beware: Biking and pedestrian improvements have broad appeal

with the walkers. That's how they get out of contributing any funds to maintenance or construction. And don't give me the "we all pay taxes" argument if we did a contingent valuation assessment for public expenditures would end up?

Walking and biking are not compatible activities they are accomplished at different speeds, that is one of the reasons bike paths are separated from walking paths. Grouping the two activities together is deceptive.

A closer look at the data...

Posted on 11/19/14 at 10:16 am in response to How the Minnesota Orchestra got its mojo back

after all he has to have breakfast somewhere.

The question I have is who are all the phonies that were on the board for their own ego not to be of service to the community? Hopefully they will come to their senses and contribute so that they won't be labeled hypocrites.

Posted on 11/19/14 at 10:27 am in response to Met Council Chair Sue Haigh announces resignation

you distribute affordable housing to places that don't have good transit options.

the GOP and the GOP leaning packs keep sending my dad literature requesting donations and he has been dead for 6 years.

but I agree that most of the other behaviors are non issues.

I would however urge to not just go with what you see with your own eyes, has really weird implications for medical treatment for example, but to understand well collected data is a useful indicator of something. An N or 1 is never a good indicator and I believed you have argued that before.

Posted on 11/19/14 at 10:24 am in response to More than 90,000 undocumented immigrants in Minnesota

so what is your point? In general I would imagine cost is not a factor in selecting medical devices. They are all over priced.

Posted on 11/18/14 at 12:06 pm in response to How Minneapolis got itself in a public-art pickle

outlined here. The Corps or Engineers use to have a percentage of their construction budgets dedicated to aesthetics. Of course to some engineers stamped concrete is aesthetically pleasing but in some cases that's the best you can do within the structural integrity of the project. It does it the same way as the other groups mentioned here, a percentage of the projects budget may be spent on aesthetics.

Ugly or utilitarian does not sell cities and clearly doesn't make them livable...

Posted on 11/18/14 at 05:46 pm in response to How Minneapolis got itself in a public-art pickle

what fun.