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Jon Erik Kingstad

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Posted on 06/11/12 at 02:40 pm in response to Let's stop the war on public school teachers

that private schools achieve any "better" results than public schools. You can find outstanding examples of either private or public schools anywhere you look, just as you can find examples of "failed" schools. "Privatizing" is one of those glittering panaceas that seem to offer solutions to misdiagnosed problems. And, as we've seen with our health care system, the "greatest in the world" (not), transferring the financing of health care to business corporations operated for the personal...

Posted on 06/12/12 at 08:12 am in response to Let's stop the war on public school teachers

It's not a disdain for anything "public" versus "private", which is a simplistic dichotomy. Is Excel Energy, a "public utility" even if it's "privately owned", i.e. "privately owned" by millions of shareholders and traded on a "public stock exchange"? What "private" corporation of any magnitude is going to be allowed to go under today? If Goldman Sachs is "too big to fail" so is our public education system.

Minnesota has not made "education" a right; it made "public education" a...

Posted on 06/12/12 at 02:08 pm in response to Let's stop the war on public school teachers

but it still depends on what your criteria are. Are kids smarter today than 30 or 100 years ago? Do they get more "A's" ? Is that really a valid measure of comparison? etc. Still, this link should (but probably won't) quiet those voices who are convinced our public school system is a complete failure and needs immediate reform.

Posted on 06/06/12 at 06:18 pm in response to Obama supporters who voted to keep Scott Walker

about what's been happening in this country. It's not too surprising that they might be attracted to an authoritarian type leader, even when he's bringing in a wrecking crane to "fix" things that aren't even broken. Despite the strong polarization in this election, there are many voters who consider themselves "independents" which I think means they think they are voting for the candidate and not any ideology. This is so even though their votes perpetuate the ideology of the right.


Posted on 06/06/12 at 10:01 am in response to Ron Paul and the Fed: how we got to this point

This column is a good, informative summary history of banking in the US or maybe a summary of the history of the fear of central banking. The problem is that unless there is a central bank with legally defined powers, not having one won't prevent that void from being filled by a rough equivalent. Before the Federal Reserve, we had a "Money Trust" that had global reach and which had leaders (like J.P. Morgan) who performed the role of a central bank. But on his terms and for a great profit....

Posted on 06/06/12 at 08:27 am in response to Walker survives recall

David Dayen at firedoglake writes that a glitch in Wisconsin campaign finance law was the reason for Walker's outspending in this race. As the incumbent, he could receive tons of financial contributions while the recall efforts were still collecting signatures while Barrett could only raise money after the recall was in play. Citizen's United was not the reason Walker could outspend Barrett.

This was an important election, but probably not the most important in decades. That was in...

Posted on 05/31/12 at 12:22 pm in response to Scott Walker recall proponents focusing on Tuesday’s voter turnout

When people like Mr. Gross, who is not even a Wisconsin resident, talk about Walker being good for business, I wonder whose business he's talking about? Maybe "claims management" is a thriving sector (whatever "claims management" is) but the rest of the economy remains most in neutral, and Wisconsin is among the worst. When Scott Walker tells people Wisconsin is "open for business" don't they realize he's talking about the State government being "open for business" and not in the above the...

Posted on 05/31/12 at 07:29 am in response to The unknowability of everything about government bookkeeping

ended about twenty years ago. Or call it WWIII, the "Cold War", same thing. What we know is that spending on things military has not slackened one whit but has increased since then even though there is no nation of earth that comes close to the military prowess and firepower. Another part of the budget is just the interest on the debt which Reagan and Bush I ran up in the 1980's in war spending. A nontrivial part of the war spending budget is a "black budget" meaning few elected officials...

Posted on 05/23/12 at 10:34 am in response to What Charles Krauthammer thinks about Obama and the election

To paraphrase Mark Twain, the rumors of the demise of European social democracy are way premature so Krauthammer gets that wrong. Just as he does most everything else. The right makes such a big deal about European social democracy painting it in the worst way possible but never willing to acknowledge that it actually works. With respect to health care services and financing, it works better than the US "model" if the train wreck that exists here can actually be described as a model of...

Posted on 05/18/12 at 08:18 pm in response to Ron Paul strategy: Control the GOP from the inside out

The Powerline reference to "doctrinaire" is undoubtedly to that shopworn phrase "doctrinaire liberal" which you might only know if you remember those enduring phrases like "pointy-headed" and "nattering nabobs of negativism." Eventually, we'll get back to "there you go again" and other recycled Reaganisms which will begin to awaken those who have managed to hang on this long that the right wing exhausted their capacity for originality in 1981.