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Joel Rosenberg

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Posted on 04/29/11 at 04:31 pm in response to 'Shoot first' bill produces heated bang-bang exchanges

#6 — If you'd been listening to Erik Pakieser's testimony, you'd have heard of one instance which shows a compelling need for one change; "arrest the gun" should be an historical artifact, not an unwritten policy. Just in terms of people I know, the time of the proponents could have been filled up with such incidents, more than several times over.

#5 — You're not only wrong, you're behind the times; the SCOTUS has made it clear in both Heller and McDonald that it does refer to a...

Posted on 04/29/11 at 04:34 pm in response to 'Shoot first' bill produces heated bang-bang exchanges

Just one matter of fact: Minnesota does not have "reciprocity" with fifteen states; Minnesota recognizes fifteen non-MN permits, regardless of whether or not the other states reciprocally recognize Minnesota's. (At least one does not.) You could look it up, if you'd like.

Posted on 10/27/10 at 07:30 am in response to Race for Ramsey County sheriff: Bob Fletcher's style focus of attention

Michael Samuelson:

Bull. I'd be stunned if Grace is employed by the Bostrom campaign, although she certainly is a staffer. If so, though, good for her; it's an honorable job to work for even a candidate less terrific than Matt Bostrom.

I drove over to St. Paul, a couple of weeks ago, to meet Matt Bostrom, in person, for the first time; we'd chatted, twice, briefly on the phone, but I wanted to shake his hand.

On the way, I saw about as many Bostrom signs as Fletcher...

I dunno. How about "Hope and Change"? Or is that a bit, well, retro?

Posted on 12/08/09 at 06:37 am in response to Beyond the 'building boom': charter school financing's tough nut

I think fixing the public schools is a great idea. I've had two kids in the Minneapolis Public Schools, and both of their schools very much needed, but didn't get, fixing; I tried for years to get them the education that they needed there.

So, I did the sensible thing; they both went outside the system -- and my younger one is now in a charter school, right across the street from her former public school, and is doing great. If that didn't happen, I'd have a pretty simple...

Posted on 10/26/09 at 09:17 am in response to Roadside guns and garbage

I'm not surprised you're surprised. Many -- nobody knows how many -- of the tens of thousands of Minnesota permit holders routinely carry their guns when doing everyday things like shopping or taking the kids to school or picking up trash by the side of the road. But since most who do that carry discreetly, you've probably been near permit holders many times without noticing. No particular reason you should.

As to the road cleanup, you may be certain that everybody who was doing it...

"Plaintiffs’ Middle Eastern descent does not change the analysis. Similar behavior by Russian Orthodox priests or Franciscan monks would likely not have elicited this response."

I dunno. I see a bunch of Orthodox priest and/or Franciscan monks kneeling down in the direction of Mecca, chanting loudly in Arabic, including chants of "Allah, Allah," I'm going to get very suspicious. I don't know a lot of either, but I would have thought that they don't actually do that.

Posted on 09/16/09 at 04:43 am in response to Clarifying weapons laws: Guns OK, puppets not

Well, Hendrickson isn't one of the sharper bulbs in the drawer. Sure, a guy who just got out of jail on a misdemeanor assault charge has rights, but I think he's mainly about getting his fifteen minutes, which he's gotten, and I doubt we'll be talking about him a few days from now.

As to Wilson, well, yeah, he was right -- while the House bill does have a section that says that illegal aliens don't get any of the publicly-paid for healthcare benefits, Obama -- who is one of the...

Posted on 09/10/09 at 08:05 am in response to Why is politics in this state so serious?

Err... that should have been "Michael and me." And, yeah, I've heard both of you speaking respectfully of each other, which -- IMHO, and all -- is all to the good. Seriously. As you imply in your article, there's really no good reason that a bit of humor and friendliness will prevent partisans on any side from going after each other on political matters.

Much better to leave the incivility to that jerk who goes around wearing that t-shirt that says, "I was slow-rolled by the Pawlenty...

Posted on 09/10/09 at 08:07 am in response to Why is politics in this state so serious?

When people have to go without healthcare or go bankrupt, that tends to leave people feeling like there is no humor left. You obviously have a job and healthcare and can close your eyes to other people's suffering.

Think of how you would feel if someone joked about your layoff after it happened.

Seriously, Grace: lighten up. By your standards, all humor should have been called off during the Great Depression or WWII.