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John Hoffman

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Chisago City, Minnesota
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Posted on 08/27/14 at 03:18 pm in response to John Boehner embraces his inner monkey

I think I heard him mutter...."Rosebud".

Is seems this Quinnipiac Poll is trotted out with every President and none fare too well while in office.

Posted on 04/17/12 at 03:11 pm in response to Thank the GOP for state's budget surplus

The GOP loves to rail against TARP, but that didn't stop T-Paw from accepting $3.27 billion in TARP money to help MN survive the Bush Bank Collapse of 2008. Indeed, it could have been much worse.

Arizona lost a lot of business this past year due to their new immigration laws. Looks like Alabama is about to learn bigotry & harassment are not rewarded in the world economy.

Posted on 12/02/11 at 03:34 am in response to Telling Repubs how to talk

I'm not falling for your Jedi mind tricks. I've already seen the "Job Creator" euphemism as rich guys like Romney breaking up good American companies in the name of capitalism and creating jobs for China! I see nothing noble in the dismantling of companies like Mitt suggested in the 2008 Rescue Package. The US saved GM, like Reagan did with Chrysler in the early 1980's with a bridge loan. What would Lee Iococo say today about that? It was the right thing to do then, and it's still right...

Posted on 12/02/11 at 03:51 am in response to For Bachmann and the supercommittee, a tale of two statements

Yah right. Just like she wouldn't let Iran develop a nuclear weapon. Michele always keeps me wanting more. As in specifics, details of a plan. The way she talks about issued is geared to 4th graders. She may as well say it'll never rain in her world, unless she wants it to. I see more similarities between her and Kim Jung Il, than her and Wellstone.

Posted on 08/22/11 at 11:27 am in response to 'When you speak six times a day, slip-ups can occur'

I'm wondering what excuse the Dr. will have for unfounded business deductions once she & her husband finally disclose their financial papers to the FEC? She filed for another extension recently on top of a previous 45 day extension. What are you hiding Dr. Bachmann?

Posted on 08/22/11 at 04:17 pm in response to Huntsman on Bachmann: "We live in the real world."

Glad to see Huntsman is at least GOP Republican who isn't afraid to say "The Empress has no clothes". She's been getting away with complete lack of intellectual integrity for far too long. Like a moth to the flame, she can't resist the light, but the further she ventures into national spotlight, the crispier she'll get.

Ads are way overplayed and annoying. But there is some simple fairness not happening in this economy. If someone pulls down a million bucks a year, they are getting paid in one year what a person who's average yearly earnings are $33k in a 30 year career. These are the everyday Minnesotans who are taking care of the very young, old, and sick in our State. That's not easy work. It pisses me off when people think the very wealthy are working harder than these folks. It's also why I like...

Posted on 07/09/11 at 05:39 am in response to Molnau says T-Paw wouldn't keep aides who criticized him

Wasn't it T-Paw who, when he wasn't running for President 2 years ago, reintroduced us to TFLOMN as his "smokin' hot wife"? May this culture in the T-Paw camp seeped under the skin of the normally politically reserved Weber, and evoked a long supressed comment, previously only in his private thoughts, to the surface while trying to explain the success of the girl from next door? Or, maybe she is hot too? Who cares? She's a lying loud mouth lynx.