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John Jordan

Brooklyn Park, MN
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Posted on 01/03/12 at 08:50 am in response to Should the media report Brodkorb rumors in Koch scandal?

All this from the same people who support "", the extremist lefty group formed to tell us to "move on" from the very-real Clinton affair (and lying under oath). Chant with me: This is what hypocrisy looks like!

Posted on 12/16/11 at 12:48 pm in response to Emily's List supports Tarryl Clark again

Liberal group supports carpet-bagging liberal candidate. Talk about a dog bits mail man (oh sorry, "postal carrier") story.

Posted on 11/30/11 at 04:19 pm in response to to rally at Bachmann's Woodbury office

Yawn, yawn, yawn. This is such a waste of energy. If these people were *really* concerned about the poor and unemployed, especially at Christmas time, they'd be out helping those people. Their "protests" (which NEVER change anybody's mind) do no good, they get in the way of innocent people going about their regular business, and are a total waste of time.

Posted on 07/06/11 at 10:54 am in response to Iowa Democrats hit Pawlenty on property taxes

In other words, just another dishonest Democrat ad. Not one city or county was forced by any bill signed by Pawlenty forced a property tax increase. If a city or county raises taxes it is all on their head for not finding ways to economize how they do business. Any city or county that still depends on LGA is living in the '60's and needs to replace their elected and unelected management.

When do you suppose they'll make Rep. Ryan Winkler apologize for his abuse of private citizens from his Twitter account? Double standard.

Posted on 06/09/11 at 11:16 am in response to Minnesota small-business owners celebrate swipe-fee vote

When are they going to start regulating the cost of a cup of coffee at Caribou? What, not their business? Well, neither is this. It's silly and it's probably unconstitutional. The result is going to be all of us paying more fees at banks and it's not going to save anyone any money. From one pocket to another. When will this liberal gov't learn that it can't micro-manage business like this and have success. It NEVER works.

Posted on 06/09/11 at 06:44 am in response to Another budget meeting, another day of no progress

The definition of a "thoughtful compromise"? Republicans throw away their core principle that gov't doesn't need more money and raising taxes harms job growth.

The fact of the matter is that Mark Dayton wants a tax increase for just one reason; 2012. The DFL will pound every Republican who votes for a tax increase telling voters "see, they lied!" It is the ONLY reason he's doing this, not because he's got some principle he's standing on.

Voters aren't stupid and most see...

Posted on 05/13/11 at 07:10 am in response to Same-sex marriage in Minnesota: Your turn to speak up

How backwards is this. Gay marriage proponents claim a "basic right" where there is none. They they claim we don't have the "right" to vote on something that is defined in the constitution as a right. Democrats cry against democracy because they're afraid of the will of the people. Amazing.

Posted on 04/01/11 at 09:29 am in response to Policies that built first-ring suburbs in 1950s now foster their decline

I know it's a minor detail because the entire Twin Cities media is geographically challenged, but Brooklyn PARK is NOT a "first ring suburb".

Get out the map, boys and girls, and learn the difference between Brooklyn PARK and Brooklyn CENTER. Similar names, yes, but two different cities.

Posted on 03/09/11 at 01:53 pm in response to WCCO Radio: We did not diss Dayton, still want his show

Dayton, substance - now that's some funny stuff. Dayton is lucky any station cared. He's incredibly ackward, in person or on air. Clearly even WDFL recognized he needed someone with him who could put two sentences together.