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John Reinan

Minneapolis, MN
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If this topic interests you, it would be worth reading up on other military-based crowd control weapons your government is developing, such as sonic cannon and heat-ray guns that penetrate the skin and set the fluids in your body into a brief broil. Your tax dollars at work.

Posted on 08/05/14 at 03:36 pm in response to Peter Callaghan joins MinnPost

The 1936 Gophers opened the season on the road at UW. Led by the stellar play of Bud Wilkinson, they defeated the Huskies 14-7 on the way to their third straight national title.

What a wonderful example our mayor is setting as a politician who is also a real human being. And Sally -- nice "get" on the interview.

I learned a great deal from this concise yet thorough report. Thanks so much. I'm very excited, especially, to hear Frey's and Bender's focus on quality development. I live in Linden Hills and have been through several major NIMBY episodes, verging on BANANA. Maybe if people in SW Mpls see great urban developments elsewhere in the city, they'll lose some of that attitude. I hope Frey can facilitate a great project on the Superior Plating site, and I commend Bender for her stand on the...

Posted on 05/14/14 at 09:36 am in response to Marion Greene wins Hennepin County Board seat; sworn in May 21 or after

I supported Marion Greene and was pleased that she won, of course. But it's not blind partisanship that makes me say: Aspiring DFL commissioner candidates, don't even think of taking another run at this seat in August!!! We don't need another campaign season for this seat.

Posted on 04/30/14 at 09:43 pm in response to Taylor's Star Tribune purchase triggers newsroom buyouts

I get tired of that shallow cynicism so commonly expressed about newspapers in Internet comment sections.

And yet the geniuses who have presided over the halving of the newspaper industry have decided that's the way to go -- at least, some of them have.

Posted on 04/17/14 at 10:16 pm in response to Minneapolis Council committee votes to demolish historic rooming house

And we need more density if this city is to continue to thrive. Keeping an old house, simply because it's old, is not the way to promote growth.

Now there will be more people patronizing stores in that urban neighborhood, more people and eyeballs on the sidewalks, more people riding the bus.

The preservationists are being short-sighted in this case.

Posted on 04/18/14 at 10:02 am in response to Minneapolis Council committee votes to demolish historic rooming house

But when they have been carved up into rooming houses and gutted of their essential period character, then I think it's time to let go of them.

Posted on 04/07/14 at 11:17 am in response to How Justice Roberts’ campaign-finance ruling ignores the real world

And Meffert's comment about the narrow background of modern justices has been overlooked by the national media covering this. It's an important point. Look at just a few justices from the last century. Many of them are no longer well-known names, but they had active political careers before joining the court.

Charles Evans Hughes: governor of New York, presidential candidate
Fred Vinson: U.S. congressman from Kentucky and Treasury secretary
Earl Warren: governor of...