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joe musich

minneapolis, MN
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I have is how were these windows replaced without permit. With my humble so Mpls home never has a contractor attempted to do anything with a permit. And I mean never. Last year we put a new range in the kitchen. 180 bucks for just the permit to make an attachment I could have done myself. Plumber would not do it without permit. Altough expensive it is a process I support. I am a homeowner. I may know my house but not the range of potential issues. Where or who was the window contractor ?...

question should be operative in any environmental impact assessment on any project always and forever. Bring it up also with the piplineszig zagging everywhere. Bring it up with taconite expansion. Bring it up with increased truck traffic hauling sand for fracking. And on and on. It is the deep reason to be concerned about any environmental issue including the rapidly rising temperature of our mother herself.

the topic. Great list. But reflective of a certain generation.


for this education discussion to hit bottom and enter a 12 step program. There seems to be no good guys except the classroom teachers.

Posted on 10/07/14 at 10:10 pm in response to Nolan and Mills tangle in Duluth debate

Sandman and Nolan should have been covered and Mills ignored! Abd again I ask is there a Fleet Farm on the range?

Posted on 10/07/14 at 12:27 pm in response to Competitive race against Mills leads to fundraising haul for Nolan

still the Bad News Bears against the Neo Conservative wealth who and I refer to in another news piece are giving less to chairtiable causes. Soon they will he burying themselves in caskets stuffed with their hard earned cash.

Posted on 10/07/14 at 12:47 pm in response to Bloomberg news turns my point into a really cool graphic

Old King Koch
Was a sorry old joke
A sorry old joke was he
He called for his oil pipe
And he called for his well blow
And he called for his Congresspeople to be with he
Every Congressperson got his Koch fee
And a fine salary
There is non who scare
With evil financial flair
As King Koch and his Congresspersons glee.

Posted on 10/04/14 at 08:49 pm in response to Marching for the planet — and for hope

report and i wished I had gone. However I hold to the science of climate change and engage in best practices in my own life to help to bring the world back to 350. The evidence is clear as to what the future will bring unless we act now. I would hope that the policies and the laws of our nation soon come into accord with the rest of the world the the factual information coming to us day after day after day of the encroaching danger to the planet's health and thereby the health of all living...

all people to vote as a national goal for citzen involvment ? Then open the door and end ideas that suppress the vote !