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John Reinan

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Posted on 04/07/14 at 11:17 am in response to How Justice Roberts’ campaign-finance ruling ignores the real world

And Meffert's comment about the narrow background of modern justices has been overlooked by the national media covering this. It's an important point. Look at just a few justices from the last century. Many of them are no longer well-known names, but they had active political careers before joining the court.

Charles Evans Hughes: governor of New York, presidential candidate
Fred Vinson: U.S. congressman from Kentucky and Treasury secretary
Earl Warren: governor of...

I've walked by it hundreds of times. And it's a perfect illustration of why limiting teardowns was misguided. That home in the picture has been vacant for at least five years. In the summer, the lawn grows knee-high. It was built on soggy ground and the foundation is tilted at least 10 degrees. There is no way in hell anyone in their right mind would buy that house except to tear it down. And if it's torn down and a new home is built, the neighborhood will be much better off.


I think this line in the story is unfortunate:

"where cottage-sized homes have been replaced with larger, suburban-type houses."

Larger, yes. Suburban-type? I dispute that. People in Linden Hills use that term in a derogatory way. Your use of it strikes me as biased toward the NIMBY groups.

I live in the neighborhood and have seen these homes go up over the last 10 years. Many of them are designed to look and feel like the large, two-story homes with porches that were...

I live in Linden Hills. My position has always been simple: If people with money want to live in the city of Minneapolis and pay city taxes, we should encourage them.

Most of the problems described here could be solved by better enforcement of existing regulations. Some of them need better ;ong-term action, but the moratorium is overreach.

And as far as the complaints of dumpsters, dust, noise -- please. These are temporary annoyances. You can't build without them. Be happy...

Posted on 03/26/14 at 10:12 am in response to It's time to rein in predatory contracting of government services

You can find all kinds of stuff online about this. Here's just one excerpt:

"The price of parking—and the intensity of enforcement—skyrocketed. The terms were negotiated in secret. City Council members got two days to study the billion-dollar, seventy-five-year contract before signing off on it. An early estimate from the Chicago inspector general was that the city had sold off its property for about half of what it was worth. Then an alderman said it was worth about four times what...

Micropayments have been discussed for the better part of a decade, and yet I'm not sure if any sites have actually implemented them. Are you aware of any, Sean? I'd be interested to know.

I'd disagree that Fox shows a conservative slant only on clearly labeled opinion shows, Dennis. But no matter your politics, you have to give Roger Ailes credit for identifying a desire that wasn't being met, and meeting it.

Posted on 03/03/14 at 11:55 am in response to 25 years on, folks overwhelmingly embrace World Wide Web

The Web makes fraud easier and makes it easier for the government to spy on us. Still, on balance, it's been a huge positive.

Posted on 02/27/14 at 01:09 pm in response to Rep. Dave Camp's tax plan is smart, brave — and going nowhere

A tax of a fraction of a penny on stock trades would bring in billions of dollars painlessly and would make the people who caused the Great Recession pay for getting us out of it.

Posted on 02/13/14 at 12:40 pm in response to Streetcars belong safely tucked into our most cherished memories

Here's one line that caught my eye:

"Are we trying to encourage and indirectly subsidize developers or deal with transportation issues?"

You must realize that for decades, we've been directly and indirectly subsidizing developers with roads,sewers and other utilities, tax breaks (the home mortgage deduction) and a myriad of other financial inducements.

Any possible streetcar subsidy pales beside the trillions in subsidies we've already given for other forms of...