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Posted on 09/16/14 at 06:05 pm in response to Dayton: Adrian Peterson's actions are 'a public embarrassment'

Could someone explain the how and why of corporations' sponsorships of pro football teams? (I don't follow NFL affairs)

I get how local businesses will sponsor a town's little league baseball or adult recreational softball teams. But for the Vikings? They pay for having corporate logos displayed around a stadium?

Posted on 06/10/14 at 04:30 am in response to Examining the costs of hosting the Super Bowl

......if the little people, Joe Sixpack and Betty Boxwine, are allowed someplace in the "Yard" to catch a glimpse of the celebrities and national politicians entering the stadium.

Posted on 11/03/13 at 05:42 am in response to Noise is more than annoying — it's a public health problem

"My personal pet peeve ...... the unmuffled Harley........ ."

Should a representative of the Harley Davidson company chime in, it will be pointed out that their product leaves the factory in compliance with EPA regulations regarding noise. While the company and it's dealers realize considerable extra profits from the sale of exhaust pipes and engine modifications that greatly amplify the sound, these are promoted and sold with the disclaimer (wink, wink) of being intended only for the...

Posted on 09/25/13 at 04:03 am in response to Kenyan foreign minister says some attackers from Minnesota

Yesterday morning around the office coffee machine the conversation was about how the Nairobi mall attackers had been "trained in Minneapolis". After that subject was covered, it was on to complaining about Obamacare.

Posted on 09/23/13 at 09:17 am in response to Iowa's Grassley will seek a sixth Senate term in 2016

One of my memories of being a student at the University of Iowa was when Grassley, then in the Iowa legislature, raised a fuss about depictions of nudes in the art department's collection and exhibits. I don't recall whether he was objecting to any and all paintings, sculptures etc. or something more controversial such as some of Robert Mapplethorpe's photography.

A brief internet search didn't confirm this, so it's possible that I'm starting to remember things that weren't.

Posted on 07/10/13 at 01:30 pm in response to Frac mining’s pros and cons: Debate focuses on southeastern Minnesota

Winona's City Hall is committed to facilitating the use of our rail and barge facilities for frac sand shipping. Since I live downtown near the bridge from Wisconsin, I thought the least that could be done would be expand the areas where trucks are prohibited from using their "jake brakes". I was told that it's not going to happen because the truckers know from experience that it won't be enforced.

Posted on 04/17/13 at 11:33 am in response to Is Minnesota friendly to small businesses?

"....will .... harm some 21,000 small business owners who pay individual income taxes on their business income."

I hear this claim a lot. Does not Minnesota let them deduct all of their expenses and only tax the profit that's left over? I seriously don't know.

Posted on 02/07/13 at 10:55 am in response to Gun advocates vent over proposed restrictions on assault weapons

It's not strictly an assault weapon as commonly thought of, and some models of 50cal sniper rifles are bolt action rather than semi-auto. The links below are the first I've seen the media mention these in the context of gun control. As of now, less regulated than pistols as I understand it, and I suppose the NRA would like to keep it that way.


Posted on 01/04/13 at 08:02 pm in response to '12 motorcycle deaths spike as Minnesota traffic fatalities rise

Motorcycle deaths can be reduced by the use of loud exhaust pipes, according to the "biker's rights" organizations such as ABATE (A Brotherhood Against Totalitarian Enactments- those enactments being helmet laws). So enterprising reporters could also note the estimated decibel level of the deceased biker's Harley.

Posted on 12/17/12 at 10:24 am in response to Prominent blogger: Arm teachers, staff

Or magazines, as a commentator in another article said was the correct term. Besides banning those holding more than ten rounds or so, ban the sale or possession of any except for the serial number registered one included in the purchase of a firearm. Maybe allow one additional clip, maybe not. No replacement without returning a worn out or defective clip. No claiming it was lost.

This, of course, won't address what's already out there. Maybe a buy back effort along with monitoring...