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Jon Erik Kingstad

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Posted on 02/24/12 at 10:38 pm in response to Serious java: The Twin Cities' new generation of artisan coffee shops

But you seem to have left out the east metro. Are you saying there are no quality coffee places there?

Posted on 02/24/12 at 03:54 pm in response to Republican campaign as murder-suicide pact?

i.e. about not trying to listen to whether the other side has anything worth listening to or whom you are saying is "convinced of the rightness of their own side". Matt Taibbi?

I'm glad you are listening to the Republican debates though to try to hear if there is anything worth listening to. I'm not holding my breath that anything that emerges from this farce will be anyone but a right wing religious fanatic. Worth listening to just to know when it's time to duck or run for cover.

Posted on 02/24/12 at 09:14 pm in response to Don't 'get' Pollock or Picasso? Maybe you need a good scare

This is an interesting study. Worthwhile too because it addresses that seldom used notion of the "sublime". I'm thinking that "sublime"is too "sublime" for American culture which only respond to extremes like "terror' and laughs at "nuanced" responses to events. "Sublime" is not for morons, I'm afraid.

Posted on 02/23/12 at 02:14 pm in response to ‘Welfare Reform 2.0’ moves ahead, but met with anger at Legislature

@ David Moufang: I agree. It's really all about power and using it against the powerless. These proposals are all about humiliating people who are already degraded in their own eyes, forcing them to jump through more hoops to prove they aren't thieves.

Posted on 02/22/12 at 12:34 pm in response to Redistricting: Competition or safe seats?

Very informative article. I'd never heard of these different theories of drawing district boundary lines. I don't see any of these theories dealing with the root of the problem in our system of government which is the "winner take all" principle that leaves, as the article says, about half of the voters unhappy if not frustrated and upset. The whole idea of geographically based electoral boundaries seems outmoded particularly after Citizens United where elections are driven by fund raising....

I hadn't heard about Obama getting flack for actually expressing a tenet of Christian discipleship. I wonder what part of Obama's agenda Rick Santorum is talking about? Maybe it's continuing the War in Afghanistan, though I doubt that. It can't be about his policies toward the financial services industries because Obama has always turned the other cheek to the robber barons at Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan. It must be because Obama condones insurance coverage for contraception, which we all...

Posted on 02/18/12 at 08:58 pm in response to Minnesota officials await final word on transportation funding

Chip Cravaack has no problem with diverting "royalties" from sales of oil on government land to the trust fund. What does he think these"royalties" are? "Royalties" are nothing more than a fancy term for "monopoly profit." It's the same term used for license fees to other monopoly (patent and copyright) holders. There is no economic reason for them.They are collected because the law says the holder can charge and collect them at whatever the market will bear.

I suspect that the...

Posted on 02/17/12 at 10:42 am in response to How the New York Times got the Chisago County entitlements story

It's a shame that the word "entitlements" was used by some government bean-counter to describe the category of "fixed, recurring expenditures" by the government. The right has a gifted way of putting down anyone and anything that doesn't meet its twisted view of reality. Of which this article makes me wonder if this twisted view of reality doesn't emanate from within. It's a sad truth that many people don't despise others as much as they despise themselves or what they view as themselves. It...

Posted on 02/17/12 at 10:43 pm in response to How the New York Times got the Chisago County entitlements story

Until someone shows the memo that says otherwise, I'll believe the word "entitlements" got there by some bureaucrat using accountese to describe a portion of the budget on which Congress does not act. The right has cleverly turned an otherwise neutral word into a polarizing word by playing on the ambiguity of "entitled" as "having a right to something" versus " feeling you have a right to something" (i.e, "feeling entitled" as in "the world owes me a living" entitled).. Just think of what...

Posted on 01/24/12 at 02:05 pm in response to Dissecting GOP campaign rhetoric: Transforming vs. restoring America

Paul and Neal pretty well sum up the Republican "vision" thing for America.

I like Eric's slogan "Forward into the past" as the Republican slogan not just for his reasons but because it recalls one of the skits on the Firesign Theater's "How Can You be Two Places at Once When You're Not Anywhere at All". Which also seems to fit the Republican party.