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John Olson

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Excellent points, but you are overlooking one potentially signifcant part of this discussion: demographics.

When you take into account that we are living longer lives, this also has an impact on both tax revenues and government spending. The following chart from CDC illustrates changes over the decades:

...that Springsteen video also includes a young Courteney Cox bobbing up and down next to the stage, then getting onstage to dance at the end.

Mr. Schoch pretty much nails it. I would only add that I get a sense that the opponents of alternative licensure are somehow throwing as many wrenches into this as they possibly can. I'm betting the Board continues to stall as much as they can in anticipation of going to the 2013 Minnesota Legislature with proposals to buy more time, hire outside consultants to study it further, water the language down, and/or propose an outright repeal.

Under Minnesota law, if a voter leaves the question blank on the ballot for a question that would propose to amend the Minnesota Constitution--but otherwise votes on other races, it is considered a "no" vote by default.

I'm surprised this is not mentioned. Then again, the way politics are going these days, little surprises me any longer.

Posted on 07/16/12 at 04:59 pm in response to Stung by fines and ruling, Minnesota GOP tries to regroup

...another Minnesotan: Louie Anderson.

Posted on 06/26/12 at 08:46 am in response to GOP Senate leaders have coffee with Michael Brodkorb but won't say why

Everyone in this sordid affair has reportedly lawyered up and then the likely plaintiff gets together with two folks who *may* be named as defendants for coffee, sans lawyers. Really? Are they discussing what ails the Minnesota Twins?

Meanwhile, the Larkin-Hoffman bill was recently reported to be just south of $85,000 so far and keeps on ticking upwards.

A decidely British term succinctly summarizes this whole debacle: shambolic.

Posted on 06/05/12 at 03:05 am in response to The DFL convenes amid lots of loathing but maybe not enough fear

Nobody (including you) should assume ANYTHING at this point about the November elections--five months away. Democrats stayed home in 2010 and the result was deserved.

Is this a news item or a column?

Hmmm....I think it is safe to say that if the roles were reversed and it just happened to be a DFLer in the precarious situation Sen. Koch has put herself and her caucus in, the party of "family values" would not only demand an investigation, they would also demand a resignation. They would be piling on early and often.

I think this overall dysfunctional group of ne'er do wells would best serve the people's interests by getting whatever little work they have to do done. Then leave.

Regardless of whether Mr. Sviggum can balance the two positions, odds are the "Court of Public Opinion" is likely to force him to make a choice between the two.

Posted on 01/17/12 at 05:01 pm in response to Senate GOP choice of Steve Sviggum comes with strange twists

If the identical circumstance arose with the DFL Senate Caucus making an appointment of a former legislator and current member of the Board of Regents of the U of M to a similar post, the Republicans would be in an uproar.

A "fine choice?" Debatable.