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Jon Erik Kingstad

Afton, MN
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is why can't one buy wine or beer in grocery stores? You can buy all sorts of alcohol in grocery stores in Milwaukee County 24-7 (though not in St. Croix County for some reason).

The Sunday ban on alcohol sales is naked economic protectionism, similar to minimum resale price laws. I can understand why it exists. I don't understand why the right wingers support it. But then again, who said the right wing had any principles?

Posted on 03/06/14 at 02:29 pm in response to Nolan, Peterson back GOP bill to delay the individual mandate

The Affordable Care Act and its Minnesota version, MNSURE will help many, many people obtain affordable health insurance. But it's not news that those individuals had no trouble finding plans that worked for them.

The ACA is in my mind only a step toward a complete single payer system or universal health care. But it's at least step in the right direction. I hope before this election year is done we'll hear from the Democratic candidates about this fact and how much the Republican...

Posted on 03/04/14 at 10:16 am in response to U.S.-Pacific grand vision could greatly affect Minnesota trade

another multinational corporate friendly treaty like NAFTA or GATT because these have worked so well for the American people and employment? These treaties are supposedly based on "free trade". Not. They are about disabling democratic institutions to solidify more economic and political power in the financial elites who profit from them.

Posted on 02/28/14 at 08:39 pm in response to Best Picture of a loser: 'Inside Llewyn Davis'

I haven't seen "Inside" yet but it sounds to me like a worthwhile film. The Coens have revealed in their films that they have a deeper understanding of the culture than most of the rest of Hollywood. This film sounds to me like a variation on "Death of a Salesman" but rather than being about people who continue even after their dreams have failed, it's about the people who continue to strive for their dreams in spite of the world's rejection of their vision.

Posted on 02/26/14 at 09:14 pm in response to What's worse, gridlock or the alternative?

if we had any clear evidence of what he describes was or is actually happening.

But look at the realities. A candidate like Obama is elected on a lofty, high-minded program of "hope and change". Actually promises to try to get proposals that a lot of people would probably call "left", like "universal health care" witha "pubc option" (not to be confused with single payer) and talks a great game about reform of banking and financial markets, help for people with their mortgages and...

As much as I disagree with them, the right-to-life's tactic of resisting Roe v. Wade by continually enacting laws that are sometimes in its teeth. Their tactic has paid off since Roe has been eroded since 1973 by the enactment of laws that defy that ruling.

The Supreme Court decisions in Buckley v. Valeo (the money is speech" decision), and Citizen's United and its line of cases (including the earlier Lewis Powell authored decision in Bellotti extending the First Amendment to...

Perhaps one type of reform Mr. Bruns has in mind is a provision related to patent misuse which was added in 1988. Patents are deemed to be an exception to American law and policy against monopoly but they are encouraged for the reasons mentioned in Mr. Bruns's article. During the 20th century, the US Supreme Court developed a policy against allowing extension of the patent monopoly by strict interpretation of claims to prevent things like "tying arrangements" where other unpatented ideas of...

There is no evidence that raising the minimum wage slows growth or prevents job creation. Now maybe it won't "create jobs", but so far, everything the right has proposed to accomplish this has been an abysmal failure. Especially running deep deficits to finance tax cuts for the "job creators". Consequently, the only thing the right has to offer is the "wisdom" of wingnut welfare "think tanks" like the Center for the American Experiment and deep thinkers like Kline, still bargaining for more...

Posted on 02/10/14 at 08:40 pm in response to Does LBJ get too much credit for the Civil Rights bill?

I haven't read the most recent installment of Caro's multivolume biography of Johnson. So I can't really speak to whether he gives Johnson too much credit for the 1964 Civil Rights Act. Caro's previous bio of Johnson "Master of the Senate" does give Johnson a lot of credit for passage of the 1957 Civil Rights Act which undoubtedly he does deserve. Caro I think amply supports his thesis that Johnson was a political mastermind - I think he even uses the term "genius" if that term can be...

Our society values people based on their earning capacity and their wealth. Somehow it's OK for the CEO's of the largest banks, health insurance companies and corporations to get multimillion dollar salaries and bonuses voted by their buddies on the corporate boards, but it's wrong for teachers to use tough bargaining methods to earn a livable salary.

We want our children to receive a good education. But for the vast majority of people in our country, education is not an end in...