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joe musich

minneapolis, MN
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Posted on 12/17/14 at 12:11 pm in response to Minneapolis Schools Superintendent Bernadeia Johnson resigns

forgiveness...' "societal inequities MPS did not create and cannot control" - a piece of the puzzle that is otherwise never acknowledged here." And will probably continue to not be except for this case exception.

I certainly would expect that teacher committees at each school are involved in a new hire for Superintendent. Inclusiveness as has been pointed out is lacking. And left Human Capital dept be renamed.

taxes are lost. Imagine being in a helicopter in a stationary orbit over the 35w 94 junction in Mpls. How many square blocks of homes, business, light industry were lost to the tax base in that area alone ? it is one thing to build roads in open land but through cities as has been down boarders on insanity. Now do a fly over of the area of your choice and ask the question what will be lost !

Posted on 12/09/14 at 11:28 pm in response to Maybe the key question is really voter turnoff — not turnout

only missed one election in all my almost 69 years. I am still turned off. In my heart I struggle daily with governance no longer in the hearts of "elected" officials. I read in the NYT about GOP State Attorney Generals working and recieving huge bundles of money from energy companies to override EPA regulations. I could not finish the article. My one vote cannot stop this nonsense. Posting my disgust gets the process nowhere. Running for office results in those who might represent the...

system creates needless consumers of unnessary production to increase capital. Education is anti-needless consumption. With runaway capitalism the result is predictable. Education no longer exists.

Posted on 12/05/14 at 11:46 pm in response to Hubbard defends KSTP-TV's Hodges story after SPJ seeks disavowal

explore the motivation behind the choice of "allowing themselves to be manipulated on the part of KSTP ?" that will be the news story. In in depth examination of what brings KSTP to report the news as they do. I am ready to read that.

Posted on 11/26/14 at 10:45 pm in response to 'Tweak' to state funding of massive Mayo project needs to happen ASAP

name ?

must be eliminated. There is no doubt. It is nothing but very old fashion "spoils system!" District reorganization because of population shifting must be taken out of the political process otherwise voting will always be a victim of politics. I suggest we look at a permanent election boundary court be in place. Sitting on this court is based on scholarship not appointment. It is a credentialed venue. Something has to be done to rebuilt the trust in this is or is it ? democracy.

Posted on 11/13/14 at 11:29 pm in response to 'The Daily Show' takes on #pointergate

the ripples on the surface of the realtions between the police union and the Mayor ? What about that civil rights lawsuit among reassigned Captains ? The claim of gang signs is asinine. However, what news source is trying to expose all of what seems to be going on ? Is this all about upper management trying to move away from a sowmewhat collaborative working model to a top down corporate style management model ? Nevertheless, it is very ham handed and intensely laughable. If the union is...

Posted on 11/07/14 at 10:27 pm in response to KSTP savaged for Mayor Hodges 'gang sign' story

am on year 15 of not watching local tv news. It goes back to Shelby and his funeral tirade. It just all so much horse hockey. Maybe if they could take their beauty budget and give to social studies teachers we would all be better informed. No doubt tho now of the influence of money ala Hubbard and news reporting is there ?

I have is how were these windows replaced without permit. With my humble so Mpls home never has a contractor attempted to do anything with a permit. And I mean never. Last year we put a new range in the kitchen. 180 bucks for just the permit to make an attachment I could have done myself. Plumber would not do it without permit. Altough expensive it is a process I support. I am a homeowner. I may know my house but not the range of potential issues. Where or who was the window contractor ?...