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Jon Erik Kingstad

Afton, MN
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Posted on 05/07/12 at 11:25 am in response to Needed to fix parking blight: Lots of trees

Drive into any parking lot in Minnesota (or anyplace else it seems) in the summer as described in this article, and you see at most a few slender saplings with a sliver of shade and every one with a car below it. There's almost nothing worse than getting into a car baking in such a parking lot after a few hours (that includes getting into a car in subzero weather). I've heard that the temperatures are 120 degrees + and that the heat releases toxic fumes from the interior upholstery. Let...

Posted on 05/05/12 at 10:42 am in response to Bachmann made only two teensy mistakes

why is Romney the apparent Republican nominee and not Michele Bachmann? Or one of the other darlings of the demented right? If people like Bachmann claim to have such deep support in the Republican Party, where is that support at the voting booth?

Having been raised in the Catholic faith, I was taught to have great respect for the clergy, who, unlike the laity, put their faith into action with different vow, some with vows of poverty, almost all with vows of celibacy or chastity, and in some cases obedience and silence. I assume Sister Brigid actions and words also reflect the commitment to her faith that most of the rest of us have not.

Almost every religious debate or dispute we have today is not really religious or...

Posted on 04/26/12 at 08:11 pm in response to GOP heavyweights unhappy with all the additional stadium gambling

"I could hardly fail to disagree with you less."

Posted on 04/25/12 at 09:16 am in response to The moral case against the Vikings stadium

but the idea of trying to hold people "morally responsibility" does not seem to carry much weight with a lot of people. If we were to apply the principle of "moral responsibility" to e.g. health care cost and finance, we should hold business and industry liable for payment, having polluted our environment with PCB's, mercury, lead, asbestos, benzene, etc., etc., that cause cancer and other forms of bankrupting illnesses; and the food industry/monopoly for having degraded our diet to clog our...

Posted on 04/24/12 at 08:32 am in response to What the media covers, in one easy graphic

of the same graph from thirty or forty years ago would be interesting and telling. But then you didn't have the opposition party digging in their heels and starting the next Presidential campaign the day after inauguration either.

Posted on 04/23/12 at 02:35 pm in response to Not all laws come from high-powered lobbying campaigns

There are probably countless others but it's good to know about this revision. Last time I looked there were about 4 different laws governing receiverships. Hopefully, this new law will clean things up.

Posted on 04/21/12 at 11:34 am in response to Alan Rice: Greco-Roman wrestling legend recalls historic Olympics

This interesting article reminds of an interesting film noir I saw recently called "Night and the City". This film was about an American con-man living in London promoting a return to Greco-Roman wrestling against the prevailing fixed, fake wrestling matches that were portrayed as real wrestling. The film featured real Greco-Roman wrestling champion named Stanislaus Zbyszko in his film acting debut as Gregorius, a Greco-Roman wrestling legend. Gregorius was the father of the London...

Posted on 04/20/12 at 03:18 pm in response to Future of Senate seems balanced on a pin

As we've seen throughout the past ten years, the filibuster rule as amended (so that one need not even actually filibuster any more) has made 60 votes the new threshold for any Progressive legislation to meet. Senators who call themselves "Democratic" like Joe Lieberman, Ben Campbell, Max Baucus and a number of others, are self-described centrists who only swing one way and that's to the right to allow Republicans a pass and require only 50 votes for their bills. E.g. the pro-business, right...

Posted on 04/21/12 at 09:03 pm in response to Future of Senate seems balanced on a pin

I have small "thought experiment" to illustrate the point of the absurd and outlandish obsolescence of the Constitution to our society. Article V provides that:

"The Congress, whenever two thirds of both Houses shall deem it necessary, shall propose Amendments to this Constitution, or, on the Application of the Legislatures of two thirds of the several States, shall call a Convention for proposing Amendments, which, in either Case, shall be valid to all Intents and Purposes, as Part...