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jody rooney

withrow, MN
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He and Matt Dean engineered one of the poorest strategies ever, putting gay marriage on the ballot.

Hopefully the voters in Dean's district will remember that he may be of the party they prefer but he is horribly ineffective as either a strategist or a legislator. The party made a significant mistake when they endorsed him over Carol McFarlane when their districts were combined. She actually worked and worked hard in the legislature writing good legislation for all the people in...

Posted on 07/24/14 at 10:54 am in response to Examining McFadden’s charge that Franken uses scare tactics

what would those portfolios look like after 2007 -2009?

Stating that the system is headed to bankruptcy makes it pretty a classic Republican ploy.

This is the latest CBO report that I could find.

Being self employed this was my largest tax burden.

How about removing the cap on earnings....

Posted on 07/24/14 at 11:21 am in response to A seriously big price tag for restoring White Bear Lake

I think a better title for the report would be addressing long term water supply problems north and east of St. Paul.

As someone who has lived in this area for a long time this seems like a good idea. Groundwater should never be the first choice of communities where high use is expected when there are viable surface water options.

Posted on 07/24/14 at 11:10 am in response to Minneapolis begins to see the benefits of 'granny flats'

There is a pretty interesting design book on the flats:

In-Laws-Outlaws and Granny Flats by Micheal Litchfield

This isn't the same cover as the one I have so I don't which is still packed away but it is pretty inspiring.

So I would rethink your drinking and driving behavior.

You can get as overly served as you want but don't get behind the wheel. This is the 2012 data on the Department of Public Safety's web site.

Posted on 07/16/14 at 08:59 pm in response to A new era for executive search with Lars Leafblad and Marcia Ballinger

organization Lars was the search person for that search. It was for a performance measurement specialist, basically a numbers and process person. I don't know if it it was a test that was Lars used, the firm used or the non profit used but either way it had enough poorly worded and touchy-feelly value questions that the folks who taught me social measurement would have graded it F. The questions were actually so value ladden I would have imagined that the organization would have assumed...

Posted on 07/10/14 at 11:37 am in response to Mills ad knocks Nolan on gun rights

looking after his business.

When are people going to strike back and start boycotting businesses owned by these right wing fruit cakes.

Remember when it was good business, not to mention good manners, to not talk about sex, religion, and politics.

need a job.

She could perhaps listen to the head of Berkshire Hathaway a little more often. Especially his view on taxation.

Posted on 07/11/14 at 10:27 am in response to What gun victims would do about gun violence

shooting be it hunting or trap. It is your hysterical support of all types of guns. Be sensible. Machine guns and sawed off shot guns are either highly regulated or illegal. Not all firearms are acceptable.

Unless sportsman separate themselves from the "I have to carry a gun to feel important" crowd they are going to get caught in a crossfire so to speak.

By the way the CDC's data shows that approximately half the people that were killed by far arms were aiming at...

Posted on 07/11/14 at 10:40 am in response to What gun victims would do about gun violence

more manageable pieces.

We want to:

1. Reduce the number of suicides by fire arm.
2. Reduce the number of by standers killed by gang/drug violence (do we really care if criminals kill other criminals, I sure don't)
3. Reduce family, spousal murder.
4. Reduce mass shootings.

How about if we break those problems down and work on them?

For those of you working on the issue it helps if you really define the problem first.

And gun...