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Jon Erik Kingstad

Afton, MN
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Posted on 07/10/12 at 06:03 pm in response to Bachmann: Investigate the reach of the Muslim Brotherhood

I expect in my lifetime, we'll be forced to sacrifice live goats and pray to Mecca five times a day. I mean, with the Muslim Brotherhood "influencing State Department policies", what on earth is next? The Vatican influencing State Department policies or the policies of the US government or those of the states?

Posted on 07/10/12 at 06:22 pm in response to Chris Hedges' chilling essay: 'Above all else, never lie to yourself'

I respect Chris Hedges very much both in his writings and for his courageous civil disobedience opposing the Keystone tar sands pipeline and his stand on climate change. His is a much needed voice against the corruption of our materialistic culture. His tone is ominous which is necessary to reach the far too many deluded people on this planet who think business as usual can continue indefinitely. His essay here, like others he has written, and like those of others who share his passion for...

Posted on 07/11/12 at 10:00 am in response to Chris Hedges' chilling essay: 'Above all else, never lie to yourself'

I don't think Hedges is talking about health insurance though his point does bear upon health care and access to it. It is true that capitalism has raised the "quality of life" for many of us but still far too few benefit from it. The trend of things over the past thirty years has been away from improving the quality of life for the many to the fewer.

But I think what Hedges means by "corporate capitalism killing us" is that our mindless quest for material comfort will be our...

Swedes and Norwegians can work together.

"Compromise does not mean giving up the views of either side --it is however work accommodations that work for both those favoring the legislation and for those against but having a veiled purpose. To achieve this approach there must be flexibility in the ideology of both sides--this has been missing from both sides--thus little or no real good government improvement legislation."

That's a critical distinction. Unfortunately, when one side thinks "good government" is an oxymoron,...

Posted on 07/02/12 at 08:50 am in response to Missouri has stalled Voter ID for ... six years

Maybe the leading Republican expert on health care issues didn't get the memo but the "business of insurance" has been regulated in Minnesota for about at least sixty years. So is he saying that the crappy system of health insurance is because of the crappy regulation? The R's have been talking about some vague plan they have as an alternative to the plan which was adopted that was their plan to begin with from 1989. The R's are always amazing: I always thought people could only talk out of...

Posted on 07/02/12 at 03:37 pm in response to More dribs and drabs after the big health care ruling
Posted on 06/29/12 at 01:55 pm in response to Subtle conservative victories lurk within the health care ruling

I'd say that's the right wing message in this decision. Roberts got two "liberal" justices to go along with him on that, so what we'll see is increased interference by the judiciary in legislative policy matters depending on whether the justices (or appeals court or district court judges) feel the conditions "dragoon" a state too much. I don't think liberals or conservatives should be too happy about a court that feels free to interject itself into policymaking to such a degree. If the ACA...

and they have no valid ideas now. All they can claim is that it somehow infringes on people's freedom, something which they have no problem doing in other areas of life. I too hope that the Democrats will use the ACA to educate the public of the benefits of this law. Not forgetting to also remind people that the Republicans want to gut Medicare and Social Security.

Posted on 06/28/12 at 03:29 pm in response to Minnesota reaction to Supreme Court ruling comes fast, furious

the Court upheld the law. I was bracing myself for a ruling that 5 members of the Court would say it is unconstitutional and the terrible political implications that would mean for progressivism in this country.

The Court did the right thing by leaving the key political element, the "mandate" in place. It did gut the other part about Medicaid for the states which the right should be happy about. But of course, it's not because they're going to have to convince people outside of the...