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joe musich

minneapolis, MN
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Posted on 07/18/14 at 12:21 am in response to Computer modeling shows the disastrous impact of a pipeline break

Scary to even think about. I will have to read the piece in segments. No kidding ! it's that upsetting.

You say ...
. That move, however, originated with the union’s California affiliate, which has been rocked by a recent court decision declaring some of the state’s teacher tenure laws unconstitutional. In a later statement, the union chief said the group supports the equity plan.

I guess maybe it is important to know that but it was a statement made by the entire NEA not just Califfornia as your grammaric constructioo might lead the reader to think. It might be important for the...

And what do you say about the Republican appointed Federal judge who openly publically commented negatvely about the SCOTUS HobLob ? Here is one link :
Hardly left wing manipulation.

Posted on 07/03/14 at 04:40 pm in response to On the loss of Community Voices contributor Myles Spicer

Myles posts where they appeared. A voice for reason has been lost but not forgotten. What he had to say was important an valued. I hope someone as eloquent arises to his stature of analysis. There many out there who are close. There should be a huge recognition for his skill and it's loss. I shall humm " I will lay down my sword and shield." Quietly to myself until the next full moon. Then I will shout out in his memory.

Posted on 07/03/14 at 04:42 pm in response to 'Boatloads of research' on the value of arts in schools

And test creators,moitors and administrators who push them down the throat and at the expense of arts.

arguments. Please use facts Mr Swift.

breathing life into people and a neighborhood. Sandy and all the people from everywhere she's brought in or have found her and stand beside her together have created a community. In the truest sense of the word something is being built, something has been built and something will be built ! This spontaneously planned to be creation being reworked everyday,every year from the inside out is a model to learn from for each and every person and community. The message is not just come and watch...

Picks a huge winner. What Sandy has done with puppets,storytelling, and community unifying is miraculous. It is an unselfish and giving Theater of public well being, health and sensibility done with huge doses of love.

Posted on 06/16/14 at 07:10 pm in response to Could California's teacher-tenure lawsuit come to Minnesota?

Here is another high profile local lawyer sharing his concerns about the California decision. Marshall Tanick is more more reputable in that he is not looking to hold an office. He clear takes a position regarding law. Here is the link.

Posted on 06/17/14 at 09:11 am in response to Could California's teacher-tenure lawsuit come to Minnesota?

Remember what Daddy or at least mine used to say ? It was something along the lines of ,"You get what you pay for ! " Your comments regarding your salary structure are reflective of the investment made in education over your thrity years and I would add to that my 42 years here and entirely in Minneapolis. Simply put we are getting the results of what was paid for. We saw the piece at Twin Cities Daily Planet regarding the treatment of IT personnel in Minneapols and I am now here stories of...